Why Massaggi Collaborates With Scandinavian Fitness

, Monday, 20 February 2012

IslingtonTwo of the best sites around London today that offer services and advice for fitness and massage are to collaborate, Scandinavian Fitness and Massaggi! Letʼs take a look at what both sites offer and why their collaboration is so exciting.

Scandinavian Fitness is a leading Fitness provider

Founded by former ‘Olympic Athlete Linda Hedenstrom’. Their range of services includes Personal Trainers, Group Training, Bootcamps, and Nutritional advice. They can help to motivate you, give you advice and education on how to become fit and healthy and educate you on eating the right kind of diet.

There are limitless with options to what you can achieve with the right motivation and support from a trainer. If you wish to lose weight, build muscles mass, tone up, receive help with postural correction, build your all-important core strength or just receive new training motivation Scandinavian Fitness can help you.

As well as offering you a tailored made work out program Scandinavian Fitness also offer you nutritional diet plans which are based on traditional home cooked Nordic meals. Eating the right food is an essential part of an exercise regime and Scandinavian Fitness makes sure to give you the right food plans to accompany your training program.

Massaggi are one of the top sports massage therapy services

Massaggi was founded by massage expert Ben Pianese. Ben has worked in massage therapy for 15 years and has developed many massage techniques to help clients with their joint pains and stiff muscles.

Along with a team of top sports massage London therapist  Ben Pianese offers in house massage treatments at Massaggiʼs clinics. They currently have  Massage in Marylebone, Wigmore Street, and Islington. As well as offering in house sports massage treatment Massaggi also offer home and hotel visits. Massage is incredibly important for building a stronger, leaner and healthier body.

There are two main ways that massage aids athletes. The first is to improve performance through massage techniques and the second is to aid with recovery from sports injuries.

1. Sports Massage for sports performance

Massage involves the manipulation of the soft tissue structures of the body. This soothes the body and therefore reduces stress levels so the body can perform at peak conditions. It has also been shown that massages increase the levels of endorphin and serotonin in the body which reduces and pain and staves off sports related pains and injuries.

By targeting specific muscle groups and working on them the massage therapist can ensure the athlete is performing with improved range of motion and muscle flexibility. One of the main focuses of massages for sports performance is to ensure your muscles are in peak condition.

2. Remedial Massage for sports injuries

After training some athletes can suffer from lower back pain, trauma, and repetitive strain. The surrounding area becomes tight and restricted affecting a range of motion and stability throughout the body. Point restriction place pressure on nerves, bones, and muscle, causing chronic pain.

There are many physical effects of massages that counteract these problems. The stretching of the muscle tissues in a massage helps to relieve tension and pressure build up. Massage also increases the blood flow to tissues which enabling Nutrients to pass through them more easily. It will also help with repairing scar tissue.

Scar tissue is a result of previous injuries and can cause stiff muscles, joints, and ligaments. It can also lead to inflexible ligaments that are prone to injury and pain. All these factors combined means that massage is an ideal way for any athlete to recover from sports-related injuries.

Ben has been a practical pain management trainer and a celebrated massage therapist. He believes human well-being is deeply connected to the health of mind and body both, including deep tissues. He holds numerous certifications for best of breeds massage techniques helping him on a mission for healthy London and then rest of the world. He has been an active contributor in massage technique research and on Massaggi blog.