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Experience a whole-body hands-on massage treatment that uses mid-pressure, stroking and rubbing of your body to help you release muscular stress and tension.

Why Massage Is Good For Your Health?

This is no brainer that most of us today are struggling with poor postural states. Postural stress more often than not manifests itself in a form of muscular pain in areas such as the back, neck, and shoulder. The sheer ignorance or quick medication can increase the pain and worsen the condition to a point where the excruciating pain starts. The body needs maintenance, and according to our massage London therapist Ben Pianese, it should be more than a good diet and routine of exercise. Massage for low back pain and relaxation is a fairly misunderstood subject. A good massage therapist like we have at massage London, should be able to diagnose back and shoulder tension and perform suitable massage treatment. This may mean relax and manipulating muscle tissue by gently pressing and pulling to eradicate a deeper musculoskeletal problem. We at massage London have satisfied hundreds of customers at our clinics.

Bring Energy To Your Body With Massage London

Massage is a very delicate process that brings positive energy to your body. At massage London, we help people gain positive energy they lack in their lives. To be efficient and effective every person needs the relaxation of both mind and body. Massage London makes sure that you get the relaxation you deserve every time when you visit Massage London. With years of experience, we at Massage London will have earned the appreciation and support from our valuable customers. The trust and satisfaction we earn at massage London are due to our commitment and dedication to our service.

How Does Massage Help You Reduce Back Pain?

Massages are a very popular tool to reduce pain. People often do head massage, feet massage, shoulder massage, and many more. Massage London offers the best massage for all of these kinds. But massage London has the edge of providing the best back pain massage in London. The question most of the people ask does massage helps to reduce back pain. The answer is YES. Massage is a proven source to reduce back pain. Here is how it helps reduce back pain. Massage helps reduce muscle tension, increase blood flow and helps bones to gently move to be in position. Moreover, Massage London has some of the most expert and professional massagists who know how to reduce your back pain.

What Massage Techniques Does Massage London Use?

Finding an effective yet affordable massage clinic is more of a challenge since we can see numerous massage clinics near us. However, Massage London promises in providing quality and affordable services to its clients with the help of several years of experience. Whether you are suffering from mental stress or physical pain, Massage London has unique and effective techniques to fade away all your worries. Our expert massage therapist, Ben Pianese has several years of experience as a massage therapist, with his constant hard work and experience can guide you which technique works best for a specific problem.

Massaggi is a name of trust for Massage London, Where Your Massage expert, Ben Pianese, uses a variety of techniques such as Emmett Technique – used for a quick recovery governed by your brain, Sports massage technique – to help athletes enhance their performances by healing all their pains, NST Bowen Technique – that helps you get rid of your back pain, neck pain, frozen shoulder, and spinal conditions, Reconnective Healing Technique – a non-touch energy healing technique, Deep-tissue massage – a method of relieving pain and stress using fingers, hands, elbow, and forearms to work on the deepest layers of your muscles and connecting tissues, Lymphatic Massage – to boost your immune system, and Pregnancy Massage – to reduce the risks of developing pain and stress to ease your labor.

Are There Health Benefits To Massage?

People often ask why booking a massage London treatment is important, the simple answer is it alleviates your psychological and muscular stress. It is easy to break things with high stress because it gets added all the time until it fractures. Modern science and ancient techniques have provided ample of therapy and treatments to heal the human body. Massaggi was started with one simple mission: To alleviate the root cause of muscular and psychological stress causing pain and disruption to our daily London lives. With this mission still guiding our way forward at massage London, we wish to serve more people.

What Does A Massage Therapist Do At Massage London?

Finding the best massage therapist is the best return on investment you will ever make. The massage therapist at massage London treats numerous conditions that can prove really complex going forward in your life. Given modern surgery and various medicine cost can burn a hole in your pocket. It is a smart decision to prepare a low investment care plan with your massage therapist at massage London. Just like you would do for your car by putting the right engine oil from time to time. Massage techniques performed by massage therapists at massage London provide lasting help in dealing with occupational stress and strain, postural tension, and muscle fatigue. The aim of massage London is to relax the muscles and so to relieve and prevent the reoccurrence of pain.

We have listed down some of the most complex uses which can be treated or controlled by availing different massages to help back pain manipulation from qualified massage London therapist clinics such as Massaggi.

How Does Massage Help? We Can Treat:

  • Fear
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Emotional issue
  • Sleep issue
  • Circulation
  • Joint pain
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Shoulder pain
  • Sports injuries
  • Sciatica
  • Neck pain
  • Migraine pain
  • Pregnancy pain
  • Postural problem
  • Strain
  • Hip pain
  • Hamstring
  • Spine problem
  • Frozen Shoulder

How can Massage London help you regain your mental peace?

Tired of experiencing all ineffective and expensive therapies for mental health? Massage London is popular among other clinics since it has been successful in helping people relieve stress, anxiety, and emotional imbalance and regain mental peace. Forget about the traditional methods since experts at Massage London use the modern yet effective Magrin Method to help ease stress, pain, worries, and fears that disturb your mental peace. Numerous clients have reported positive changes in their behavior, mood, and performance. Massage London promises noticeable results before you even leave the room.

4 Benefits Of High Quality Massage London

Fix anxiety and depression issues: the effects of massage therapies are worked on muscles and mind keeping the patient in a calm and controlled environment. Massage is good for your health, it generates positive energy and induces deep relaxation to your mind and body healing anxiety and depression issues once and for all. A healthy mind can only reside in a healthy body, the uniqueness of our massage services in London always work on both.

Activate lymphatic drainage: lymph node system is the backbone of our health. It channels the wastage of our entire body by disposing of it in a proper manner. By regular massage stroking and therapy, the lymph node system is stimulated to work properly, which in another case cannot be stimulated if a body is not subjected to regular exercise and massage.

Makes your muscular structure stronger: massage help the body and stimulates the deep tissue in your body to provide better simulation leading to better stress management of localized muscle tissue. The increase in tissue strength propels a person for better performance, higher agility, good mobility, and superior strength. Healthy muscle is always a sign of a healthy body which is easier to achieve through regular therapy.

Help regain structural balance: recurrent pain and chronic conditions can be alleviated. Our therapeutic massage in London can give you back the freedom you thought you had lost. From pain to sciatica, to sleep problems, we can take care of you and restore your body. Free yourself from stress and pain, finding a balance with your mind. Choose the best London massages for the well-being of your whole body.


Racy M.

Ben Pianese follows lines of tension that run through the body and seems to have a sixth sense for knowing where problem areas are.

Sebastian Lenain

Ben understands the power of working with the body to achieve emotional release on my abdominal area.

Edward O’Braian

Accomplished massage London therapist, Ben Pianese, helps you to achieve stable results. Re-claim your health with his therapy.


Frequently asked questions

The benefits of regular massage sessions are seen in improved cardiovascular circulation, lower blood pressure, the reduced experience of stress and tension, a feeling of general well being and the ability to recover faster from the negative effects of our fast-paced big-city lifestyle.

If you are physically active you know that the exercise which helps keep you fit also produces strains, aches, and pains which are the by-product of putting your body under physical stress. The benefits of regular massage London treatment is designed to help you fine-tune your body, get rid of these annoying aches and pains and feel revitalized and ready to take on the world.

Your body really is unique and it is the only one you have. How long it lasts and how good your quality of life is will depend, entirely, upon the care and attention you pay to it.

The answear is: YES. Massage for pain relief is specifically designed for many lower back problems. Especially, for aches and pain caused by a nerve pain, back strain or sprain. Our backs are like a wall if it crumbles we are left with no foundation on which to stand. Back pain is the most common complaint, what can you do to make it hurt less and how can our massage London service help? London is a great city to live in but the pace at which people work and live can often be erratic and fast. This can result in you neglecting the signs your body is giving you telling you that something needs to change.

Massage for low back pain can help the body in different way. During the massage session the therapist use different low back pain massage techniques to release tension and loosen up tight muscles. Massage relax muscle tissue, improve joints mobility and decrease nerve compression.

Expert massage therapist recognize the need for de-stressing in order to keep the mind clear and body pain-free. Ben Pianese low back pain massage techniques is one way of relaxing and undoing those knots that have built up over time. It relaxes the nervous system, giving your back the green light saying it’s ok to move again.

The massage and back pain service is now expanding with a variety of London online coaching therapy.

Just as we think that it is essential to dress well and groom ourselves carefully so that we always look our best, it is equally important to make sure that we pay as lavish attention to our bodies through regular massage treatments.

If you have a busy schedule and exercise is hard to come by you know that a regualar massage session will help work out the tension knots from your muscles and give your body a physical tune-up which will help it be fitter, healthier and free from tension aches and pains.

Either way, you are doing what you should: investing in the well being of your body and its fitness, for the future. By maintaining regular massage therapy sessions as part of your physical fitness fine-tuning routine you make sure that you spend as much attention and care on your body and its workings as you do on your dress and grooming.

Regular sessions help to maintain the body at an optimum level of performance which means that not only do energy levels do not a flag but it is also harder for the body to pile up weight through metabolic rate slowdowns.

Poor postures can cause back pain and weakening the muscles tissues in the lower back. Weakened muscles become tight, repetitive movements without change cause problems that affect the arms, neck, and hands. The effects of this can not only be painful but can also inhibit you from being as fit and flexible as you would like to be. A sudden movement can cause so much muscular and joint pain too, just a sudden movement!

Also ignoring the broken office chair, your hunching over the desk not even realizing that the twinge you have in your lower back is because there is no sufficient support. You stand on a shop floor all day, your shoulders are stiff, and you wonder why you wake up with a tension headache in the morning.

Poor posture; all, of the above are simply because you don’t sit right and stand straight, these could be the cause of lower back pain that you are experiencing. The function of the back is to give support to the rest of the body, it is the trunk. In the same way, a tree has roots in order for it to stay strong and alive; the back has nerves which transcend to other parts of the body.

Exercise is a great way to ease the back pain and mobilizing joints to keep them from becoming stiff and inflamed can be the difference in the way you feel each day. At Massaggi we offer back pain exercise training video program to combat back pain. Also remember that regular massage London therapy program is certainly an essential treatment which you can add to your new way of living…pain-free living!

The answear is: yes massage can help with depression. With modern medicine looking at preventative rather than treatment techniques Dr. Wen-Hsuan Hou of I-Shou University in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, and his colleagues carried out a review of massage treatments and their effect on depressed participants in an attempt to quantify the effectiveness of massage as a potential aid against depression and, as a bona fide preventative technique.

While massage can help relieve stress and tension and may have emotional benefits, the use of massage depressed in patients is “controversial,” the investigators note, and “there is no qualitative review of the treatment effect of therapeutic massage in depressed patients.”

To investigate further, they searched for randomized controlled trials of massage in depressed patients. They identified 17 studies including 786 people in all. In 13 of the trials, massage therapy was compared to another active treatment such as Chinese herbs, relaxation exercises, or prescribed rest, while four compared massage to a “no treatment” control group. Investigators also used a range of methods for evaluating mood and depression in study participants.

Some back pain problems are medically related and are there from birth or are part of the aging process. Arthritis is one of the most common of these issues and can actually occur at any age. Arthritis is extremely painful and its effects can be felt in the back, legs, buttocks and can also transcend to the upper back, arms and shoulder area.

Taking care of your body in everyday life with a healthy diet and exercising regularly can certainly hold off and in many cases stop the onset of this painful condition. If you are suffering now and need pain relief, how can you help yourself? Seeing a doctor would be the first point of call to receive a correct diagnosis. You may take the conventional medicine root but really, you need a life change and that change is called massage therapy and activity!

Writing in the American Journal of Psychiatry the researchers detailed how massage techniques had “potentially significant effects” in alleviating symptoms of depression. Although the exact mechanism through which massage helps achieve these results is not clearly defined a growing body of medical research shows that massage is having tangible results in the prevention of and treatment of a host of disorders which range from anxiety and chronic pain to blood pressure, fatigue and, now, depression.

During massage treatments, the body’s endocrine system apparently elevates the hormone oxytocin which, in turn, impacts on many of the body’s systems guiding the perception of pain and even the body’s immune response.

Although the researchers agreed that further studies are warranted weight is slowly gathering behind the benefits of massage therapy as a means of preventing many of what we have come to regard as ‘modern illnesses’. These include low immune system caused by a pressured, modern lifestyle as well as:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • High blood pressure

There is a tendency sometimes to over medicate in an attempt to get rid of symptoms which might have been treated in a much less aggressive way.

Massage London by Massaggi therapist has the perfect solution to a side-effects free means of alleviating many of the symptoms by making it part of your regular health routine you are taking the steps necessary to help maintain your health at an optimum level and ensure you enjoy your quality of life for as long as possible.