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Imagine Reinventing Yourself

Transform Your Body

Stand taller. Sit straighter. Look and feel better. Master massage therapist reset your body alignment to relieve your low back pain, joint stiffness, shoulder tension, stress, muscular aches and pain.

  • Neck fix
  • Sports massage
  • Sciatica relief
  • Back and shoulder reset
  • Improve body flexibility
  • Performance enhancement

Clear Your Mind

Experience a unique approach that nurtures both mind and body. Achieve inner peace and clarity, and finally feel free to become as relaxed as you like for optimal focus when your mind demands it most.

  • Stress fix
  • Happiness
  • Kindness
  • Loop release
  • Enhance awareness
  • Aware and present

Here Are Some Of Our Techniques &
Exclusive Range Of Massages In London

Magrin MethodNew
Achieve peace beyond your imagination and release any emotional blockages and trapped physical trauma.
Sports Massage
From performance to personal growth, we simplify treatments, concentrate on winning not on pains.
Reconnective Healing
Bridge the connection to the long lost – life energy, reconnect your life path for happiness and inner calm.
Deep Tissue Massage
From the masters of bespoke massages, dive deep into majestic muscle care with surprising results.
Lymphatic Drainage
Drain your all worries through lymph node stimulation. Revered results delivered through revolutionary science.
Pregnancy Massage
Prenatal intensive care for expectant mothers, welcome the new-born baby with happiness instead of pain.

Why Choose Massaggi

Quality is the guiding light of our London massage treatments.

1. Unmatched Value

Change is what we believe is constant, others can wait. At Massaggi London, we continuously upgrade our treatments methodology and quality of service offered, by including best practices from around the world. Ben Pianese constantly delves into sports massage and treatment science to get you the best results.

2. Top Notch Service

One size doesn’t fit all. From pioneering the bespoke technique of therapies treatments to providing the next best class of revolutionary emotional release technique, we cover the full circle. We pay attention to every stratum of our client’s needs. From VIP to bespoke massage service in London, we got you covered.

3. Superior Results

The most important part of our service is measurable results. The moment you start your session, the feeling of reaching meditative state or pain reduction is evident. The guarantee to manage the most complicated emotional or muscular pain is our strength. The best decision for your health is Massaggi London.


Doona Bae

Just had a great sports massage. Felt instantly better after!

Massive Attack

Ben has a good pressure and knowledge about the body.

Elisabeth Tan

A brilliant treatment. Best massage in London for back pain.

Yitzhak & Madonna

Ben Pianese is most proficient deep tissue therapist I have found in London.

Valeriano Pellegrini

Mind blowing! Authentically helpful! Highly recommended! Ben is a master!

Apple Jatikate

After treatment I feel relaxed, and in a stronger position to re-meet the outside world.

So, What’s On Offer?

Gift Vouchers

Looking for gifting idea that lasts for a lifetime? Massaggi brings exquisite relaxation and healing experiences curated from the best treatment techniques around the world. Easy to purchase and easy to use. Make health the best gift ever.


Making things easier and simple has been our motto from the start. Packages are value bundles where you get unique treatments portfolio at your service for extended hours. Extra hours mean better treatment. All with great savings.

Win Coaching Session

Do you want to stop emotional suffering and find internal peace permanently? Thanks to the Magrin Method, we can dig deep into your unconscious and free yourself from stress and negativity, allowing yourself to be truly free.

As Featured In

The Guardian newspaper show evidence that massage works for a wide variety of everyday ailments.
Ben Pianese massage therapist and coach featured on The Huffingtonpost.
Ben Pianese owner of Massaggi London and The Time newspaper speak about the benefit sports massage and health and well-being.

Pioneered Sports Massage

We are completely focused on improving the muscular and postural functions of the body. We practice targeted therapeutic techniques by releasing our patients from stress, pressure, and pain point, to deliver deeper longer-lasting relief. Ben Pianese, our own well-known sports massage therapist, has formulated an effective treatment methodology, designed to enrich the functioning of the body and mind.

Best Massage In London

We have been featured in the press and media, with reports consistently noting the quality of our services and exceptional clinical results. Ben Pianese, our master therapist, has also delivered guidance and highly personalised care for a number of celebrities. By prioritising permanent form and structural restoration over short term relief, we’ve defined Massaggi as a first-class provider of massage in London.

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