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Ben Pianese has transformed thousands of lives with positive results.

Imagine Reinventing Yourself

Transform Your Body

Stand taller. Sit straighter. Feel better. Our master massage therapist will relieve your pain, stiffness, tension, and stress by resetting your body’s natural alignment and unleashing a free flow of energy.

  • Back pain
  • Neck relief
  • Sciatica relief
  • Sports massage
  • Improve body flexibility
  • Performance enhancement

Clear Your Mind

Our unique approach nurtures both mind and body. Experience inner peace and clarity and finally feel free to become as relaxed as you like. Achieve optimal focus and propel yourself toward your goals.

  • Balance
  • Happiness
  • Stress reduction
  • Emotional release
  • Aware and present
  • Enhance awareness

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Exclusive Range Of Massages In London

Magrin MethodNew
Achieve peace beyond your imagination. Release your emotional blockages and trapped physical trauma.
Sports Massage
Set your mind on winning, not on pain. We nurture your body and mind for both performance and personal growth.
Reconnective Healing
Reconnect with your long-lost life energy and find harmony between your physical and emotional selves.
Deep Tissue Massage
Stimulate deep relaxation and tension release with targeted pressure on your major muscle groups.
Lymphatic Drainage
Rid your body of built-up waste and worry by stimulating your lymphatic system to drain naturally.
Pregnancy Massage
Welcome your precious new addition with happiness and without pain through gentle prenatal massage.

A Leader in London Massage Treatments

Experience the undeniable difference with Massaggi.

1. Sports Massage Science

We continuously upgrade our treatments and our service quality by mantaining our education of best practices from around the world. Ben Pianese bring the best results through sports massage science and treatment science to get you the best results.

2. Unbeatable Service

One size does not fit all. We pioneer the bespoke Magrin Method every day and provide best in class emotional release technique, catering to the unique needs of each individual client. When you visit Massaggi, your needs will be fully addressed before you leave.

3. Superior Results

We measure our value and success by the results our Massaggi London clients achieve. From the moment your massage therapy and coaching session begins, we make your goals our goals, managing your emotional and physical pain in just one session.


Doona Bae

Just had a great sports massage. Felt instantly better after!

Massive Attack

Ben has a good pressure and knowledge about the body.

Elisabeth Tan

A brilliant treatment. Best massage in London for back pain.

Yitzhak & Madonna

Ben Pianese is most proficient deep tissue therapist I have found in London.

Valeriano Pellegrini

Mind blowing! Authentically helpful! Highly recommended! Ben is a master!

Apple Jatikate

After treatment I feel relaxed, and in a stronger position to re-meet the outside world.

So, What’s On Offer?

Gift Vouchers

Gift your loved ones good health and happiness that will last a lifetime. We curate healing and relaxation techniques from around the world. Our gift vouchers are easy to purchase and easy to use.


These value bundles give you extended service hours and exclusive treatment portfolios, along with significant savings. Don’t miss out on this VIP mind and body treatment.

Win Coaching Session

Stop your emotional suffering and find genuine, permanent peace. The Magrin Method digs deep into your unconscious and frees you from stress and negativity. Experience what it’s like to truly be free.

As Featured In

The Guardian newspaper show evidence that massage works for a wide variety of everyday ailments.
Ben Pianese massage therapist and coach featured on The Huffingtonpost.
Ben Pianese owner of Massaggi London and The Time newspaper speak about the benefit sports massage and health and well-being.

Pioneered Sports Massage

At our core, we focus on improving your body’s muscular and postural functionality. Emotional and cognitive relief is a deliberate side effect encouraged by our unique combination techniques. Our well-known sports massage specialist, Ben Pianese, has formulated an effective treatment methodology designed to enrich the performance of the body and mind. Through our approach, you’ll experience long-lasting freedom from pain, stress, and pressure.

Best Massage In London

Imagine what you could do if you were free of muscular tension and mental stress. Our exceptional quality and notable clinical results achieved through decades of experience have been featured in the press and media. Our master massage therapist has delivered guidance and personalised care for celebrities and neighbours alike. We’re defined as a first-class massage provider in London because we prioritize permanent restoration over short-term relief.

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