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Therapeutic treatments champion for stress relief. Our therapeutic massages can give you back the freedom you thought you had lost. Fast result. Personalized care.

Massage Therapy For Pain-Free Lifestyle You Deserve

Massage is one part of the solution you are looking for, and the new relaxation massage therapy in London formulated at Massaggi is about achieving complete inner play of motion and emotion leading to complete relaxation. Stress, Tension, Sprain, Strain, Shoulder Pain, Neck pain and numerous other muscular irregularities can be treated effectively and quickly within a few sittings. Massaggi aims to end this knowledge gap with a unique blend of massage and relaxation therapy.

Focused Stress Management Technique

The Regular period of relaxation is an essential part of physical and mental well-being, especially in continually stressful situations such as a high-pressure job with a low level of body rest. Yet stress often prevents us from entering a natural calming and relaxed state. Ben Pianese has designed a new method of massage service for stress relief, ease tension, promote calmness and aid concentration. The unique massage therapy service in London has treated many patients with extraordinary results.

How Massaggi Can Helps You?

If you want to focus on your tasks, feel light, relaxed and stress-free at work, Massaggi can help you. In times of stress, our nervous system becomes overactive and stimulates the muscles more than usual, causing them to contract and become more tense than regular. The unique massage and relaxation therapy use progressive muscular massage technique which is designed to

Benefits Of Massage Therapy

  • Undo the effects of physical and mental stress
  • Relax muscles group one by one
  • Unlock joints stiffness
  • Release back and shoulder tension immediately
  • Lead healthier and less stressed life with relaxed body & mind
  • Improve concentration and productivity at work and school

This groundbreaking massage is formulated in London as a body massage session to reduce stress much faster compared to Swedish massage and other body relaxation therapy. Soft tissues are kneaded, rubbed and gently stroked for the purpose of improving blood and lymph circulation, metabolism and muscle tone, breaking down adhesions and generally relaxing the whole being with gentle and light touch therapy.

A Massage at Topping The Charts

Opposed to prevalent body massages, our unique massage therapy in London is not just a term we have coined ourselves, Massaggi believes that the way to a relaxation of the most hypnotic state can really maximize your physical and most importantly mental well-being leading to a more relaxed and enjoyable way of living. It is an escape plan from the daily grind and flitters away all that is ailing and troubling you with its sweeping and troubling movements.

Relaxing has become a taboo subject and if you are relaxing you must be lazy or unable to perform in the way you are expected. We at Massaggi do not take on that view and know that there is a happy medium just waiting in this bespoke massage treatment. Research shows improper sleep pattern can wreak havoc on your system, combined with stress and muscular pain the daily life can become troublesome. In a simple way, we treat this through this technique.

Towards Bespoke Leadership In New Therapy

Massaggi massage is a bespoke bodywork specifically designed to relax your body and mind, a revolutionised the way to reduce, prevent and cope with the effect of stress in your daily life. It can help to get you into recovery mode for the next working chapter, renewed, relaxed and energized like a happy and motivated person. The health benefits of the massage therapy far outweigh any selfish motives that you may have (nothing wrong with those) and can really make a difference to your nervous system, skeletal system, muscular system, lymphatic system, blood circulation to promote balance and longevity in real terms.

Unique And Surreal Results

The removal of troubling knots and release of muscle tension does not stop our clients from falling asleep! Our decade long expertise has made possible to blend the unique strength of existing science and art of massage technique eliminating any shortcoming to formulate the new technique. We have received immaculate results for our clients who were facing long-term stress and strain with their body.

This proven technique is been actively improved day by day with the able and profound vision of therapist Ben Pianese. His ability to guide a patient to explore calmness inside their mind help them heal much faster eliminating any muscular irregularities and emotional life-related stress. Available in all Massaggi locations in London.


Racy M.

Ben Pianese follows lines of tension that run through the body and seems to have a sixth sense for knowing where problem areas are.

Sebastian Lenain

Ben understands the power of working with the body to achieve emotional release on my abdominal area.

Racy M.

Ben Pianese follows lines of tension that runthrough the body and seems to have a sixth sense for knowing where problem areas areto prevent injuries.