Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage in London

When muscles are in deep trouble, a firm pressure and technique is required. Massaggi ‘Deep Tissue Massage’ never disappoints.

Deep Tissue Massage – ‘Holistic Calmness’

What is deep tissue massage

The Massaggi deep tissue massage is one of the pioneering technique when it comes to bodywork. Oppose to regular massage, deep tissue massage takes help of deeper pressure which are often helpful in chronic muscle tension. The technique is often termed as ‘painful’. But, Ben Pianese at Massaggi does not think in such way. The masters of this art also had an opinion in using pressure according to the sensitiveness and strength one can take.

The main focus in this technique is taken to deepest layers of tendons, tissues and fascia. Your massage therapist takes the time to warm up and applies pressure with fingers, palms, forearms, and elbows to spread the pressure across the area under consideration. The applied friction eases the muscle tension and strain.

The technique is suitable for accessing deep contours of muscles to alleviate pain, discomfort, tightness and stress. It releases the unnecessary toxins and improve the blood circulation. A number of medical journals cited lower blood pressure and a deep sense of relaxation after taking a deep tissue massage treatment. 

Deep Tissue At Massaggi – ‘The Best Bet’

Deep tissue massage technique

The Massaggi technique of deep tissue massage London has a simpler outlook but give patients long lasting remedy. Ben Pianese, massage therapist makes the difference by recognizing muscular imbalance, poor posture, and past injuries right on the onset. It takes superior knowledge and instinct to make lasting results by using therapy like deep tissue massage.

A common session at Massaggi starts with body profiling. A profiling is done with right mind, expertise and highly perceptive problem detection, which can judge all signs of chronic and general pain. Ben Pianese believes in minute body profiling which helps in understanding the root cause to maximize the treatment benefits and reduces the number of sitting.

Deep tissue massage though a process-oriented technique needs superior control and agility of a therapist to perform a flawless session. The realization of this fact often comes to the client when the session with therapist keep on increasing and underlying results keep on decreasing. At Massaggi, our principle is to alleviate the root cause through right technique at the right time.

Deep Tissue Massage At Massaggi:

Deeper benefits, lighter investments

Deep Tissue MassageOther Massage
Body Assessment
Fast TurnaroundAfter sessionRandom results
Chronic pain management
Stress relief
ImprovementUp to 40%*Up to 10%*
Cost£75 (Save £5)£80
Deep tissue massage therapist

Common Deep Tissue Massage Questions

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How do I know if I need Deep Tissue Massage?

For a person who uses muscle too much (exercise, sports, running, bodybuilding, overstretching), it is recommended to have this
massage at regular interval. Deep muscle massage  helps a person to recover fast who uses the muscle with extreme power.

It rehabilitates injured muscles, reliefs stress, solve headaches, lighten up tight muscles and shoulders, improves blood pressure. The combined effect of such therapy can be heavenly.

What benefits a patient can derive through Deep Tissue Massage?

It can be applied to treat a range of body condition. Please refer the table below:

ConditionEffects of treatment
Chronic painIncrease blood circulation; corrects the muscular pattern; reduces inflammation
Blood pressureSystolic pressure drop (average 10.4 Hg); diastolic pressure drop (average 5.3 Hg); results may vary
DepressionIncreases production of serotonin (hormones responsible for good feeling)
Injured musclesHelp remove muscular toxins
Neck and Back painReinstate the muscular order, normalizes and eases the muscles

Who should opt for Deep Tissue Massage at Massaggi, London?

Usually people who tend to actively use their muscle a lot (athletes, bodybuilders and sports enthusiast). However, the recent trend suggests people with stressful work hours and bad postures tend to distort muscle state, which requires deep pressure as in Deep Tissue Massage.

How much does it cost?

DTM Starter™Relaxation£39 / 30 mins / session
DTM Executive™Recalibration£75 / 60 mins / session
DTM Enhanced™Extreme Optimization£199 / 180 mins (Save £26)