Say Goodbye To Back Pains

, Thursday, 4 September 2014

It can attack regardless of your age, gender, social standing or profession. Children as well as senior citizens can experience back pain. People who are sick or have problems with their muscles, joints and posture can suffer from discomfort, soreness and debilitating pain in the back – which can attack even able-bodied athletes, graceful dancers and healthy young adults, too.

Back massage near me for pain relief

Despite being a widely diagnosed condition, there are still a lot of myths and misinformation about back pain. Fortunately, a lot more helpful insights are being brought to light by more recent research. Patients who are in the know about these latest discoveries can then avoid conventional practices or commonly held beliefs that were found to be unhelpful, if not harmful, in the long run.

Back massage for pain health researchers say, to ensure the treatments you are receiving are always up-to-date and according to relevant scientific standards. An article published by recently discusses this very topic, as it lists the newest study results on the most common mistakes in treating back pain.

Is immediate image testing helpful?

According to the article, people experiencing back pain should wait for a while before getting expensive imaging tests such as MRI. Studies have shown that these tests can lead to premature conclusions, which might lead the doctor to go for aggressive treatments, which can then make the condition even worse than when it started. Experts are now teaching people to simply be on the alert for other conditions (a recent injury or fall) or symptoms (pain and weakness in the leg, unexplained weight loss) that can clue them in on the need for further testing.


No to pill popping

Medical researchers are also cautioning against mindlessly popping high dosage pills, taking narcotic drugs or having steroid injections – taking the wrong drugs can lead to the addition of serious side effects. The same goes for having needless surgery since, in a lot of cases, conservative treatment methods are enough to relieve the pain.

Back therapist experts’ advice

Medical specialists today are advising patients to seek solutions for immediate, long-term pain relief first before turning to aggressive methods that may do more harm than good. Getting a massage from a trusted expert is a safe, effective way to address tired and sore muscles and bring body balance back. Back massage techniques helps release endorphins that ease pain and help the body heal itself. 

Get back massage for pain

Doesn’t it just kill you every single time you feel a sharp pain in your back — and no one’s jabbing you with something pointy? When your back pain starts acting up, you might not be able to move and you might not be able to do your usual activities.

What if you had plans to play rugby with the boys?

How about you had a schedule to hang with your friends and skate at the park?

What if you had to work on a project all night?

Here’s another “what-if”: What if you didn’t have to sacrifice your days and nights because of your lower back pain? To achieve that, you need only to do two things, namely: get a back massage near me for back pain treatment, and make critical lifestyle changes right now.

Back pain treatment

Different studies have discovered the efficacy of massages in alleviating back pains. It turns out that getting a massage, be it lower back pain relief, goes beyond relaxation. Medical journals have published reports on how back massage techniques can reduce pain significantly; clinical studies indicate that massages can also increase grip strength and improve range of motion, and in some cases, massage therapies have been found to influence the quality of life of people experiencing debilitating  lower back pain early pregnancy.

But aside from booking a back pain treatment with one of London’s most innovative therapy centres, you could also greatly reduce (even eliminate) back pains by making small yet critical lifestyle changes.

Low Back Pain Exercises

Exercise for lower back pain on a regular schedule

Regular lower back pain exercises can and will keep your back strong — and healthy. Physical activity can also help you recover faster from the pain, aside from possibly preventing future aches. Try to incorporate lower back pain stretches or yoga stretching, flexing, and endurance training in your regimen. And remember to keep it interesting so that you don’t falter with your routine: swim, yoga, bike, run, and do whatever exercise you enjoy.

Eat healthy — keep the excess weight off

When you lose 10 percent of your weight, it could ease your back pain greatly. You see, fat around your abdomen plus the weight of your pelvis can put a strain on your body, pulling it forward and straining your lower back muscle. So try to eat healthy, and better maintain your ideal weight.

Quit smoking timeline

When you smoke, it takes longer for your body to heal. Also, this unhealthy habit can decrease oxygen being circulated through the blood, which then contributes to degenerative disc disease.

How to reduce stress

Reduce the stress from back pain

Stress can affect muscle, causing stiffness and cramping, and depress your immune system. You can choose to meditate, take long relaxing baths and listen to your favourite music, or book a relaxing massage therapy. Whatever stress reduction technique works for you, do them now because they will give you relief from back pains.

Beyond pain relief – The other benefits of massage for back pain

What idea crops up on your mind when people mention getting a back massage near me? Most probably, you are thinking that a person may be dealing with back pain, or perhaps that person had a rough week at work and needs some pampering.

These ideas are certainly true. A lot of people regularly go for back massage for pain in order to alleviate the pain associated with their conditions. Used in conjunction with conventional therapies, regular massage can help people suffering from aches and pains to find a good measure of relief while strengthening muscles and increasing flexibility. And of course, getting massaged can definitely increase your wellbeing and boost your mood, especially after a taxing day at work.

But apart from these, people can also enjoy a wide range of benefits from getting massaged.

Say goodbye to aches and pains

Apart from helping ease pain, regular massage can be beneficial for people who have weak or atrophied muscles. Athletes who wish to elevate their game or even recover from brutal training will be served well by the deft hands of an expert massage therapist.

Back massage techniques can also be used to minimise the occurrence of scar tissues and stretch marks by promoting the regeneration of tissues. And while bodywork is being performed on you, you can also reap the benefits of increased immunity, improved blood circulation and even mood enhancement through the release of endorphins.

If you are an expectant mother, it is safe for you to get a back massage in pregnancy. Many expectant mums have reported that undergoing regular massage during their pregnancy has allowed them to have an easier labour.

Soothe your mind

You do not have to visit your massage therapist only when you are dealing with a physical issue. On the contrary, regular visits to your therapist can also benefit your mind. As mentioned earlier, massage therapy facilitates the release of endorphins.

Even after your massage session, you can immediately notice a sense of wellbeing. And as you continue having a massage, you’ll be able to reap other benefits like better sleep, increased vigour and the enhancement of your ability to concentrate.

Other back massage benefits

Regular massage therapy can also benefit persons suffering from a host of medical conditions. Numerous research works indicate that massage can be beneficial for burn victims, persons with arthritis, pre-term infants, individuals with high blood pressure, and even patients who are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

Just like getting regular exercise for lower back pain and eating the right types of food, it is also essential to give your body ample amounts of rest and recovery, including massage therapy, in order to enjoy improved health and well-being.

Ben has been a practical pain management trainer and a celebrated massage therapist. He believes human well-being is deeply connected to the health of mind and body both, including deep tissues. He holds numerous certifications for best of breeds massage techniques helping him on a mission for healthy London and then rest of the world. He has been an active contributor in massage technique research and on Massaggi blog.