Lymphatic Drainage Massage

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Lymph nodes are as important as your heart, keep it moving. Manual lymphatic drainage detox for a new you.

Massaggi Majestic™ – ‘Move Your Soul’

What is lymphatic drainage massage

Massaggi Majestic™ (MM) is our specialty lymphatic drainage massage which helps drain, clear and unblock the one of the most important immune system – lymph nodes. The lymphatic massage is designed to keep you relax with benefits of boosted immune system and superior blood circulation. Our master therapist, Ben Pianese, has been instrumental in recommending MM to our clients with outstanding results.

People have very little idea of our immune system and its workings, lymphatic drainage massage is a manual process. Extra hour work, stress, and inconsistent sleep cycle breaks the human immune and exposes the body to common illness and condition. Psychological effects on the mind damage the  body most, which has been proven. Massaggi Majestic™ is specifically for the purpose to regulate and activate lymph nodes.

Improving your health by organic means is far better than running on steroids to prevent disease symptoms. Liposuction, Cellulite, Weight Reduction Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery, Botox, and many more is bringing down the body dynamics of millions of people around the globe. It is evident yet people are unaware of healthy routines and organic treatment techniques.

Massaggi Majestic™ – ‘The Hidden Gem’

Lymphatic drainage massage technique

Massaggi Majestic™ treatment employs specialized lymphatic drainage massage techniques to reactivate the blocked filters of the body also known as the ‘lymph nodes’. The MM™ procedure drives the complex map of the lymphatic system to remove, recycle and reduce toxins away from the physical body’s tissue and structure.

The fluid moves to the lymph’s through lymph capillaries into the lymph vessels reaching what can be best described as a waste pipe which drains toxins away leaving the clean lymph to return to the bloodstream. MM is both a reactivation massage and full body preventive body treatment which helps rejuvenate the lymph node system, relieves stress, improves the skin and reverses the sign of aging.

Lymph vessels run throughout the body in the same way as blood vessels. The channels of the circulatory system discharge the plasma and nutrients into the tissues of the body which are required to feed the individual cells. Most of that fluid is not returned to the circulatory system, but rather stays in between the tissue layers as interstitial fluid. When the interstitial fluid enters the lymphatic system the fluid is called lymph.

Organic Values With MM™:

Full body rejuvenation with unbeatable value

Massaggi MajesticTM Other Lymph Massage
Lymph Node Assessment
Body Profiling
Master Point Regulation
Skin Rejuvenation
Ideal for Pregnancy
Fast Turnaround After Session Random Results
Improvement Up to 70%* Up to 10%*
Cost £75 (Save £5) £80
Top model with radiant skin

Common Manual Lymphatic Drainage Questions

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How do I know if I need Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

Lymphatic drainage massage is a regular solution for keeping your mind and body healthy. The science behind the lymph nodes and the drainage system is well established. However, it is one of the most underrated piece of advice any professionals want to give you, because of immediate results!

Massaggi Majestic™ Lymphatic Drainage massage technique has been delicately studied and formulated technique to allow your lymph node network to drain the discharge for better immune and circulatory performance. The method which is backed by pure science works like a magic to human skin, stress, immune system and most important the mind.

What is the need of Lymph nodes and massage like this?

In modern science, Dr. Emil Vodder invented a revolutionary treatment to unblock the lymphatic system back in the 1930’s. In short it was he who concluded that blocked lymph nodes are the cause for continual colds, infections, flu and general common symptoms. So our lymph circulatory system at many times are blocked, unnecessary fluid is trapped in our bodies and it needs help getting out and we need help getting it as far away from us as possible. The evidence for this gentle treatment is overwhelming and releasing these toxins can promote healthy changes to the way we look and feel.

6000 years ago, Ayurveda realized that majority of lymph nodes are situated near the region around the joints. We have approximately 500-700 lymph nodes distributed throughout the body, with clusters found in the underarms, neck, chest, and abdomen. A careful massage as Massaggi Majestic™ can relieve that area to make your common problem thing of the past.

Can I get good night sleep, glowing skin and reduced stress after this?

Picture a lymph node massage as a garbage collection service, it takes out the dead cells/plasma as a discharge a clear your body thoroughly. It will be apparent that it will have a good effect on body. Actually it is helpful in cases such as:

  • Debilitating muscular problem
  • Joint stiffness
  • Fertility problem
  • Back problems
  • Sinus problem
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Sleeping disorder
  • Anxiety
  • Weight loss

Who should opt for lymphatic drainage massage treatment?

Anyone who is looking for a massage which is advanced enough to reactivate your best immune system again.

How much does it cost?

Treatment Effect Price
Majestic Starter™ Facial Rejuvenation £39 / 30 mins / session
Majestic Detox & Drainage™ Remove Stress and Strain £75 / 60 mins / session
Massaagi Majestic™ Immune Booster Extreme Optimization £399 / 360 mins (Save £51)