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Lymph nodes are as important as your heart, keep it moving. Manual lymphatic drainage detox for a new you.

What is lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic Massage – ‘Move Your Skin’

Lymphatic drainage massage is our specialty to boost the immune system. Manual drainage massage helps drain, clear and unblock the one of the most important immune system component – lymph nodes. The lymph drainage massage is designed to keep you relax with benefits of boosted immune system and superior blood circulation. Our master therapist, Ben Pianese, has been instrumental in recommending lymph massage to our clients with outstanding results.

People have very little idea of our immune system and its workings, lymphatic drainage massage is a manual process. Extra hour work, stress, and inconsistent sleep cycle breaks the human immune and exposes the body to common illness and condition. Psychological effects on the mind damage the body most, which has been proven. Lymphatic massage is especially design for the purpose to regulate and activate lymph nodes.

Improving your health by organic means is far better than running on steroids to prevent disease symptoms. Liposuction, Cellulite, Weight Reduction Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery, Botox, and many more is bringing down the body dynamics of millions of people around the globe. It is evident yet people are unaware of healthy routines and organic treatment techniques.

What is good for

  • Boost Immune System
  • Loosing weight
  • Reduce Swelling
  • Lymphedema
  • Reduce Cellulite
  • Health Problem

Lymphatic drainage technique

Lymph Drainage – ‘The Hidden Gem’

Lymph drainage massage treatment employs specialized lymph drainage techniques to reactivate the blocked filters of the body also known as the ‘lymph nodes’. The manual procedure drives the complex map of the lymphatic system to remove, recycle and reduce toxins away from the physical body’s tissue and structure.

The fluid moves to the lymph’s through lymph capillaries into the lymph vessels reaching what can be best described as a waste pipe which drains toxins away leaving the clean lymph to return to the bloodstream. Lymphatic massage is both a reactivation massage and full body preventive treatment which helps rejuvenate the lymph node system, relieves stress, improves the skin and reverses the sign of aging.

Lymph vessels run throughout the body in the same way as blood vessels. The channels of the circulatory system discharge the plasma and nutrients into the tissues of the body which are required to feed the individual cells. Most of that fluid is not returned to the circulatory system, but rather stays in between the tissue layers as interstitial fluid. When the interstitial fluid enters the lymphatic system the fluid is called lymph.

Gain with Massaggi

Full body rejuvenation with unbeatable value

Massaggi MajesticTMOther Lymph Massage
Lymph Node Assessment
Body ProfilingAfter SessionRandom results
Master Point Regulation
Skin Rejuvenation
Ideal for PregnancyUp to 40%*Up to 10%*
Fast TurnaroundAfter SessionRandom Results
ImprovementUp to 70%*Up to 10%*
Cost £80 (Save £15)£95
See your skin start to shine bright… and to watch you sleep well night after night.
Ben Pianese


Frequently asked questions

Lymphatic drainage massage is a regular solution for keeping your mind and body healthy. The science behind the lymph nodes and the drainage system is well established. However, it is one of the most underrated piece of advice any professionals want to give you, because of immediate results!

Massaggi lymph drainage massage has been delicately studied and formulated technique to allow your lymph node network to drain the discharge for better immune and circulatory performance. The method which is backed by pure science works like a magic to human skin, stress, immune system and most important the mind.

Imagine a massage such as MLD that over a course of time gives you the ability to walk with renewed energy, go months without a sneeze and feel as light as a feather when you are well into your pregnancy? It is all possible and you will look good too! In addition to treating conditions which plague you, it is an ideal method to use when experiencing weight loss issues. Water retention is another symptom which can be caused by many things but is particularly common during pregnancy. The weight an expectant mother carries is a welcome one but add to it water laden, swollen feet or legs and that can make this happy experience one that is less joyous than you would wish it to be. To understand this process we must start at the beginning, the birth of this unique yet essential body treatment.

In modern science, Dr. Emil Vodder invented a revolutionary treatment to unblock the lymphatic system back in the 1930’s. In short it was he who concluded that blocked lymph nodes are the cause for continual colds, infections, flu and general common symptoms. So our lymph circulatory system at many times are blocked, unnecessary fluid is trapped in our bodies and it needs help getting out and we need help getting it as far away from us as possible. The evidence for this gentle treatment is overwhelming and releasing these toxins can promote healthy changes to the way we look and feel.

6000 years ago, Ayurveda realized that majority of lymph nodes are situated near the region around the joints. We have approximately 500-700 lymph nodes distributed throughout the body, with clusters found in the underarms, neck, chest, and abdomen. A careful lymph massage as Massaggi lymph drainage can relieve that area to make your common problem thing of the past.

Manual lymphatic Drainage is a therapy often recommended by doctors, nutritionists, dieticians and weight specialists. There are many medical conditions which are hard to relieve but people can benefit from the lymphatic treatment preventatively and effectively from these most common ailments:

  • Cardiovascular issues,
  • Respiratory congestion,
  • Sinusitis, swelling,
  • Tiredness,
  • Candida,
  • Acne and other skin problems.

Ben Pianese is a massage therapist offering Lymphatic Drainage in central London close to Oxford Street and Bond Street tube stations. Ben is also able to apply this treatment if you are suffering from conditions such as migraine, frequent infections, swelling and fluid retention, post -surgery and sports injuries. We listen to all our clients and investigate; a great detective can only be as good as the questions he or she asks. Poor circulation can be a major factor when overweight too and MLD will certainly be an amazing addition to your weight loss programme; this is a treatment everyone from all walks of life, will benefit from. Excess comes in many forms and excesses of certain lifestyles lead to plastic surgeons worldwide. Your world is the one that lay’s deep within your protective outer body shell; remove the impure obstacles with gentle detoxification of the purest kind.

While the requirements for the therapy are both complex and simple, a Massaggi lymphatic drainage massage therapist has mastered the specialized movements that are used to stretch and move the skin in the direction of the flow of lymph. The massage movement needs to be repeated several times and these rhythmic and slow movements gear up the activity of the lymphatic system. The effects of this therapy are far-reaching and Ben Pianese has achieved phenomenal success in the number of clients he has successfully treated.

Majestic Starter™Facial Rejuvenation£40 / 30 mins / session
Majestic Detox & Drainage™Remove Stress and Strain£80 / 60 mins / session
Massaggi Majestic™ Immune BoosterExtreme Optimization£455 / 360 mins (Save £25)

Lymphatic drainage techniques reactivate the blocked filters of the body also known as the ‘lymph nodes’. The Lymph massage procedure drives the complex map of the lymphatic system to unclog, recycle and reduce toxins away from the physical body’s tissue and structure. The fluid moves to the lymph’s through lymph capillaries into the lymph vessels reaching what can be best described as a waste pipe which drains toxins away leaving the clean lymph to return to the blood stream. Lymph massage is both a face lift massage and full body treatment which helps to calm the mind, soothe and rejuvenate the skin, reverse signs of ageing and relieves stress. It also revitalizes the scalp and hair as well as boosting the immune system and detoxifies for the much needed physical well- being.

Lymphatic drainage therapy treat several conditions like lymphoedema and lipoedema. Getting the excess fluid out of the malfunctioned tissue and directing it back to the lymphatic system or other areas of the body where it could be taken up needs experience and expertise. MLD is also helpful during a pregnancy massage treatment plan and after pregnancy to heal puffy and tired ankles, swollen legs and malnourished eyes. It is also beneficial for preparing the labor tool because of the soporific and calming effect.

Facial lymphatic draiange massage therapies can also be described as one of the ‘best-kept secrets of beauty‘. Lymph drainage massage face by Ben Pianese is like a facelift without surgery. As an expert, Ben has made his mark in this form of massage therapy and this has earned him the respect of many clients nationwide. Manual lymphatic drainage affects skin health by improving the crculatiion of white blood cells withing the body. Also lymphatic massage create a good lymph flow within the system and remove harmful toxins from the body. The function of the lymphatic system helps to defend the skinf and the entire body, from infections.

Picture a lymph node massage as a garbage collection service, it takes out the dead cells/plasma as a discharge a clear your body thoroughly. It will be apparent that it will have a good effect on body. Actually it is helpful in cases such as:

  • Debilitating muscular problem
  • Joint stiffness
  • Spinal problem
  • Fertility problem
  • Back problems
  • Sinus problem
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Sleeping disorder
  • Anxiety
  • Weight loss
  • Pain reduction
  • Detoxification
  • Torn ligaments
  • Faulty immune system
  • Relaxation

This need for speed also transcends to the modern human who wants to improve their health, well –being and physical appearance at an alarming rate! Liposuction, cellulite, weight issues, cosmetic surgery, implants, botox and fillers…yes, we are living in a world where we are adding rapidly for progressive enhancement. Are we neglecting natural beauty, and what of the image of the physical body? These drastic methods used to change faces and body’s has in recent years become the most acceptable method of feeling better.
Lymphatic drainage massage drain, clear and unblock the clogged areas of lymphatic system. Ben Pianese, expert massage therapist is registered with many recognised professional bodies of complementary therapist associations and is an expert in Lymphatic Drainage which he believes is the key to living a healthier more fulfilled life.

Anyone who is looking for a massage which is advanced enough to reactivate your best immune system again.

Lymphatic drainage is a therapeutic massage treatment, through stretching, pumping and guiding effect on lymph vessels, Ben’s lymphatic drainage massage stimulates contraction of the smooth muscles in lymphatic vessels helping drain the connective tissue and retain the smooth flow of lymph throughout. This micro-circulation technique can also be employed in ‘Lymphedema‘ and other venous edema conditions. However, it needs an expert hand to do it. Lymphatic Massage is also stimulating in conditions such as Anorexia, Ednos, Weight Loss Therapy, Eating Disorder, Depression, Anxiety and much more.

Talking about the expertise needed to give an effective lymphatic drainage massage session, one needs to be perfectly knowledgeable and experienced. In an MLD therapy session, the skin is torqued and stretched in a manner that has its base on psychological and scientific principles. Correct performance of the massage therapist depends on the pressure, speed, and direction of the massage and this is beneficial in enhancing recovery and facilitating drainage. Other than these it also has several profound effects on the body. A qualified Lymphatic drainage therapist is rightly trained, attentive and a fully focused individual who knows the precision required for the manual lymphatic drainage technique.

Manual lymphatic drainage massage or MLD is a gentle massage given to facilitate natural lymph circulation throughout the body. The lymphatic system provides the first line of defense against diseases and provides immunity to the body. Being non-invasive, the manual lymphatic drainage massage had already proven its effectiveness as a stand-alone treatment through research done in Europe, North America, and Australia. For millions of Britons, pain due to lymphatic failure has been of serious consequence. However, with this new form of treatment provided by lymphatic drainage massage therapist Ben Pianese, people would finally have an effective answer to their pain.