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Why You Need to Strengthen Your Hip Flexors [All about hip flexor]

The most vital muscles in your body [HIP FLEXOR] Modern people must sit for a long time because of their living habits and daily work. Therefore, some vital muscle group training and stretching exercises will be neglected, especially the hip flexor muscles are most easily overlooked. A hip flexor is a group of muscles in […]

Foot Massage London Plantar Fasciitis

Foot Massage A Better Way To Relieve Plantar Fasciitis

Massage is therapy and action on the body with compression. Massage procedures are normally applied through hands, limbs, elbows, laps, forearms, feet, or a machine. The objective of massage is commonly for the cure of body trauma or pain. Somebody who was skillfully qualified to give massages was conventionally known as a “masseur” (male) or a “masseuse” (female), but those names are old-fashioned and convey some […]

How To Become A Sports Massage Therapist

How To Become An Exceptional Sports Massage Therapist

The report “Statistics on Obesity, Physical Activity and  Diet: England 2014″ published by the UK’s Health and Social Care Information Centre revealed results of the Active People Survey, which monitors the rate of participation in 32 sports in England, as well as tracks changes in the recorded participation levels over time. In this survey, “participation” […]

Sports Massage - Myths and Facts That Everyone Should Know

Sports Massage – Myths and Facts That Everyone Should Know

The overwhelming benefits of sports massage London treatments are well-known and acknowledged by modern science and professional trainers. Nowadays, both professional and amateur athletes consider it an integral part of their sports lives. They believe it to be evenly crucial to their training and diet. Many even go further by claiming it can give them […]

Massage W1

Marylebone Massage Therapist Works Miracles With Back And Shoulder Pain

Massage W1, at the heart of London, is renown for many things and Ben Pianese’s muscle and joint ache relief massage therapy is rapidly becoming one them. In the modern world our bodies take brutal punishment. We sit down too long, don’t exercise enough, exercise too much without proper warm ups and cool downs or […]

Best Massage London

Get The Best Massage In London & Soothe Away The Stresses Of City Living

For those passionate who always think about organic health for mind and body, massage is one of the ways to keep it alive. Massage is one of the most powerful forms of external modality to submerge yourself in spiritual and emotional balance. It heals the muscular state of body, Removes the energy clogging points, Ease […]

Therapeutic Massage Near Me

Therapeutic Massage In London Delivered To You

Therapeutic massage near me, London. Do you feel stressed, tensed or pains in your body that you cannot carry out your daily activities effectively? If yes! Look no further for solutions. A therapeutic massage in London is a great way to keep your body operating at peak efficiency, whether at work, home or anywhere you […]

How To Make Back Pain A Thing Of The Past With These Advice.

It’s not easy to feel pain and discomfort caused by back pain. Following these tips will help you find some relief from your back pain. Read through all of these and find some hope in many of them. 1. Focus on your posture all the time. Your spine should be straight, your elbows should be […]

Sports Massage London - Woman Basketball Player

What is Sports Massage? How is Different From Other Massage?

Part of a healthy lifestyle is exercise and there are many forms of exercise, from a treadmill at the gym to playing basketball, which one can do. For a fitness enthusiast safe exercising is of great importance, but even the most careful and knowledgeable of us can succumb to injury. For this reason many sportsman […]