The Emmett Technique
Emmett Technique London

Get extraordinary results even before your session gets over. Trusted by medical fraternity, delivered by Massaggi.

What is the emmett technique

Emmett Technique – ‘Mobility In Seconds’

The Emmett Technique, developed by therapeutic genius Ross Emmett, is a light pressure therapy which aims for very quick results governed by your brain. The treatment instantly stimulates the local muscles with help of brain to regain its state in minimum time. And the time it takes to produce results is measure in minutes rather hours like other remedial massage.

At Massaggi, Ben Pianese have a long association with Emmett technique. The Emmett Technique offering is one of the highly demanded treatments at Massaggi, with due credit to excellent client results what we have achieved through this technique. Over the period, Ben Pianese has developed an understanding of knowing the muscular state of a patient in minutes.

Patients often enjoy fast and lasting results within minutes of undergoing Emmett treatment. It complements other bodywork system or exercise program and provides great benefit for athletes undergoing physiotherapy and people who haven’t had luck with traditional standalone massages, physiotherapy or osteopathic manipulative treatments.

What is good for

  • Movement Restriction
  • Back Discomfort
  • Neck restriction
  • Body Imbalance
  • Plantarfasciits
  • Shoulder pain

The emmett technique

Emmett In Massaggi – ‘Light Touch, Heavy Results.’

Through Emmett, one can experience benefits before the session is over, which makes it extraordinary. It is a “to the point” muscle release technique with fast acting and highly effective for re-setting energetic structural balance, easing pain and tension, improving posture, function and debilitating back and shoulder pain or injuries with high accuracy.

The Emmett Technique focuses on specific “junction points” on the sensory and muscular receptors within the body. These points are also known as Emmett Master Points (EMP). Specialized touch which signals local nerves to re-calibrate and cascade the action to address the symptom’s source, reducing problems causing pain.

The Emmett treatment works by applying specific subtle pressure and time frame to produce a stimulus reaction which affects the muscle group(s) affected by pain or by the stress of an accident or injury. It triggers a sequence of events in your nervous system. It also reduce discomfort such as neck injuries, shoulder, frozen shoulder and back pain.

Gain with Massaggi

Emmett excellence at Massaggi

Emmett TechniqueOrdinary Massage
Body Assessment
Fast TurnaroundBefore session gets overRandom results
Spinal Balance
Release Blockages
ImprovementUp to 50%*Up to 10%*
Cost £80 (Save £10)£90
Emmett Technique bring about localised muscles relaxation response by using unique reset points.
Ben Pianese

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Frequently asked questions

With a gentle touch, Massaggi’s trained Emmett therapist can almost immediately improve mobility and ’reduce the pain’ in those muscle groups targeted. The unique touch based therapy is proven and has treated numerous clients all over the world practiced by handful of certified practitioner.

If you’re looking for non-intrusive treatment experience with very effective results, the Emmett technique offered by Massaggi, London is the best choice for you. The treatment is good for regular or chronic pain and muscle tightness. It is available at Marylebone, Islington, Wigmore Street centers of Massaggi.

Emmett technique focuses on the brain-controlled source nervous system rather than trying to adjust muscles with force.

Emmett Basic™Relaxation£49 / 30 mins / session
Emmett Executive™Recalibration£80 / 60 mins / session
Emmett Critical Point Enhancement™Extreme Optimization£455 / 360 mins / session (Save £25)

The Emmett Therapies is suitable for all clients including children and pregnant mothers, especially first time massage users as it is very gentle and can even be performed through clothes. Add the fact that results can be achieved in a short time spa. Even the assessment process used to determine the imbalances can be very quick and sometimes target the zone of muscle tension and pain much faster and more effectively than with traditional massage methods, thereby greatly enhancing the overall effectiveness of treatment. Clients that have experienced the Emmett “touch” have often reported feeling better immediately. This dramatically improves the expected resulting outcome for clients who, with traditional massage alone may have otherwise required several sessions before beginning to feel a difference.

It can be applied to a range of body condition. Please refer the table below:

RecalibrationPositive results
Neck and shoulder
Back pain
Knee and ankle problems
Breathing disorders
Sinus problems
Buttock pain
Body aligment
Body flexibility
Strength and much more