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Imagine You Can Relax Your Body, Release Inner Block And Stressful Thoughts.

Can you remember a time you were deeply relax? What would it be like if your mind feels calm and clear?

I Can Help You Feel Better And Achieve Mental Peace

Day-to-day life always carries a little stress. Sometimes a lot… But you are not alone. We know physical and mental stress manifests as bodily pain. But how do we prevent the daily grind from wearing your mind and body down?

The answer is simple. Stress, anxiety, self-sabotage, strains, sports injuries, back, and foot pain, to name a few, begin to heal from within. For a fulfilling painless life, you must discover a treatment as unique as the area in pain. I can help.

Key Specialism

  • Muscular Stress
  • Postural Alignment
  • Mind-Body Balance

  • Sports Performance
  • Improve Concentration
  • Back and Shoulder Pain

  • Mental Pain
  • Stress At work
  • Emotional Upset

Coach and Massage Therapist In London

Clinic and online availability with Ben Pianese
Online Coaching
10.00am – 5.00pm
10.00am – 8.30pm
10.00am – 8.30pm
Online Coaching
10.00am – 8.00pm
10.00am – 8.30pm
10.00am – 8.30pm

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Here is what my clients had to say about the sessions.

Mark Warren

Without any doubt the best massage therapist in London…. AND the best value for money as well…

James Lamper

I would highly recommend Ben to anyone who wants to just simply feel good in their own body and to anyone who is recovering from an injury or illness. Trust me – he is great!

Helen Green

I have been seeing Ben for over a year and a half because of neck problems. The treatment has been fantastic and I no longer suffer from the pain and immobility in that area.

Tracy M.

Ben Pianese follows lines of tension that run through the body and seems to have a sixth sense for knowing where problem areas are to prevent injuries.

Rikki Wallman

I had a serious shoulder operation. In the past I have had physio and osteo and never felt the benefit of the treatment but this one session with Ben has amazed me with the improvement.

Shirley Ellen Gaynor
Manager Director

I had a ski injury in my arm and tension in my neck. After one session I had 80% reduction in pain and after two sessions it has virtually gone.

Therapist And Coach With A History Of Proven Excellence

Ben Pianese is a featured Coach, Sports Massage Therapist with over 19 years of industry experience treating conditions such as emotional stress, energetic blockages, fear, the back, neck, shoulder pain, cramp, spasm, joint stiffness, headaches, and other muscular ailments.

He has been a guiding force to Massaggi since the beginning and regards himself as the student of the growing field of therapeutic massage therapies. Some of the best names in sports, music, and entertainment have taken his consultancy on performance management and chronic muscular treatment. His leadership skill, humility, and magic of healing hands have guided Massaggi to become one of the popular Massage therapist in London clinic serving in areas Marylebone, Islington, and Wigmore Street.

Learn More About The Story of Ben Pianese

The story of Ben and his success with clients is captivating. He realised from very young age the intricacies of the body and its muscular structure. Being a bright massage therapist and student, he excelled at many treatment-related institution and forum. His passion for art and science helped him to explore many places around the world such as Thailand, Lao, Vietnam, Burma, Japan, Mexico, Egypt, USA, Italy etc to perfect the art of many holistic and complementary healing technique. This stint and several other professional experiences helped him to solve severely complicated injury every day.

Ben Pianese The Massage Therapist Behind Massaggi

A great massage therapist knows how to exactly use his hands to relieve muscle tension and mental issues. One technique doesn’t work for all. Therefore, a good massage therapist must know the alternative methods of treating an ailment. Our massage therapist Ben Pianese, at Massaggi, with his many years of experience, knows what technique will work best for his clients. With the healing power in his hands, Massage therapist London ensures complete relief and comfort to clients.

The extremely talented massage therapist Ben Pianese is highly successful in providing comfort and satisfactory services to his clients by soothing their pain and relieving stress. He wholeheartedly offers his expertise in treating back, neck, and shoulder pain, boosting the immune system, increasing blood circulation, reducing emotional stress, fear, etc., through various massage techniques..

If you’re tired of facing musculoskeletal tension, stress, pain, or injury, which affect your athletic performances, you can have an appointment with Massaggi’s expert Sports Massage Therapist to help you get rid of this stressful situation. Even your back pain, shoulder stiffness, spinal issues, sciatica pain, and other problems can be addressed with the skillful NST Bowen Massage Therapist.

The love, sincerity, and hard work of massage therapist London have made Massaggi one of the top massage clinics in London.

The Magrin Method Online Coaching

Massaggi not only offers in-house guidance but has been successful in providing online coaching too. People unable to visit our clinics can now enjoy their therapy from the comfort of their homes. Grab your laptops and get ready for our online coaching with the extremely professional and skilled coach Ben Pianese at the slots mentioned above. Online coaching offered by our massage therapist and coach is top-notch, providing 100% results to our valuable clients. Our online coaching is as reliable as your visit to the clinic. Call as today to enjoy our online coaching to experience impressive results! Our clients’ feedback on online coaching encourages us to grow and do better every day.

Coach Certified At Massaggi

Ben Pianese is one of the architects of modern retail therapy chain and therapeutic practices in the Central London area. His technique on the revolutionary the Magrin Method is one of the most sought services who cannot make to visit London or the clinic due to various reasons. He is a very keen and persuasive practitioner who is able to provide live session via Skype, Line, WhatsApp or FaceTime.

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Here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

We value our customers and treat them with the utmost transparency. We also encourage you to verify the credentials of massage clinics in London or outside with validated entity offering authenticated certification. Ben Pianese, our master massage therapist in London has the following certifications, affiliation or association till date:

Diploma Electrical/Electronics Technicians IPSIA Marconi 1988 -1993, ITALY

Diploma: Anatomy Physiology & Body Massage – London ITEC – January 2001

Diploma: Thai Yoga Massage – London IPTI – October 2001

Diploma: Indian Head Massage – London ITEC – December 2002

Certificate: Tui-Na Massage – London ITEC – March 2002

Diploma: Stress Management & Acupressure Massage – London ITEC – June 2003

Diploma: Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) – London ITEC – November 2003

Diploma: Hawaiian Kahuna Massage – London City Lit College, Covent Garden – March 2004

Diploma: Reiki Master – London City & Islington College – March 2004

Diploma In Deep Tissue Massage – London City & Islington College – October 2004

Certificate: Theta Healing Advanced 2 – Italy Nature’s Path – February 2005

Certificate: Hydrotherm Massage – London Aveda Institute Covent Garden – June 2006

Foundation Course: Bioenergy Healing Bioenergy Healing Research – October 2004

Certificate: Theta Healing DNA 1-2 – Italy Nature’s Path – March 2004

Certificate: Theta Healing Advanced 2- Italy Nature’s Path – March 2005

Certificate In Theta Healing Advanced 2- Italy Nature’s Path – March 2008

Diploma: Sports & Remedial Massage – London ITEC – 2008 February 2008

Certificate: Advanced Thai Yoga Massage, Chiang Mai (Thailand) The Sunshine Network – April 2008

Diploma: Pregnancy Massage – London School of Natural Therapies – June 2008

Certificate: Lava Shell Massage – London Aveda Institute in Association With Shared Beauty Secrets – August 2009

Certificate: Foot Reflexology Chiang Mai – Thailand Loi Kroh School – September 2009

Emmett Technique – London Muscle Management – April 2010

Emmett Therapies Professional Module 1&2 – Birmingham Muscles Release Techniques – March 2011

Emmett Therapies Professional Level 3 – Birmingham Ross Emmett – April 2011

Emmett Therapies Professional Module 4 – London Muscles Release Techniques – March 2011

Emmett Technique Module 5 – London Muscles Release Techniques – September 2011

Emmett Technique Module 6 – London Muscles Release Techniques – March 2011

Emmett Therapies  Beyond 7A’s – Birmingham Muscles Release Techniques – May 2013

Emmett Technique Full Practitioner  Level – London Muscles Release Techniques – May 2013

EP1 Emmett Therapies – Birmingham April 2013

EP2 Emmett Therapies – Birmingham Emmett Therapies

Diploma: NST Advanced Bowen Therapy – London Spinal Therapy Neurostructural Integration – September 2013

Certificate: Reconnective Healing – London November 2013

Certificate: The Reconnection – London November 2013

Certificate Coach: The Magrin Method 2017 – 2020, ITALY

Cetificate: Advanced Deep Tissue Massage: March 2022; April 2022

Certificate: Osteopathic & Chiropractic Spinal Manipulation Technique – November 2022

Certificate: Medical Acupuncture ( Treatment of Musculoskeletal Pain) Novemeber 2022

Insurance: Holistic Service Insurance Membership number P51486 from September 2000 – present

Membership: Complementary Therapy Association (CTha) Membership from September 2000 – present

You can find several book now button in our landing page or separate treatment pages. From sports massage to pregnancy massage and many more can be booked through their separate and special treatment page. If you’re unsure about the treatment please click the BOOK NOW button at the bottom right corner. Ben Pianese will help you decide the right treatment for you at the clinic. You can also choose to buy our special treatment packages which include most of the treatments available with priority appointment.

Keeping in mind our customer base, Massaggi offers nearly every type of treatment in its portfolio. We specialize in sports massage and Emmett technique, however, the rest of the treatment is equally important to us which are:

  • Sports Massage
  • Spinal Therapy
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Kahuna Massage
  • Emmett Sports Massage
  • Emmett Technique
  • Pregnancy Massage
  • Head Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Reconnective Healing
  • Thai Yoga Massage
  • ORB

Massaggi is one-stop venue in London which offers one of its kind regular massage and sports therapy treatments to all sorts of ache, pain and injuries. Ben Pianese work throughout the week to treat complex and regular conditions. We have listed below few of the most seen treatments at Massaggi:

  • Anxiety and depression
  • Frozen shoulder and neck problem
  • Tennis elbow and wrist pain
  • Sports injuries and nerves
  • Cramp and spasm
  • Back pain and poor posture
  • Whiplash and neck pain
  • Sports injuries (strain, sprain)
  • Pregnancy pain and plantar fasciitis
  • Tension headaches and stress
  • Asthma and breathing difficulty
  • Piriformis syndrome and shin splints
  • Joints stiffness and sciatica pain
  • Repetitive strain injuries (R.S.I)