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Treatments availability with Ben Pianese

W1 – MaryleboneVIP only10.00am – 7.30pm10.00am – 8.00pm10.00am – 8.00pmDistant healing10.00am – 6.30pm
N1 – IslingtonVIP only10.00am – 7.30pm10.00am – 8.00pm10.00am – 8.00pmDistant healing10.00am – 6.30pm
W1 – Wigmore StVIP only10.00am – 7.30pm10.00am – 8.00pm10.00am – 8.00pmDistant healingClosed

I can assist you in releasing the pains and discomforts that you suffer from, and fine-tune your body to work according to its best performance. – Ben Pianese

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Top 3 reasons to choose Massaggi in London


Unmatched Value

Change is what we believe as constant, others can wait. At Massaggi, we continuously upgrade our methodology and quality of service offering by including best practices from around the world. Our experts constantly delve into sports and treatment science to get you the best results.


Top Notch Service

One size doesn’t fit all. From pioneering the bespoke technique of massage treatments to providing next best class of mobile booking, we cover the full circle. We cater to every strata of need of our clients. From VIP to regular massage clinic London service, we got you covered.


Superior Results

The most important part of our service is measurable results. The moment you start your treatment, the feeling of relaxation and pain reduction is evident. The guarantee to manage the most complicated muscular pain is our strength. The best decision for your health is Massaggi.

Introducing Massaggi VIP

Re-defining luxury with breakthrough service

Ben Pianese is always been a noted personality for pain management and special massage treatments. From Madonna to Doona Bae , they have trusted our special private treatment services which offers unmatched perfection and utmost care. The service is available for those who are class apart and need extra edge of performance, relaxation and luxury combined.

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