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Treatments availability with Ben Pianese
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Top 3 Reasons To Choose Our Massage Clinics London

Affordability: Gone are the days when massage meant to be taken in a business lounge or luxurious spa. Massaggi offers treatment, clinical therapy and relaxation massage in convenient hourly pricing. Check our vouchers and packages section.

Value: If you’re seeking for a muscular pain relief, don’t wait for it to get worse. Getting a massage from an experienced and highly trained professional will benefits you in the long-term. Not to mention the benefit of relaxation and reduced muscular pain.

Relaxation: Nothing beats a peace of mind and a free flow of your body movement. The best reason to get a massage at our clinics in London UK is because we emphasize long term restoration over short term relief.

Choose The Best Massage Packages

Twenty years clinical experience, coupled with a knowledge of massage art-forms and technical skill, is what marks out our first-class services. Our range of treatments means you can choose the best plan for your needs, and enjoy industry-leading prices. If the stress of living in London is getting you down, simply visit Massaggi clinics for tension relief or treatment consultation with Ben Pianese.

Select Your Massage Clinic in London

The Massaggi clinics offer clients a choice of three locations that are all easily accessible through public transportation: Marylebone, Wigmore Street and Islington. Each branch is no more than 10 minutes away from a tube station, making every visit fast, fuss-free and convenient. Book an appointment today by clicking on the button below.

Convenient Booking Online or Offline

To schedule an appointment, you can simply call us or use the online booking feature using your computer, Apple, Android and other devices. Those who book an appointment through the user-friendly Massaggi mobile app can see their schedule in real time and they can book their appointments in flash.

Benefits Of Massage

A testament to the effectiveness of Massaggi is the number of repeat clients and referrals we get in our massage clinics in London. This means our clientele base is growing mainly from the satisfied feedback from the very people who have experienced first-hand the benefits of treatments that get results, thanks to the healing hands of a personable and passionate therapist Ben Pianese.

Why Schedule A Session Today?

When was the last time you went for a vacation where you had the chance to relax your mind and body? The answer will leave you perplexed as we are hurried towards peace and professional work. And none of them work.

A massage session is just like a mini vacation, it costs less, but the benefits are much higher. It just makes sense to take a pause amid the rush and head out to the nearest massage therapy clinic so you can address the pains and discomforts you suffer from and fine-tune your body to work according to its best performance.

Massage Booking, Rescheduling And 48 Hour Cancellation Policy

It is advisable to book in advance as the services of your clinical massage therapist is very popular. Our massage therapist is very punctual and we ask that you let us know as soon as possible if you need to cancel or rearrange an appointment. Any cancellations made within 48 hours of your scheduled massage therapy session will incur a charge for the full price of the arranged treatment.