About Massaggi

Massaggi is London’s pre-eminent pain-relief service. Massaggi is Italian for ‘massage’ and our Mediterranean roots are reflected in our sunny disposition and ‘can-do’ attitude.

The dotted ‘I’ in our massage logo is a representation of the spinal column and relating to the notion of body re-alignment and also the dot of the high could be interpreted as a person’s head. Massaggi logo is a symbol of our focus on pain-relief from postural and joint-related aches and pains. Whether you are looking for relaxation or immediate pain relief from sore shoulders, lower back pain, joint pain or are simply seeking relief from the accumulated aches and pains, we have just the service for you.

The Massaggi experience have been endowed with the specialist skills and training devised by Ben Pianese. This ensures that you have access to the highest quality treatment and that your individual massage therapy sessions adhere to the Massaggi philosophy.

Because we take the view that you deserve to feel the best we treat each session as if it is the first, expertly analyzing the massage therapy treatment required and employing massage therapy techniques designed to

  • Alleviate accumulated stresses
  • Speed up healing
  • Release tension

We employ a holistic approach to helping your body heal itself by removing the obstacles, created by stress, tension and the pressures of modern living, from its path. Our Massage Treatments are designed to help you free yourself from the strains, aches and pains life creates so you can find the energy to enjoy it more!

Massaggi motto: A Bene Placito – a place of relaxation – refers not just to the physical space we occupy. It is our aim to allow you to reach a more profound level of deep relaxation that comes from a holistic experience wherein the body and mind are in perfect balance. When our clients experience this serene state, they feel able take on whatever the world throws at them.