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Doona Bae

Healing is primary, relaxation is implicit. Guaranteed. Just Had A Great Sports Massage. Felt Instantly Better After!

Massive Attack

Working with Ben Pianese is great! He has good pressure and knowledge about the body. He explains what he is doing which makes me feel relaxed and tune into the experience.

Eddie Monroe

So what to say about Ben? It’s an amazing person first of all A gifted, skilled and experienced therapist plus add his proficiency as coach. You have the all package.

Elisabeth Tan

A brilliant treatment. Best massage in London for back pain.

Rachael Blais
Top Model

Living quite of stressful life, Ben Pianese massages technique have helped me to live more peacefully and healthy by connecting more body mind. A feeling of lightness after massage that stay within until the next one.

Andrea Magrin
Founder Of The Magrin Method

Ben is a great person and passionate about for what he does! He showed tremendous improvement in his mastery of the technique within a very short time. Since he began to use the Magrin Method the effectiveness of his treatments and the relationship with others have drastically improved, I am happy that he can convey this teaching to others. Thank you Ben.

The Times newspaper

The detailed consultation at the beginning made all the difference, pinpointing problem areas like posture and built-up tension. I left feeling light and renewed – a brilliant treatment.