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Wendy M. — Architect

I can only concur with others’ appreciation of Ben’s powers of perception and expertise. His reading of the body is akin to having a personal tour guide who clearly reveals in specific human detail where both physical and emotional issues and blockages are lying. After treatment I feel re-aligned, with channels, including new and forgotten, open; certainly relaxed, and in a stronger position to re-meet the outside world. Longer term, I am aware that Ben’s powerful but sensitive work encourages me, and maybe developing molecular memories, to increasingly attain and retain more of the “right” condition in which to live my life. I have the highest regard for his work and believe he is extremely able in his profession to help many people.

Tracy M. — MMACP, MCSP Physiotherapist

I was recommended to see Ben Pianese for treatment of chronic tension in my neck, back muscles and legs. I am a physiotherapist myself and was interested to see how Ben’s treatment would differ from other therapists. Ben treats in a holistic way that incorporates the whole body. He uses a combination of deep pressure, trigger point and energy massage techniques on muscles, tendons and fascia. He follows lines of tension that run through the body and seems to have a sixth sense for knowing where problem areas are. The effect of Ben’s treatment makes me feel stretched, looser and more flexible. This results in less tension and stiffness in my body which I am delighted about.

James Logan — Architect

I first came to see Ben for treatment of a skiing injury to my shoulder which my GP had indicated would take several months to heal. After two sports massage sessions with Ben, there was a rapid improvement in the pain and the mobility of my shoulder has increased considerably to the extent that I now feel comfortable playing sport again – well ahead of the time-line indicated by my doctor. I have since seen Ben for treatment of chronic back and upper body discomfort caused by sitting at a desk for long periods of the day. I have suffered this for a number of years and have been to see a number of therapists about this – including osteopaths, chiropractors, acupuncture as well as massage therapists. I can hand-on-heart say that Ben’s treatment has been the most effective of these – I have felt a rapid and noticeable improvement in the symptoms that lasts for some time. He uses a variety of approaches to appropriately address the root causes of the problem and I would recommend him widely.

Kathlen Sansome — Doctor

I have been visiting Ben Pianese for Massage for the past 7 months and I must say that I feel much more supple (I suffer from stiff joints and arthritis) also Ben Pianese is most helpful in the care of his clients. He gave me advice in connection with my arthritis – I am now drinking more water each day and using Himalayan Salt to help with painful cramps in my legs. I have not had any cramps since starting the Salt and water programme only three weeks ago. I am delighted and much more relaxed as I do not have that constant pain in my back and legs since Ben has dealt with this through massage.

Olli G.

I have had massage’s all over the world and with a number of stress related back problems and physical injuries from 20 years of sport, Ben has proven to be a major contributing factor to my current well-being and physical strength. Ben has the ability to know what my body needs without my direction. Although I presume he has no formal medical qualifications, after a massage from Ben, I feel I have visited a doctor! Sincerely, all my experience, Ben’s massage therapy is by far the best I have had and would highly recommend to everyone.

Sebastian Lenain — Osteopath

I have seen Ben twice now, 1st session 1hr, 2nd session 1hr30 mins. I definitely recommend having a longer session as it makes all the difference. Ben is both a naturally gifted body healer who trusts his intuition and ability to ‘hear’ what to do and where to go when working and is exceptionally proficient in a good number of complimentary techniques. He brings an added dimension to the work with his certainty and poise. He understands the power of working with the body to achieve emotional release and it has been particularly great to work with him on my abdominal area. It has been a pleasure to work with someone on the top of his game. I wonder how long it will be before Ben is famous and in demand the world over for the work he does!?

Paul Anderson — Musician

Hi Ben, I am feeling much better thank you. What did you do to my belly? It still looks like I lost inches. More pleaze.

Mark Warren — DJ

Without any doubt the best value for money in London…. AND the best massage as well…

Rachael Blais — Top Model

Living quite of stressful life, Ben Pianese massages technique have helped me to live more peacefully and healthy by connecting more body mind. A feeling of lightness afteer massage that stay within untill the next one.

Sebastien Rothan-Ledoux

I asked Ben Pianese to organise a massage for a friend’s 40th birthday and 3 of her friends. She was thrilled, and said it was the best massage she ever had. It was also very nice dealing with Ben, who was very helpful. The value for money was without any doubt the best in London.

R. Rajani — Consultant

Ben is nothing short of a genius who can intuitively read your body and target the areas that need work. Following a car accident, I had been to see many different people from Osteopaths to Chiropractors, Sports Massage Therapists etc and always got the usual 10 minutes of relief but nothing that lasted. Ben is the best of the best in creating lasting change!

Errol Miller — Finance

Ben’s talent for identifying areas where I needed help was great. He obviously has a high regard for this very personal work. And, I trust him with it. On top of being very professional, he’s very personable and friendly. I’m looking forward to continuing sessions with him.

Shirley Ellen Gaynor — Manager Director

I had a ski injury in my arm and tension in my neck. After one session I had 80% reduction in pain and after two sessions it has virtually gone. The sessions have also helped to relieve all the tension in my neck and shoulders.

Marie S — Solicitor

I started to see Ben for pregnancy massage because I had severe middle back, lower back and hip pain. Ben not only listened to me describing where the pain was but also had a sixth sense of where it was and, more importantly, an understanding of what was causing it. I found that he not only focused on the areas of immediate discomfort but also worked on connected areas of my body so as to deal not just with the symptoms but also the root cause. He is a very calming influence, not least because he clearly knows what he is doing (very important for pregnancy massage). He instinctively knows when to work muscles very deeply and when to take a gentler approach. And he takes a holistic approach to the body – focusing on areas that need most attention but not ignoring others. I have never been a big fan of massage but Ben has well and truly converted me and played a huge part in easing the discomfort and stress on the body that is inherent in any pregnancy.

Lisa Williams — Barrister

I had major surgery on my spine 6 months ago and started to see Ben to complement rehab physio. I chose Ben because of his expertise in a wide range of massage therapies. I have been very pleased with the results so far which have aided my recovery from surgery.

Terri L. Lenox — Professor

When I first read Ben’s testimonials, my thought was “no one can be this good,” but he is! Walking to my first visit with Ben was a very painful experience. The arthritis in my knee hurt so badly that I was crying. Ben was amazing and after two visits, I was walking comfortably. After four visits, I was taking walks for fun!

James L — Personal Trainer

I went to see Ben following a scooter accident. I was amazed at his ability to ‘listen’ to what my body needed with regards treatment, and I left every session feeling totally relaxed and grounded. His technique is strong, but soft, intuitive and free. I would highly recommend Ben to anyone who wants to just simply feel good in their own body and to anyone who is recovering from an injury or illness. Trust me – he is great!

Helen G. — Dance Teacher

I have been seeing Ben for over a year and a half because of neck problems. The treatment has been fantastic and I no longer suffer from the pain and immobility in that area. In fact my whole body feel better which make my job as a dance teacher much easier.

Krista K. — AVEDA Global SPA Educator

Ben, your massage is like Art…like a Flowing Ballet, or Poetry for the Body. Thank you, thank you for what you gave to me today. What a special gift you have.