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Massaggi Pregnancy Massage – ‘Natural Choice’

What is pregnancy massage During pregnancy, a woman has a unique way of adjusting to the inevitable shape changes which occur anatomically and physiologically for the special purpose of carrying a baby. However, this changes put pressure and stress for carrying mother. Muscles and joint mechanisms are affected by different activities and job types one chooses to perform. Twelve weeks after conception, the embryo is shaped as a human baby and all organs are formed. Birth usually occurs about 40 weeks after the day of the ordinary period. In this period, a woman goes under several hormonal and physiological changes causing anxiety, back and leg pain, sleep disorder, increased level of norepinephrine (stress hormones), and the non-proper blood circulation. Pregnancy massage in London done at Massaggi can vastly reduce the chances of built-up pain and stress, which often increases the complexity at labor. There are several techniques of massages suitable for different type of results. However, pregnancy massage is very much different what is practiced in ordinary massage centers.

Pregnancy Massage In London – ‘The Caretaker’

Pregnancy massage technique When you’re looking for getting a pregnancy massage in London, please make sure you know your condition very well. Getting a pregnancy massage is not just about getting a regular massage done by people just to relax. It requires getting to know the physical and physiological condition of a mother. Most babies are conceived around the middle of the woman’s menstrual cycle, following an intercourse taking place just before or after her ovaries produce an egg – known as ovulation. Once the egg has been fertilized by a sperm from the man, it implants itself into the lining of the womb and becomes a growing embryo. By the time the first period is missed, the embryo is usually about two weeks old and its heart is already beginning to beat. Given the week a mother is into, a therapist uses careful profiling to know about the current muscular state. Pregnancy massage differs from other forms as it has very limited area for therapeutic movement. An expecting mother experiences pain in lower back, neck, and legs very often. At Massaggi, we take care of prenatal requirements with utmost care and delicacy.

Numerous Benefits With Massaggi:

Majestic care massage with rich value
Massaggi Pregnancy Ordinary Massage
Body Profiling
Deep Tissue Regulation
Stress Reduction
Ideal for Pregnancy May not be
Fast Turnaround After Session Random Results
Improvement Up to 30%* Unaccounted
Cost £75 £75
Happy baby

Common Pregnancy Massage Questions

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How do I know if I need Pregnancy Massage?

There are numerous benefits of having a regular body massage during pregnancy. Women who go for regular prenatal massage are seen to experience less labor pain during delivery. For instance, emotional and physical stress can have a huge impact on the unborn child. Effectively reducing both can help to increase the chances of relaxed pregnancy and birth as well as producing a calm and contented baby. Explore more options for pregnancy care at Massaggi available in London at Marylebone, Islington, Wigmore Street clinics.

What kind of common exercise a expecting mother should perform?

We often get asked from our client about some regular exercise. As part of treatment we teach some less intrusive exercises to them. Some of exercise which can be done are: 1 .Brisk Walking 2. Light Aerobics (recommended by medical practitioner) 3. Yoga (Proper breathing exercise such as Anulom Vilom, Kapalbhati etc) 4. Stretching 5. Swimming 6. Light weight training (under professionals to keep muscle strength intact) Note: We advise you to consult your medical practitioner before taking up any form of exercise. Above mentioned exercises are not part of any medical treatment or advice.

Can I get good sleep and reduced stress after this?

Prenatal care is an important part of pregnancy care, a woman undergoes a lot of hormonal and physiological changes which are bound to make a lot of body function go irregularly. A pregnancy massage care can greatly improve blood circulation and reduce harmful stress.

Is it safe for expecting mother?

Totally. You can ask any physician about that. Pregnancy massage is proven way to regulate muscular function and leading way to reduce stress and muscle stiffness.

How much does it cost?

Treatment Effect Price
Massaggi Mother Care™ Muscle Relief £ 39 / 30 mins / session
Massaggi Nurture™ Remove Stress and Strain £75 / 60 mins / session
Massaggi Complete Care™ Extreme Relaxation £199 / 180 mins (Save £8)