The Ultimate Effect Of Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

What is Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

Manual Lymphatic Drainage or MLD is a gentle massage given to facilitate natural lymph circulation throughout the body. The lymphatic system provides the first line of defense against diseases and provides immunity to the body. Being non-invasive, the manual lymphatic drainage massage had already proven its effectiveness as a stand-alone treatment through research done in Europe, North America, and Australia. For millions of Britons, pain due to lymphatic failure has been of serious consequence. However, with this new form of treatment provided by lymphatic drainage massage therapist Ben Pianese, people would finally have an effective answer to their pain.

How LDM Detoxify And Boost Immune System

Talking about the expertise needed to give an effective manual lymphatic massage session, one needs to be perfectly knowledgeable and experienced. In an MLD therapy session, the skin is torqued and stretched in a manner that has its base on psychological and scientific principles. Correct performance of the masseur depends on the pressure, speed, and direction of the massage and this is beneficial in enhancing recovery and facilitating drainage. Other than these it also has several profound effects on the body. A qualified Lymphatic drainage therapist is rightly trained, attentive and a fully focused individual who knows the precision required for the manual lymphatic drainage technique.

Finding Lymphatic drainage massage clinics: Islington and Marylebone

While the requirements for the therapy are both complex and simple, a Massaggi lymphatic drainage massage therapist has mastered the specialized movements that are used to stretch and move the skin in the direction of the flow of lymph. The massage movement needs to be repeated several times and these rhythmic and slow movements gear up the activity of the lymphatic system. The effects of this therapy are far-reaching and Ben Pianese has achieved phenomenal success in the number of clients he has successfully treated.

Through stretching, pumping and guiding effect on lymph vessels, Ben’s MLD massage too stimulates contraction of the smooth muscles in lymphatic vessels helping drain the connective tissue and retain the smooth flow of lymph throughout. This micro-circulation technique can also be employed in ‘Lymphedema‘ and other venous edema conditions. However, it needs an expert hand to do it. Lymphatic Massage is also stimulating in conditions such as Anorexia, Ednos, Weight Loss Therapy, Eating Disorder, Depression, Anxiety and much more.

Manual lymphatic drainage massage clinics Islington and Marylebone by Ben Pianese has helped him treat several conditions like lymphoedema and lipoedema. Getting the excess fluid out of the malfunctioned tissue and directing it back to the lymphatic system or other areas of the body where it could be taken up needs experience and expertise. MLD is also helpful during a pregnancy massage treatment plan and after pregnancy to heal puffy and tired ankles, swollen legs and malnourished eyes. It is also beneficial for preparing the labor tool because of the soporific and calming effect.

MLD body detox and facelift without surgery

Other than these specific areas, Ben Pianese offers expert MLD therapies in London for pain reduction, relaxation, faulty immune system (especially in kids), sprains, torn ligaments and many more. MLD therapies by Ben Pianese can also be described as one of the ‘best-kept secrets of beauty. MLD facial massage by Ben Pianese is like a facelift without surgery. As an expert, Ben has made his mark in this form of massage therapy and this has earned him the respect of many clients nationwide.

Ben Pianese trained in the method of lymph drainage therapy in London at the City Lit College Covent Garden. Ben also trained in the MLD advanced method ‘Emmett Lymphatic Drainage’ technique and can help you if you suffering from

  • Debilitating muscular problem
  • Joint stiffness
  • Spinal problem
  • Back problems
  • Sinus problem
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Sleeping disorder
  • Anxiety

How to find a qualified lymphatic massage therapist?

You can find three specialized lymphatic drainage clinic based London in the heart of Marylebone High Street W1  and Upper Street Islington North London. Massaggi is an associate of the most respected medical and nutritional treatment center for weight loss, body image and eating disorder The Weight Matters Wigmore Street.

Discuss lymphatic drainage treatments

If you like to talk to our lymphatic drainage massage therapist regarding an MLD session or your particular health condition we’ll ask you to write to us, in just a few words, what you’d like to talk about. This so we can arrange a FREE 20 minutes telephone consultation at your convenience.

About The Author:

Ben has been a practical pain management trainer and a celebrated massage therapist. He believes human well-being is deeply connected to the health of mind and body both, including deep tissues. He holds numerous certifications for best of breeds massage techniques helping him on a mission for healthy London and then rest of the world. He has been an active contributor in massage technique research and on Massaggi blog.