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How To Become A Sports Massage Therapist

How To Become An Exceptional Sports Massage Therapist

The report “Statistics on Obesity, Physical Activity and  Diet: England 2014″ published by the UK’s Health and Social Care Information Centre revealed results of the Active People Survey, which monitors the rate of participation in 32 sports in England, as well as tracks changes in the recorded participation levels over time. In this survey, “participation” […]

Sports Massage - Myths and Facts That Everyone Should Know

Sports Massage – Myths and Facts That Everyone Should Know

The overwhelming benefits of sports massage treatments are well-known and acknowledged by modern science and professional trainers. Nowadays, both professional and amateur athletes consider it an integral part of their sports lives. They believe it to be evenly crucial to their training and diet. Many even go further by claiming it can give them an […]

Sports Massage London - Woman Basketball Player

What is Sports Massage? How is Different From Other Massage?

Part of a healthy lifestyle is exercise and there are many forms of exercise, from a treadmill at the gym to playing basketball, which one can do. For a fitness enthusiast safe exercising is of great importance, but even the most careful and knowledgeable of us can succumb to injury. For this reason many sportsman […]

Health Benefit Of Sports Massage

Health Benefit of Sports Massage

Massage has been used for hundreds of years as a way to promote health and well being. Some think of it as a kind of alternative medicine, although it’s mainly thought of as something to help us relax. However, there are many more benefits to massage than you probably reakisey; especially when it comes to […]

Different Sports Massage Clinic

Testimonial: A different Sports Massage Clinic In London

Many of clients know that I have been an athlete for 22 years. But what you may not know is that going through childhood and teenage with no specific sports therapy to release tension on muscles and joint has put me through constant and painful challenges. From meniscus damage on both knees which prevented me […]

How sports massage motivate employees

How Can Sports Massage Motivate Your Employees?

Your employees cannot afford to take time off from work, and yet they may have to take sick leaves. At the same time, your company cannot afford to spend more than the necessary budget for compensation claims. With an increasingly competitive market demanding a lot of your resources, how do you prevent frequent absences without […]

Sports Massage Therapy Enahnce Athleticism

How To Enhance Your Athleticism With Sports Massage Therapy – Even As You Age

Sports massage therapy and regular physical fitness is a must for maintaining good health. Health experts have long encouraged everyone to incorporate physical activity into their routines; regardless of whether you take walks with your dog every day, hit the gym, play sports with a team, or push yourself to excel in extreme athletic events, […]