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Why You Need to Strengthen Your Hip Flexors – All about hip flexor

Modern people must sit for a long time because of their living habits and daily work. Therefore, some vital muscle group training and stretching exercises will be neglected, especially the hip flexor muscles are most easily overlooked. A hip flexor is a group of muscles in the pelvic region and upper thigh. It helps us […]

Pregnancy Massage For Pregnant Woman

Explained: Pregnancy Massage For Health And Stress Free Pregnancy And Birth

Pregnancy massage. We all know that the nine months of pregnancy are a very special time for mother to be and although some women sail through it without any problems many woman face discomfort and complications. It is for this reason as professional pregnancy massage therapist in our field we can understand the many symptoms and conditions that can affect the pregnant woman.

Pain aches in knuckle

Understanding Pain: Nature’s Early Warning System

The first indication of unseen malady within the body is usually pain – a natural early warning system. This unpleasant – at times agonising – sensation afflicts most people at some time as result of injury, disease or emotional disorder. Yet pain can at times be of great benefit to the body.