Want To Get Rid Of Pain? Try Massage Therapy

Dealing with back pain

Our backs are like a wall if it crumbles we are left with no foundation on which to stand. Back pain is the most common complaint, what can you do to make it hurt less and how can our massage therapy service help? London is a great city to live in but the pace at which people work and live can often be erratic and fast. This can result in you neglecting the signs your body is giving you telling you that something needs to change.

Ignoring the broken office chair, your hunching over the desk not even realizing that the twinge you have in your lower back is because there is no sufficient support. You stand on a shop floor all day, your shoulders are stiff, and you wonder why you wake up with a tension headache in the morning.

Possible cause of back pain

Poor posture; all, of the above are simply because you don’t sit right and stand straight…these could be the reasons the lower back pain that you are experiencing. The function of the back is to give support to the rest of the body, it is the trunk. In the same way, a tree has roots in order for it to stay strong and alive; the back has nerves which transcend to other parts of the body.

Weakened muscles become tight, repetitive movements without change cause problems that affect the arms, neck, and hands. The effects of this can not only be painful but can also inhibit you from being as fit and flexible as you would like to be. A sudden movement can cause so much muscular and joint pain too, just a sudden movement!

Short term back pain can be relieved using a number of massage treatments but what about long term back pain issues? Some problems are medically related and are there from birth or are part of the aging process. Arthritis is one of the most common of these issues and can actually occur at any age. Arthritis is extremely painful and its effects can be felt in the legs, buttocks and can also transcend to the arms and shoulder area.

Contact your doctor

Taking care of your body in everyday life with a healthy diet and exercising regularly can certainly hold off and in many cases stop the onset of this painful condition. If you are suffering now and need pain relief, how can you help yourself? Seeing a doctor would be the first point of call to receive a correct diagnosis. You may take the conventional medicine root but really, you need a life change and that change is called activity!

Exercise is a great way to ease the pain, pain relief, and mobilizing joints to keep them from becoming stiff and inflamed can be the difference in the way you feel each day. It is essential that you speak to an expert to find out which is the safest exercise practice to embark on, regular massage therapy is certainly an essential treatment which you can add to your new way of living…pain-free living!

Massage therapy technique for pain relief

Ben Pianese massage therapist recognizes the need for de-stressing in order to keep your mind clear and body pain-free. Ben Pianese massage technique is one way of relaxing and undoing those knots that have built up over time. It relaxes the nervous system, giving your back the green light saying it’s ok to move again.

The service is now expanding with a variety of London mobile therapists who can visit you at your hotel or home and more locations near you. Stay tuned for exciting updates.

About The Author:

Ben has been a practical pain management trainer and a celebrated massage therapist. He believes human well-being is deeply connected to the health of mind and body both, including deep tissues. He holds numerous certifications for best of breeds massage techniques helping him on a mission for healthy London and then rest of the world. He has been an active contributor in massage technique research and on Massaggi blog.