How Massage Improves Blood Circulation?

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The Circulatory System; What Goes Around Comes Around

This complex phenomenon needs care and attention. ‘What the eye doesn’t see the heart doesn’t grieve over’, but this isn’t true when talking about the circulatory system. It is a silent organ that in essence keeps us alive and because it is something we think we cannot feel we can be guilty of neglecting it. Remember the Scarecrow from ‘The Wizard of Oz’? Weak, floppy and without a working brain…if he had a circulatory system, he would have played a very different role in the movie. There are over 70 organs in the human body; kidneys, skin, heart, and lungs to name a few. The one thing they all rely on is the circulatory systems ability to distribute blood and oxygen, without which we would not be able to survive. One of the biggest battles people face in their life is when they come face to face with the disease. The circulatory system plays an integral part in recovery but prevention is better than cure, stop just for a moment and ask yourself if your daily habits are cause for concern. Every living thing has a circulatory system; complex in its make-up but simple when you understand how it works. You look at a map and figure out the most cost effective and safest way of getting to your destination, you leave one point to get to the other and are able to return knowing the way back. This is how the circulatory system works; the only hold up is when it meets traffic such as nicotine, the build-up of fatty deposits and excessive alcohol intake.  All of which can be avoided if you take the best route.

Common circulatory system problems

Poor blood flow can cause a range of conditions, including DIZZINESS, VARICOSE VEINS, RAYNAUD’S SYNDROME, ANGINA, CRAMP, DIZZINESS, FROSTBITE, and CHILBLAINS. A severe circulation problem can cause HEART DISORDERS.

High blood pressure (hypertension)

This may shock you but most people don’t even know that they suffer from this common problem. Well documented for being hereditary however, caffeine, smoking, poor diet, alcohol, and no exercise can lead to dire consequences; in some cases when left untreated or undiagnosed a heart attack. Why wait until it’s too late?


We all want our hearts to be full of good things, don’t we? What about if the blood that keeps it working became restricted, unable to flow freely around it? Angina sets in stopping the blood from reaching the muscles of the heart. An attack is inevitable and may only last for a few minutes but the dull ache can turn into a pain that you will not want to experience again.

Varicose veins

So this is something that is part and parcel with the aging process? Think again, poor circulation means that those blue lines can appear at any time. Bulging, twisted like a winding road and unsightly, they can be extremely uncomfortable and painful. Standing for lengthy periods is the main cause of varicose veins which are a result of poor blood circulation. Resting and putting your legs up as often as possible can make a real difference. Try not to ignore them; there is a difference between a thin blue line and at worst Thrombosis.


Pain is usually the first sign of any circulatory problem. The primary cause for the pain is a lack of oxygen in parts of the body. I’m sure your thinking, “But we breathe oxygen”. You are absolutely correct and as your lungs need this precious source to function so do your muscles, limbs, and mind. An even flow that breaths fresh and clean air around the parts that need to survive in order for you to live; painless.

What’s Holding You Up

  • What are you feeding your body? Nicotine, alcohol and fatty foods; are you at risk?
  • Are you standing? How long for? We do what is necessary but at what cost? THINK
  • You feel a dull ache in your chest, why? What habits have you adopted? Are they bad habits? See a doctor.
  • Keep your stress level in check! High blood pressure is silent; a check-up won’t hurt and will save you.


Freedom is a word that makes all things possible. Obstacles, barricades and a broken arrow can lead to a war within your own battleground self.  Peace can be achieved and reconciliation met if you are committed to bringing about a change. You are the commander and your soldiers are the blood, oxygen, and cells that need to march together avoiding direct contact with the enemy that is pain and suffering.

Help Your Health

A change of lifestyle and changing bad habits of a lifetime can make an amazing difference to you. Cut down if you drink too much coffee, stop smoking (gradually) limit your alcohol intake to perhaps just the weekend. No one is saying you can’t have fun, everything in moderation. For some, it may mean cutting those bad boys out altogether, if that’s what it takes then that is what you should do. Oh and exercise! Imagine all that oxygen being pumped through the lungs and around the parts you didn’t know you could reach…breathe again, live again!

Stretching exercise to boost poor blood circulation

  1. Sit with your legs and arm crossed.
  2. Hold your knees and bend forward, slowly trying to press your knees to the floor with your hands.
  3. Cross your arms and legs the other way and repeat the exercise.

How acupressure massage therapy improves poor circulation

Firmly massage the foot point – about 2 inches (50mm) from the angle between big and second toe – moving the thumb in small circles up three minutes. Repeat six times daily. In the same way, massage the neck points – immediately below and behind the bottom of the ear lobe – with an index finger.

Have you been medically diagnosed with poor circulation? Massage aid circulation

For improving circulation Massage therapists recommend Manual Lymphatic Drainage therapy but for all serious circulation problem, you should visit your Doctor first. Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) facilitate circulation moving blood through the blocked area. This type of massage treatments help the Lymphatic System function effectively and improve blood circulation.

Why the lymphatic drainage massage technique is good for circulation and lymph flow?

Massage such as Manual Lymphatic Drainage can help improve circulation and get a good rhythm lymph flow going. The most common – and most effective – use of manual lymphatic drainage massage is to relax the body and mind and so relieve strains and TENSION of daily life. It also used to assist people with some CIRCULATION PROBLEMS – as well as those suffering from blood pressure, HEADACHE, HYPERACTIVITY, INSOMNIA, SINUS PROBLEMS and those suffering from cold hands and feet.

About The Author:

Ben has been a practical pain management trainer and a celebrated massage therapist. He believes human well-being is deeply connected to the health of mind and body both, including deep tissues. He holds numerous certifications for best of breeds massage techniques helping him on a mission for healthy London and then rest of the world. He has been an active contributor in massage technique research and on Massaggi blog.