Healing Touch Massage For The Body

The Neuron Cells

Massage therapist, recognize that many of you are looking for something that will make a significant improvement to the quality of your lives. To be able to help you with the healing process we need to understand each individual and the issues faced daily. There is so much information available at your fingertips that it may be difficult to know which holistic therapy is the right one for you. So, what can we do and how do we do it? There are many scientific and personal opinions as to how massage can be therapeutic. Pain relief, controlling or reducing inflammation and even stimulating the body’s metabolism can all lead to some truly amazing results. We talk a lot about the body but what about the brain? You don’t need a high IQ to work out that the brain is the remote control and it’s up to you how you choose to push those buttons and tune in. The heart is special so why not love it back? The movements used with massage such as effleurage at a slow pace can decrease stress levels after cardiovascular exercise; used at a more vigorous pace, this massage technique can do wonders for blood circulation the fuel the engine known as the body needs. The largest organ of all, the skin, is just one layer; what lies beneath is the connective tissue and skeletal muscles. Just skimming over the surface won’t do very much not unless you just want to be stroked. Your massage therapist will know exactly after speaking with you in depth just what you and your body needs, senseless rubbing is not an option. Tension is one symptom that can be relieved with the use of Emmett therapies. Using gentle pressure, this technique targets specific muscle groups and helps to restore their memory. Causes of injury are particularly important as the aim is to use massage as part of the healing process in the most effective and painless way. How you face these injuries and the level of recovery can depend very much on how you are physiologically. Questions, questions! The only way to find out about your lifestyle including habits; not all habits are bad ones but patterns can emerge from the things you do on a daily basis that the slightest change could make all the difference. Sportsmen and women are at risk of injury. There is an urgency to recovery as they want to continue with their chosen sport and even more so, those who compete at a high level. Sports massage treatments are an integral part of regaining fitness levels in a safe and controlled way. Deep tissue massage really targets those areas that are affected by severe tension, pain and tightness; focusing on realigning those muscles that are buried deep within the surface. There are so many practices that heal, many of which are thousands of years old such as yoga and acupressure. The use of these traditional methods is still as popular and is widely used to treat the central nervous system, circulation and metabolism…to name just a few. Throughout the years these treatments have been an essential part of healing not only the body but the mind also. Human anatomy is complex and needs to be understood. There are professionals who make it their life’s work to understand the mechanics we call them scientists but ultimately it is up to each of us to maintain and nurture it, treat it with the care it deserves and it will not let you down. It may surprise you to know that as much as 70% of people have not been educated in looking after their bodies. Many do not exercise at all and there are a large number who exercise to look good on the outside; but what about the inside? Doesn’t that deserve the same attention? We at Massaggi believe that giving helpful advice will optimize your body’s performance. Our mission is to fine-tune the body so it evolves in a positive way. Simple things that can be done every day such as breathing exercises, balanced diet and drinking a good amount of quality water can change the way you feel and your body responds. These life changes are easy and effective.

Why you can heal yourself

Life is like a book, each day a new page and each year a new chapter in which to live. The opening page is a new emotion, leaving the bad times as you turn each leaf of paper… Why not you! Do you want to regain balance after being knocked slightly to the side? Are you at crossroads not able to decide in which direction to go in next? The truth is everyone has the ability to heal different level so the connection needs to be made in a customized way. Using the senses will bring us to an understanding of you and your needs. Not all methods have to be textbook, it’s like reading from a script; it doesn’t flow and you skip the words that are hard to pronounce. The hands are the guide book and they connect in ways that will help to find the priority area of concern. Instinctual awareness is a tool to help to create a customized and unique experience for each individual client. Removing those stubborn layers that have created a physical and mental block is the best gift you can give to yourself. Every living organism needs to be maintained in order to continue to function; a car cannot run without fuel, a computer cannot function when it has a virus. The human body needs as much maintenance and is the most important of all. A massage will last up to one hour, the effects of that can last for much longer. Positive, relaxing, rejuvenating and in many cases life changing; these massage techniques can transform and enhance your performance, even in daily tasks. Service your body and it will perform at its best.

Imagine the healing possibilities

What is imagination you ask? It is that wonderful thought pattern that can bring, happiness, excitement, new direction and in some people fear. Images of better days spring to mind; all you have to do is visualize how this change can manifest…all you have to do is try. As adults, we find many reasons to suppress that imagination.

The importance of healing?

Family life, worries, work commitments; but what about the commitment to yourself? A child that uses imagination does not think of consequences, they are free in their innocent minds to explore what has come to their thoughts in a flash. To be a child again is not an option but freeing your mind to all possibilities is! We become slaves of modern conformities and somehow get taken in completely unawares. Imagine those shackles loosening their grip, those heavy chains that bind you from what could have now broken into pieces unable to hold you down again. Imagine this for a moment, now how do you feel? Since there is no pain, imagine not just getting out of bed in the morning but wanting to, imagine your life as you want it to be…pain free and with a new purpose. Remember how your feelings spiraled out of control? Remember how closed in you felt, unable to escape the torment?  Now imagine it was all a bad dream that you have woken up from, your eyes are wide open to a new way of being. Work on yourself and make it a pleasurable experience. Affirmations in the morning when you wake, breathe effortlessly to fill your lungs with goodness and connect with your core to stand tall. Feel liberated …to imagine is to know that it can be achieved. Why not start those changes with the team at Massaggi as your guide. Have a look at the healing treatment we offer; there is something there for all of you. Enter the Massaggi competition too! If you are not chosen this month you will be automatically eligible for next month’s draw. Let us help you to help yourselves.

About The Author:

Ben has been a practical pain management trainer and a celebrated massage therapist. He believes human well-being is deeply connected to the health of mind and body both, including deep tissues. He holds numerous certifications for best of breeds massage techniques helping him on a mission for healthy London and then rest of the world. He has been an active contributor in massage technique research and on Massaggi blog.