Exercise for Rotator Cuff and Shoulder Pain

, Tuesday, 29 October 2019

When you are feeling pain in your shoulder while lifting your arms away from your body it means you are having a problem with your rotator cuff. The Rotator cuff consists of a group of muscles. It keeps your shoulder in a stable position. When you are having severe pain in the rotator cuff area it simply means that you have rotator cuff tendinitis. If you have rotator cuff tendinitis it means you have severe pain. If you have severe pain in your shoulder and occurs with shortness of breath, dizziness, or sweating must call an emergency.

Rotator cuff tendinitis may be due to:

·     Doing a specific work for a long period time.
·     Sleeping on the same arm every night.

·     Playing sports that require you to move your arm over your head.

Rotator cuff and Shoulder Pain

If you have rotator cuff tendinitis, you’ll have severe pain when you lift your arm over your head. You may have pain when you lie on your shoulder. The pain of a rotator cuff can be penetrating. Your shoulder may be weak. You must concern with your doctor the pain of the rotator cuff. If your doctor thinks you have a scratch, you may have an ultrasound or MRI.

A rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons. It allows your shoulder to move and keep your shoulder in a stable form. The most common cause of shoulder pain rotator cuff tendinitis which causes severe pain in the shoulder area. Must take care of your shoulder when it causes severe pain. Make sure you wrap the ice in cloth, so it doesn’t give you frostbite. Take medicine like ibuprofen to reduce pain and swelling.

Once you start feeling less pain you can return to your regular activities.

But if there’s a sign of shoulder pain or if you feel intense pain after falling on your shoulder, you should see a doctor. Try using ice and ibuprofen after exercising. Learn proper exercises to strengthen your muscles.

Exercise for Rotator cuff pain

Rotator cuff pain can only be reduced when you avoid the activities that caused you pain.

  1. You should Exercise for Rotator Cuff and Shoulder Pain to learn to strengthen and relax the muscles of your shoulder.
  2. You can apply ice packs for some time as well.
  3. To reduce the swelling and tenderness you can have medicines like ibuprofen.
  4. Surgery can remove swollen and reddened tissue.
  5. You should rest your shoulder for the next few days and have some exercise daily.
  6. You must learn exercises to stretch and strengthen your shoulder muscles.
  7. Concern a doctor to recommend the best exercises for the rotator cuff.
  8. You must practice keeping your shoulder muscles in their right positions.

 Exercise for Shoulder pain

  1. First, you should put a block of ice on the shoulder for some minutes and then leave it off for some minutes. Don’t put ice directly, wrap the ice in cloth.
  2. Your shoulder should take rest.
  3. Return to your systematic activities.
  4. Taking medicine like Tylenol will reduce pain and swelling.
  5. Learn exercises to stretch and strengthen your muscles.

Causes of Rotator cuff and shoulder pain

Rotator cand shoulder pain may be caused by:

  • Broken shoulder bone.
  • Shoulder Dislocation.
  • Separation of Shoulder.
  • Arthritis in the shoulder joint
  • Frozen shoulder, which occurs when the muscles making movement difficult and painful.
  • Shoulder pain may be due to a problem in another area of the body, such as the neck or lungs.

Concern a Health Care Provider

If you are having severe pain in your shoulder you must take it serious cause most of the time it is a sign of Heart Attack. If you have a pain in your shoulder and if the pain gets so severe must contact an emergency. Must go to the hospital emergency room if your shoulder is very painful, swollen or reddened.

 Call Health Care Provider

  • If you have shoulder pain, dizziness or redness.
  • If you are having a problem moving your shoulders.
  • If you are having severe pain.
  • Swelling of the shoulder.
  • The Skin color of the shoulder changes into red or blue.

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