Frozen Shoulder Treatment And Related Pain

, Sunday, 9 February 2014

Soon, even daily activities become difficult: putting a shirt on, hooking your bra, brushing your hair, opening the upper shelf or reaching out for the object in front of you – anything that involves the use of the affected joints and muscles. Even trying to sleep can be a nightmare as a wrong turn or a single movement can heighten the pain. You may not know it, but you may be experiencing a condition called frozen shoulder.

NST Bowen Therapy: Frozen Shoulder Technique

People who have frozen shoulder can suffer for several months to more than a year or longer if the right treatment regimen is not implemented. Fortunately, there is now a proven approach to heal and treat frozen shoulder fast.

An increasing number of practitioners and therapists are turning to Bowen Therapy, particularly the specialization called Neurostructural Integration Technique or NST as more and more patients report significant pain reduction and a remarkable improvement in their mobility even after just the first treatment phase.

Frozen shoulder sign and symptoms

The most painful stage attacks during the first six to 12 weeks. Your range of motion becomes restricted because you may find that moving, extending, touching or making use of the affected muscles in any way increases the level of pain.

After some time, the pain will gradually ease (although it still won’t go away), but the affected muscles will seem to be completely hard to move for four to six months, hence this stage is called the frozen stage.

Next is the thawing stage, a protracted process lasting for more than a year in which the freezing gradually lets up, allowing you to steadily regain normal range of movement.

NHS conventional treatments

In a lot of cases, doctors won’t be able to identify the cause or associated injury that led to the condition. What is certain is that your overall quality of life and your general state of health can suffer significantly when you have a frozen shoulder. It’s best to seek treatment the moment you notice the symptoms.

Conventional methods of treatment focus on easing the pain and helping regain movement. This can be done through a combination of the following, depending on the patient’s condition: physical therapy, specially designed exercise and stretching routines, moist heat application, taking anti-inflammatory medications and cortisone injections.

To experience the effects, patients and their caregivers should diligently follow the treatment regimen for several months to a few years.

The best treatment for frozen shoulder and pain

Today, the recommended approach toward fast and effective relief is NST. A variant of Bowen Therapy, NST focuses not only on the problematic shoulder but also works with the entire nervous system.

The result is fast, significant (results can be experienced after the first session) and an overall improvement in how the body functions and heals itself. Why suffer for long?

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