Extraordinary Sports Massage Techniques Which Will Change The Game

, Thursday, 14 August 2014

As such, many athletes and their coaches and trainers pay close attention to training, diet, recovery and even mental conditioning. When two competitors square off in an arena, the advantage usually goes to those who have invested greatly in preparation.

However, it is not uncommon for athletes, whether they are weekend warriors or elite ones, to be side-lined by injuries. There are debilitating injuries that can end careers. But fairly common are those injuries that persist and affect the performance of even top-level athletes.

Sports therapy is the best method to improve blood circulation, enhance self-awareness and rehabilitate the soft tissues of the body. We all know that sportsmen have tensed muscles and joints due to the physical effort they have to make during their practice.

Sports massage sessions can help them improve their personal performance and train more efficiently. At Massaggi, you can find a professional therapist who masters the  London’s best sports massage techniques and will use them in order to help you relieve muscles pain and improve your flexibility.

Different types of sports massage therapy

Your therapist use different approaches, each with its own particularities and positive effects, so don’t be surprised if two sports massage sessions have nothing in common. Everything is done for the sake of the client and of the desired results.

But let’s see what the different techniques are and how they work:

  • One type of massage therapy lasts no more than forty-five minutes is usually done before physical training to prevent excessive fatigue and muscles injuries. All sportsmen are bound to improve their performances if they take a short sports massage session before making any physical effort. This type of massage is known as pre-event sports massage therapy.
  • Another type of massage is known under the name of restorative sports massage and can make tensed joints and muscles relax and reduce any possible pain after training sessions.
  • Emmett sports massage (ESM) sessions can help reduce any physical pain if injuries occur during training or performance. It can also reduce the recovery time and the stiffness in the muscles and joints.


How can sports therapy help you?

This type of massage can improve visibly your performance and physical shape, especially if you are an athlete. There are several advantages and positive effects of sports massage such as:

  • Relieving tensed muscles and joints
  • Rehabilitating tendons and muscles
  • Oxidizing the human soft tissue
  • Reducing blood pressure and heart rate
  • Improving the flow of the lymph
  • Alleviating muscles and joints pain
  • Improving muscles flexibility
  • Strengthening the body’s resistance
  • Eliminating toxic substances from the muscle fibers.

It is to be mentioned that sports massage is quite different from a normal massage due to the fact that it stimulates the inner part of the muscles and helps all the tissues relax after any physical effort. Besides, the sports therapist must press harder on specific points to reduce stiffness and tension in the muscles and joints.


Sports massage therapy can help anyone who suffers from any physical pain and tensed muscles. However, there are cases when sports massage is not recommended such as:

  1. Presence of an open wound
  2. Artificial blood vessel
  3. Ruptures in tendons or muscles
  4. Tumors or bursitis

Any active person who practices sports should take advantage of the several health benefits that sports massage therapy provides for the human body and mind.

Massage is a suitable solution to a host of problems faced by today’s athletes including muscle ‘knots’, spasms, long term tension in trigger points, less than efficient movement patterns, muscle tension, myofascial meridians, muscular imbalance, and postural problems. Unlike other treatments available, ESM does not hurt. ESM is also a bespoke treatment.

This means that instead of getting the same sports massage treatment as your teammates, you’ll get a unique treatment based on the therapist’s assessment of your medical history, anatomy and neuro-muscular blockages.

Running is a method of terrestrial locomotion allowing humans to move rapidly

Many also rely on orthotics to attain balance and stability. ESM addresses the need for optimal communication between the brain, the spinal cord and muscles which are essential to improve running. In turn, this allows an athlete to run more frequently and safer and even improve performance. This is attained by resetting an athlete’s.

Reset master points feel the lighter and more flexible

How does ESM stack against conventional sports techniques used by sportsmen? In a study involving 10 runners and tri-athletes divided into two groups, one for ESM and another for conventional therapies, the difference was astounding.

Those that underwent ESM therapy reported a 70 percent increase in muscular elasticity and lightness while the other group reported only a 10 percent improvement. But apart from that, the latter group reported pain and tightness in their biceps, quadriceps and other muscles. Finally, the best advantage of ESM over conventional techniques is that the results are consistent and reproducible.

Ben has been a practical pain management trainer and a celebrated massage therapist. He believes human well-being is deeply connected to the health of mind and body both, including deep tissues. He holds numerous certifications for best of breeds massage techniques helping him on a mission for healthy London and then rest of the world. He has been an active contributor in massage technique research and on Massaggi blog.