Massage Soothe Away The Stresses Of City Living

, Monday, 13 August 2018

For those passionate who always think about organic health for mind and body, massage is one of the ways to keep it alive. Massage is one of the most powerful forms of external modality to submerge yourself in spiritual and emotional balance.

If you’re suffering from a muscular pain, a sports injury, back pain, lower back pain, stiff neck and shoulders or heavy feet, you may benefit from a session of one of the treatments in our portfolio:

  • It heals the muscular state of body
  • Removes the energy clogging points
  • Ease up the pain and calms the mind

Massages as a part of a healthy lifestyle

The session at a Massaggi, London is not only about the massage therapist and patient. It is more about educating the value of posture, lifestyle, and relaxation. Ben Pianese, our massage therapist has over a decade of experience on giving customized massage treatments to hundreds of clients with long-lasting benefits. Chronic or non-chronic, he believes in dealing with the source of pain rather scratching the surface. This attitude has led him to get himself featured in leading dailies of the United Kingdom such as The Huffingtonpost, The Guardian etc.

We at Massaggi are always hard at work to give our client high level of customer services. Through our app, it is super easy to book a session at one of our three treatment centers at Marylebone,Islington, and Wigmore Street. The mobile app gives you instant booking experiences. Our customer loyalty program helps us to create exciting offers for beloved customer time to time.

Techniques that promote calmness and ease tension

Our expertise are in several type and form of massage which includes: Sports Massage, NST Bowen Therapy (spinal therapy), Emmett Technique, Reconnective healing, manual lymphatic drainage, pregnancy massage, Thai yoga massage, head massage, Kahuna massage (Lomi Lomi Massage), deep tissue massage. You can check out check out our blog section to get very informative pieces of advice on the above-mentioned topic, which will help in general to choose the right kind of massage therapy.

Discover a new you

All the listed  treatments can be used as standalone or mixed with other to suit a particular treatment for some special symptoms. As a clinic, we first do a comprehensive analysis before going for the treatment. Usually, the cycle should go from symptom type to treatment type but not the other way around where you ask them to do a specific massage. It lacks the direction of healing and also provides a short-lived relaxation which never bring results. Our portfolio of treatments which already makes us one of the best massage London clinic offers a full range of scientific and old oriental techniques are part of a deep clinical research.

These treatments help:

  • Mobility,
  • Back pain,
  • Hunched back,
  • Shoulder misalignment,
  • Stress and sleep disorder,

Massaggi treatments help restore optimal function of the body after osteopathy, chiropractic or physiotherapy treatments. The results of all of the best massage and therapies treatments are phenomenal. From the heart of the London where we operate, we continue to thrive for better practices in treatments.

Best for… choice

A testament to the effectiveness of Massaggi is the number of repeat clients and referrals we get in our massage clinics in London. This means our clientele base is growing mainly from the satisfied feedback from the very people who have experienced first-hand the benefits of best treatments that get results, thanks to the healing hands of a personable, passionate therapist Ben Pianese.

Why schedule a session?

When was the last time you went for a vacation where you had the chance to relax your mind, body and soul? The answer will leave you perplexed as we are hurried towards peace and professional work. And none of them work. A massage  session is just like a mini vacation, it costs less, but the benefits are much higher. It just makes sense to take a pause amid the rush and head out to the nearest clinic so you can address the pains and discomforts you suffer from and fine-tune your body to work according to its best performance.

Convenient booking: online or offline

To schedule an appointment, you can simply call 020 7226 4502 or use the online booking feature using your computer, Apple, Android and other devices.

Top 3 reasons to choose Massaggi

  1. Affordability: Gone are the days when massage meant to be taken in a business lounge or luxurious spa. Massaggi offers treatment, therapy and relaxation massage in convenient hourly pricing. If want more value of your spending, check our vouchers section. You can Win A FREE Massage too.
  2. Value: If you’re seeking for a muscular pain relief, don’t wait for it to get worse. Getting a massage from an experienced and highly trained professional will benefit you in the long-term. Not to mention the benefits of relaxation and reduced muscular pain.
  3. Relaxation: Nothing beats a peace of mind and a free flow of your body movement. The best reason to get a massage.
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Ben has been a practical pain management trainer and a celebrated massage therapist. He believes human well-being is deeply connected to the health of mind and body both, including deep tissues. He holds numerous certifications for best of breeds massage techniques helping him on a mission for healthy London and then rest of the world. He has been an active contributor in massage technique research and on Massaggi blog.