How Massage For Pain Relief Can Help

, Friday, 1 July 2016

When a machine breaks down, an expert repairman can replace worn-out and broken parts and have it up and running again, like new. But what if it’s your body that breaks down?

Your body does not come with either a manual or replaceable parts. Over time, the demands of work and home life can take a toll on your body and mind. You can either choose to ignore those aches and pains and let them impede your productivity, as well as the quality of time spent with your loved ones, or you can take greater control of your body and your life.

Massage for pain relief service: Managing chronic pain

London’s outstanding pain-relief massage service employs progressive massage treatments designed to alleviate stress, speed up healing, and revitalise energies; plus, revolutionary techniques used in physiotherapy that restore posture, ease pain, and even boost running, among many other positive results.

Traditional massage for pain relief and chronic pain has been, for centuries, used for wide-ranging health-related purposes. These include:

  • Pain relief
  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Stress reduction
  • Anxiety
  • Management of depression
  • Improve well-being

In most countries, it may even be used as part of alternative and complementary medicine.

Massage Why Massaggi Here, we understand that the needs of an athlete will differ greatly from those of a housewife, a busy executive or a pop singer. But whatever those needs are, be they to achieve a serene state, relieve pain or even improve sports performance, Massaggi offers a wide suite of the London massage therapy pain relief service treatments that can be tailored to each individual client to realise those goals.

Ben Pianese, our founder and a long-time practitioner of many breakthrough therapies, can lead you to techniques that deliver the positive results that your body seeks. He offers the best massage service that can revitalise energies, speed up healing, and alleviate stress; likewise, he also practises physiotherapy solutions that ease pain, restore posture, boost physical activity, and so much more.

Massage for chronic pain – treatments consultation

During consultation, you will be asked a series of questions that can help will shed light on your medical history, including past or present injuries or traumas. Awareness of your current state will lead to a more personalised treatment that will, in turn, lead to the achievement of your desired result as well as overall improvement in your health and well-being.

What sort of massage should I try?

There are different types of massage treatments  designed for a specific set of chronic or acute aches and pain. A good place to star is:

Therapeutic massage: utilises Swedish techniques that promote calmness, ease tension and allow individuals to release tentsion.

Deep tissue massage: is a preventive type of ener therapy that unlocks muscle restrictions through the combination of pulling, long strokes and a good pressure

Relaxin massage:  can achieve both tranquillity and overall wellness through a course of massage programmes.

Head Massage: on the other hand, remedies a variety of conditions including stiff neck, migraine, back pains, temporo-mandibular joint pain, even long-term emotional problems through subtle massage manoeuvres.

Not only massage as natural pain relief

Apart from these, Massaggi has gained recognition for Ben Pianese’s ground-breaking techniques culled from his extensive study of traditional and contemporary therapies. In turn, his knowledge and expertise has earned him a reputation as an expert in resolving common back and shoulder problems as well as hip and back pain.

Ben Pianese’s specialisations include the Emmett Technique and Neurostructural Integration Bowen Therapy. Used in conjunction with physiotherapy and occupational therapy, the Emmett Technique can reset a person’s energetic structural balance while restoring posture and easing pain and tension.

Massage treatment a remedy from chronic pain

Beyond offering a comprehensive range of massage deals in London and pain relieve therapies services, Massaggi’s clientele continues to grow through the achievement of favourable outcomes for each individual’s condition. With multiple clinical trials showing that massage therapy can be beneficial for treating chronic low-back pain, chronic neck pain, and even alleviate the pain and improve the mood of cancer patients, traditional massage therapy can offer healing beyond the sprains and strains.

The founder of Massaggi, Ben Pianese — a long-time practitioner and expert in many therapies including the highly specialized Emmett Technique, believes that by introducing you to a “profound level of deep relaxation,” you’ll be able to achieve such a serene muscular relaxation state that you can and will overcome whatever challenges come your way. Indeed, even the slightest bit of pressure at work or at home will seem like blips on your stress radar.

Facilitate mind calm and body relaxation

Each treatment employed by your experienced massage therapist is meant to give you a unique, holistic experience where your mind and body are in perfect balance.

Different therapies for different body problems

Massaggi uses a range of remedial, relaxation, and structural massage therapy treatments — each one designed for a specific set of problems and meant to deliver positive results. The premier London massage therapy pain-relief service’s uses Swedish massage techniques to promote calmness, ease tension, and help you concentrate better.

The Thai Yoga massage, meanwhile, is a preventative type of energetic therapy that works to unlock your muscle restrictions through pulling, stretching, and rotating, allowing you to improve flexibility.

Massaggi also offers pregnancy massage programmes to help expecting mums achieve tranquility and ultimate wellness throughout. Pianese’s pain-relief centre also provides Sensorial Head Massage™, which uses subtle massage manoeuvres to lightly tap into certain sensorial points to ease those migraines, stiff necks, TMJ (tempero mandibular joint) pains, back pains, long-term emotional problems, and even encourage hair growth, if your hair happens to be getting thinner by the year.

You can also arrange a sports massage designed for athletes and active individuals, the Kahuna Hawaiian (LomiLomi) massage, which promotes spiritual as well as physical healing — or you could choose to go with Massaggi’s truly revolutionary treatments, from the bespoke Full Body Optimization and Recalibration™ technique to recalibrate your neuromuscular system and regulate your structural balance to the Emmett Technique, a pain therapy to restore your posture and resolve debilitating back and shoulder pains.

Holistic healing and total wellness

Massaggi’s list of clientele is testament to the power and success of its massage treatments as well as its range of specialised therapies designed for specific pain relief. But offering a more comprehensive range of massage therapy in London city isn’t the only reason why Massaggi London pain-relief service is achieving the kind of favourable outcomes it has been achieving for its clients.

Experience deep relaxation

Massaggi’s approach to holistic healing and total wellness is also reinforced by its surroundings. There is a conscious effort here to provide you with the most tranquil of environments so that whatever troubles you physically, spiritually, or emotionally, Massaggi will be able to help you achieve a sense of inner peace and that you can regain your lost energy and zest for life.

Restore posture and ease chronic pain

In addition the methodical and holistic approach to healing, the reputable massage therapy service also relies on its groundbreaking treatments, particularly where chonich pain management is concerned. After all, Ben Pianese, Massaggi founder and distinguished practitioner of wide-ranging therapies, has studied and researched for some 19 years on a variety of techniques — both traditional and contemporary. Pianese’s extensive knowledge and acquired skills has enabled the reputable practitioner to specialise in resolving common back and shoulder problems, hip pain, back pain.

Book an appointment online withLondon’s best massage pain-relief service which can be effective for reaching new levels of flexibility, efficient use of body energies, and for resetting spinal communication. You can also call in or visit any of Massaggi’s clinics around London — massage places from Islington to Marylebone. So you’ll be well on your way toward rejuvenation and healing.

Ben has been a practical pain management trainer and a celebrated massage therapist. He believes human well-being is deeply connected to the health of mind and body both, including deep tissues. He holds numerous certifications for best of breeds massage techniques helping him on a mission for healthy London and then rest of the world. He has been an active contributor in massage technique research and on Massaggi blog.