Top 10 Must Visit Places For Massage In London

, Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Get relief from chronic pain, relax your body and mind, discover a new YOU!

What if I told you the secret to healthy mind and body?

If you are reading this chances are…

You are experiencing low levels of energy.

You feel lethargic.

You feel exhausted all the time.

Your muscles are tensed and taut.

You experience mood swings and feel frustrated.

Whoever you are, whatever you do in life, I have a GOOD NEWS for you.

Just Imagine…

If I told you about the best place massage in London

Or about a massage that rubs your cares away?

That not only relaxes your body but also your mind?

That improves your moods and BOOSTS your energy levels?

That helps you FOCUS more and increase your PRODUCTIVITY?

Take advantage of the best place massage in London specifically designed to relax you and take care of your pain in a way no one else understands.

Stop suffering in silence. You work so hard to deliver the best results for your business, ask yourself, don’t you deserve a little time for yourself?

Shouldn’t you first take care of YOURSELF before you set out to help others?

Allow yourself a break, because you are worth it.

And the best place to start is finding yourself a great massage place in London.

So, Kick off your slippers, put your feet up, be ready to be soothed and let the massage treatments work their magic on you.

Let the professionals’ magical hands work their way through your body, make you forget about stress.

Get help you relieve pain and body aches that you have been bearing for years.

Panorama: London eye, Big bang, London bridge

Why de-stressing is IMPORTANT while living in London?

As we all know London is a global hub when it comes to technology and financial services, hence its one of the busiest and not to mention the most exciting cities in the world.

Hence, coping in the fast-paced city’s life could get OVERWHELMING.
So whether you are working in a financial department, or running a theatre somewhere in the city or just exploring the busy streets of London, you could be stressed out whether you like or not.

So basically you have two choices, either you keep on complaining about the stress you go through each day (stress could be in any form, even parking your car on a busy stress could be a source of stress for you or stress at work) either way, you have to find out ways to improve your overall well being and de-stress.

One of the tried and tested ways to boost your energy level, rejuvenate, calm your nerves so that you are able to create a healthy balance between work and daily life is by booking a massage from a reliable spa or a club.

By dedicating just one hour of a day to yourself, you’ll return to you city life more charged, relaxed, bursting with energy, ready to face new challenges.

While Londoners can’t stop the stress and challenges the busy life of a city brings with it, what they can do is they can look for ways to keep themselves energized and healthy.

After all life isn’t all about work hard/play hard only, one should also ensure that there’s some time for relaxation, too, a relaxed person always perform well in every department of life, where as a person who’s always lethargic and has low energy levels tend to show poor performance and pass negative vibes.

The potential benefits of massage are plenty; some of them are as follows,

  • Source to reduce stress: A relaxing day at the spa getting yourself a soothing massage is a great way to de-stress and unwinds
  • Improve blood irculation: Muscle relaxation and loosening tendons support increased blood flow throughout the body.
  • Reduce chronic pain: Massage therapy is known to work out problem areas such as chronic lower back pain, and stiffness.
  • Go to a professional therapist, he/she will help figuring out the source of your chronic pain and provide.
  • Choose the perfect massage regimen in order to reduce and in some cases eliminate the pain forever.
  • Eliminate toxins: Massage tends to stimulate the soft tissue of your body which helps release toxin from your body through the blood.
  • Improve flexibility: Massage therapy will greatly loosen and relax your muscles, which as a result will improve your body’s flexibility.
  • Improve sleep: Massages are known to encourage relaxation and improve your mood.
  • Massage relax your mind and body, loosened muscles will encourage peaceful sleep and you will feel a lot better and less tried in the morning!
  • Enhance immunity: Massage therapies are known to boost the body’s natural defense system due to the stimulation of the lymph nodes.
  • Reduce fatigue: Massage therapy is known to boost your mood and promote peaceful sleep, you feel more relaxed, and less worn out at the end of each day.
  • Improve mood swings: Since after massage you will feel relaxed and energetic, this will improve your mood swings too, you will find yourself less crankier and angry.

No matter what is your profession or your lifestyle in London, there’s massage therapy for you.

In case you are wondering…

Massage therapist performing therapeutic massage in London spa

Do I even need a massage therapy?

Energizing Massage: Are you committed to a 9-5 job in an office, and like to spend your nights partying hard? You can try the “Energizing Massage” on a Saturday morning so that you have a blast on the weekend.

  • Reflexology Massage: If you are a jet-lagged tourist, Reflexology massage is for you. Walking all day long, sightseeing, exploring different parts of a London city can leave any tourist exhausted. So taking advantage of a Reflexology Massage is highly recommended for you. There are some places that even offer you the massaging therapy to your hotel room for your convenience so that you have a more pleasant and soothing experience.
  • Sports Massage: if you want to protect yourself against injury as you train for the London Marathon, then, stretching out sore muscles, with a weekly post gym Sports Massage is a must for you.
  • Restorative Pregnancy Massage: Expecting a new little Londoner into your life? Soon going to be a yummy mummy? Treat yourself with this supportive Restorative Pregnancy Massage, or gift this to mummies-to-be for the first time, as they need all the pampering and spoiling in the world.

You are a massage lover but don’t know where to get a massage in London. No worries! We are here to help you to find the top place for massage in London city.

Each person should devote at least some time to pamper himself. After all, sometimes you need to relax from everyday stresses and tensions. If you feel that too much has accumulated on your shoulders, you should seriously think about relaxation. You can enjoy a massive number of different procedures, from ayurvedic methods of Indian medicine to Swedish massage or hot stone therapy.

Hence, in this post we are compiling the best spas and studios for massages in London, pick up any location that best caters to your needs.

Best place massage in London to give you the TLC you so DESERVE!

Best Massage for the Ultimate Relaxation- COMO Shambhala Massage at COMO Shambhala Urban Escape

Located at Mayfair, a perfect place for those escaping daily life grind!

If you don’t avail of this massage you will miss out on a great deal. This is a MUST to have a massage, avail it at least once in a lifestyle.

The massage is perfect for those people who want to experience complete peace of mind or require quieting their meddlesome minds.

This is a luxury one must indulge in if they can afford it. Situated at Park Lane, in a quiet corner of the COMO metropolitan hotel, this massage therapy will prove to be a great escape for those looking forward to escape from pressures of city life.

Their focus is providing the best possible massage therapies for body and face. The minimalist and extremely comfortable interior of the massage parlor ensures full comfort, peaceful sanctuary and clean-lined experience for those looking forward to having a relaxing time.

Upon entering the place you’re welcomed with a revitalizing cup of ginger tea, to maintain peace and tranquility you are ushered in your treatment room that too in gentle tones.

The interior found in a treatment room is sleek and minimalist.

The focus here is not luxury or letting you snuggle in some super luxurious fluffy robes, but to let you experience life-long wellness, pausing, and taking a break from your super hectic lifestyle.

Though, I must inform you that the robes are super soft to the skin and most comfortable.

Their signature massage costs you around £110 for 60 minutes and £125 for 75, but every penny is worth the soothing experience.

The professional hands with the long, assured strokes and all the right moves, knowing when and which pressure points to press, moving will full rhythm, along the entire length of your body, working their magic, create the most sensational, trance-like feeling which you would never have experienced before.

Massage therapist performing shoulder massage in spa London

Best massage for releasing stress – aromatherapy body massage at Decléor

Located at Westbourne, this is a perfect deal for Aromatherapy enthusiasts.

The cozy little spa is located at Westbourne Grove beneath Decléor’s swish shop.

This spa tucked is an ideal choice for anyone looking forward to a relaxing massage that ensures all their knots are kneaded well while they indulge in the pure luxury of deliciously smelling floral scents.

It’s an in-store spa with only one branch in London, but it ensures a completely soothing and cozy environment with just the right amount of low-lit cozy nooks.

The luxury brand offers to its customers the softest towels and the most calming sounds that ensure that they get the best out of their visit to the spa.

All the products used at Decleor are based on essential oils and hence the brand prides itself on being the best aromatherapy specialist in the vicinity of London. To unlock the benefits of their special Aromatherapy body massage one has to spend £65 for an hour which isn’t a bad deal at all considering the nice ambiance, experts working on your body, the money is worth the luxury being offered here.

You can even get an additional benefit from tailoring your massage to meet your specific requirements. For instance, you can opt for one of their treatments add-on staring from £10 which will particularly target your problem areas.

The famous football quarterback, Alex Smith, defines his Aromatherapy massage experience as “Your nose will certainly thank you for the experience and your back will no doubt surrender to the heated massage beds. Mmm.”

Best massage to pamper yourself- deep tissue massage with Amy Moffat at The Refinery

Located at South Hackney, the massage is perfect for anyone who needs a bit of love and pampering. 

Prior to starting your treatment of tissue massage, the professionals at this wellness studio make sure that you get a full-body consultation in order to better cater to your needs.

The whole experience is phenomenal, you get to stand in a dark room with your therapist and tell her about all your real pain and aches, (and some imagery, just for a little fun). The therapist examines you, tenderly yet thoroughly, taking into consideration even a minute detail related to your body, so that she tailors the session based on your specific needs. And honestly speaking who doesn’t like the attention, who doesn’t like to be pampered? If this is you, trying this wellness studio is mandatory for you.

If I talk about my personal experience, this is the very first time any therapist had me feel truly known, and aware of my own needs. The experience was more of self-exploration and honestly, I didn’t know even your ankles could be a source of such intense pleasure?

The massages were just slow, soothing and most satisfying yet firm to the deep tissues. Everything done so professionally and expertly on the table leaves you in awe.

The luxury costs you £65 and the money is worth for every knot that is unknotted, parts of the body that have never been touched before come back to life with a powerful massage. If not anything, you will find yourself transformed.

Massage clients performing ice therapy for knee pain

Best injury massage – sports massage at Massaggi

Located at Marylebone, Islington & Wigmore Street, your ONE STOP for all types of massage treatments, optimal health and overall wellness!

Massaggi as the name suggests itself is the best place in London when it comes to treatment massages.

They have a complete range of different types of massage therapies and let me assure you all are equally soothing and effective.

However, I personally would like to highly recommend the Sports massage at Massaggi.

Massaggi is one of the best massage places in London that specialize in massage therapies.

Wondering why?
This is the best sports massage that can fix complex postural, musculoskeletal and spinal conditions.

What is sports massage

Sports massage is best for those having an active lifestyle or athletes to prevent them from injuries and help recover from workouts and injuries.

How does it work?

The massage therapy prepares the body for athletic activity and maintains it in a favorable condition so that an athlete or sportsman performs better.

What makes it beneficial?

The body of an athlete can have a negative impact such as DOMS (delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness) in the long run if it’s not rested well. The negative impact of these physiological injuries can build up unnecessary fatigue and stress in the body that result in a reduction in blood pressure.

Why should you invest your money in sports massage, why not a regular massage? What’s the difference?

Many people go to spas without knowing the difference between these two massages and get a regular massage when their body is in dire need of a sports massage. And no wonder they end up disappointed when they don’t feel any difference.

As the name suggests itself, a deep tissue massage is tailored to work on the deeper layer tissues in the body; it works on all the tissue layers that lay on top of the muscle, not on the muscle itself. The therapist only works on these layers, but not so deep like that in a sports massage.

The deep tissue massage is still effective to take care of and release any newly formed pain, small knots or work on stiff muscles.

The deep tissue massage doesn’t deal with any major physiological ailments, because these big tension knots are developed over time due to exertion build-up or injury, for this, you need services from a specially trained sports massage therapist.

The sports massage specialist has deep; more specified medical knowledge. he/she needs this knowledge in order to expertly and safely work on your muscles, being extra cautious and making sure he/she doesn’t further damage any fragile tissue.

Who qualifies for the sports massage?

Sports massage has become a must for all the athletes; its importance in an athlete’s life is so much that it has almost become a part of their athletic regime.

Furthermore, those people can also reap the benefits of sports massage who participate in high-performance sports as the regular treatment provides them strength and flexibility that’s necessary for any sportsman or athlete to excel.

This effective therapy is designed in a way that it not only cures muscular ailments but also its deep massage technique helps prevents severe injury.

Massaggi offers massage therapy for everyone whether you are a swimmer, boxer, or just a regular athlete; it caters to everyone’s individual needs. In fact, Massaggi offers extensive body-profiling especially to assess areas that are highly prone to injury and address those stiff and problematic areas in the body.

Don’t mistake sports massage, a massage only for athletes, those people who are engaged in physically challenging jobs can also take full advantage of the massage and get indulged in a luxury that will completely put their bodies as well as their minds at ease.

The profiling offered by Massaggi just shows that each and every individual is important for the professionals and they take special care to tailor their massage therapy based on an individual’s specific needs.

The profiling benefits in the exploration of tight, taut muscles, muscle fatigue and any build up stress.

Sports massaging technique has helped many sportsmen and athletes geared towards a healthy and fit body, why can’t it help you?

Unlock success by becoming a better, healthy version of yourself, everything’s in your hands and within your excess, so what are you waiting for? Call to book an appointment now to create a difference in your life.

Massage client on massage table gaining body relaxation after and intensive sports massage session

Sports massage – what’s so special about it?

  • Proper consultation is done to check medical history in order to find out any muscular irregularity that hasn’t been properly treated or treated at all.
  • The therapist will use a soft tissue technique to find out your pain points of fatigue or failure.
  • Myofascial release techniques will be applied to improve muscle flexibility and range of motion which will result in instant improvement in power and performance.
  • The sports massage done by the expert will also help in reducing metabolic by products of exercise.
  • The therapist will help in management of pain by regulating trigger points.

Massaggi sports specialist will work on muscle tightness, chronic shoulder, back and neck pain, strains and stains.

Bottom line
There’s a fine line between working the muscles and inflicting more injury! Hence getting a sports massage done by the professionals who are qualified to offer these specialized massages is highly recommended. It’s always a good practice to ask the therapist who’s to perform an injury massage if he/she is qualified to perform the task, in fact, I advise you to ask this very question prior to making a booking.

With Massaggi you are in safe hands, who understand your needs more than you.

Best immersive massage – the good hour at Lush Spa

Located at Oxford Street, a perfect massaging place for spa skeptics.

So, if you’re looking forward to relax yourself and someone special in your life, this is the place for you.
“Immersive” is the word I would like to use to describe my experience of the Lush Spa treatments.

The massaging treatment has the ability to transport you to another world with another reality and to a totally different sense of space and time, different than your exiting world.

During the treatment, you find yourself totally immersed in another world, and feel as if the clock has stopped ticking and time just seems to slow down during the treatment, while you find yourself completely lost in the soothing music, taking in the scents and every minute detail in the environment.

There’s so much thought and consideration that has been put into a single treatment that almost no detail is left out.
Every massage offered in this spa has its own dedicated theme, individual massaging technique and hence a dedicated soundtrack.

So much thought has been put into the treatments and no detail is left out. Each spa treatment has an individual technique, its own soundtrack and has its own trademark features from scent to products that are used
The treatment is 70 minutes long, deep tissue massage directed towards relieving any form of stress and tension in the body. Now let me warn you this treatment is firm pressure. Your therapist will massage you with a firm technique throughout the massage, to release any build-up of tension by focusing on Trigger points.

The massage technique is based on a unique theme; it revolves around the idea of being on a sailor’s ship with the sound of rippling waves being played in the background and the tug of ropes on a sailors ship. The idea behind this unique technique is to make you feel as if you are being firmly pulled and stretched out like a rope.

As weird as the idea may sound to you, but, but please trust me, it definitely works!

Pure luxury massage – personalised body massage at Four Seasons Spa

Located at Mayfair, perfect for those adventurous souls

The spa is positioned on the 10th floor, with some mind-blowing views. The spa is quite airy, light and inviting.

The spa has some superb staff but even better views than its almost seems a shame that you’ll be lying face down for your massage instead of just enjoying the exotic views the place has to offer.

Everything is perfectly adjusted according to your body’s need at the spa from the pressure to the oil you choose while the professional therapist makes their best effort to make it as relaxing and tension free experience for you so that all the pain is kneaded from your back, arms, legs, and problem areas.

The spa’s management is thoughtful enough to install compact hydro and heat facilities for the customers to ensure that they stay relaxed at all times – pre and post-treatment.

However, the facilities and treatment rooms are separate for men and women and the waiting room is the coziest and inviting one done in neutral tones characterized by splashes of red to give it extra warmth.

The sky suite, overlooking Hyde Park is the best deal for couples as it gives them a chance to accompany each other on their relaxing journey. This place in the spa is the most premium one, as it has floor to ceiling views, with its own steam room, seating space along with two treatment beds.


Massage spa in London, massage therapist serving hot tea

Best for tensed people – Agua advanced bodywork massage at Agua Spa

Located at Fitzrovia, best for those who need to be pushed into a relaxing massage

This is probably the massage I ever had in my life. But let me warn you, You have to speak in a soft whisper while you’re in at the Agua spa. The Agua Advanced Bodywork massage costs around £100 but the soothing massage is really worth every penny you spend on it. You will find the experience so gratifying that soon you will find yourself in a much more calm and relaxed state of mind as if you have entered another world, which is free of from any stress or worries. The waiting room at the spa looks almost as if you come to your honeymoon suite as you sit comfortably on loungers around a water feature, waiting for your turn.

The treatment rooms are all done in white, give equally cloud-like ambiance and each masseuse spends almost 50 minutes massaging and rubbing, making sure all the stress is from shedding off from your shoulders, back and legs, running a hot rock across the skin and thoroughly massing all your body. The phenomenal experience will leave you up in the clouds, too (well, metaphorically).

Malay massage at Ushvani

Located at Chelsea, the perfect massaging place for stressed Londoners

The massaging place offers the best South Asian inspired treatments. The petite spa has the most peaceful and relaxed ambiance. The spa features seven luxurious massage therapies for you to choose from, you can even avail a pool or a steam room if you have plenty of time.

The full 90-minute Malay Massage will cost you around £180, which is a great tension releaser, also the massage emphasizes on toning and stretching, with an added benefit of a soothing coconut oil face massage, and a sweetened cup of tea with winter melon, after the massage, all the way from Malaysia. They taste so yummy, that you can’t resist them.

Best place massage in London

Best massage for a quick fix – Color therapy massage at Away Spa

Located at Leicester Square, perfect massage therapy for those who need a quick fix.

Are you a stressed Londoner who is looking forward to a quick fix or instant gratification? Want to quickly get hold of wellness into their busy schedules, then this color therapy massage treatment at Away Spa will be best for you.

This is a light, bright and colorful massage done quickly at a short interval without you having to make some serious changes into your routine life.

The treatment is designed to give your exhausted body and mind what it so desires. At the start of treatment, you are asked to select your lucky color or the one which seems to work for you. As they believe each and every color is associated with emotion and strong-scented oil which will be used during your massage therapy which leaves you feeling calm and relaxed, prepared to tackle all the challenges that life hauls at you every day.

Where to get the best massage in Westminster

Located in the park plaza Westminster Bridge London, the first Mandara Spa in the UK offers a relaxing getaway from the hustle and bustle of the South Bank. Close your eyes and listen to the soft drip of the water fountain with black stones while enjoying a massage or a beauty treatment in this modern balinese-inspired environment. The spa offers the best treatments and products of Mandara Spa, face and body therapy Elemis, and manicure and hair removal cnd.

Among the calm and fluent, the atmosphere of this city center, the treatments are made with natural minerals, which enrich, aromatic oils, cozy and a range of gems, soothing or active – bringing you the best and most advanced beauty technology.

The black gold local experience award includes one of the following treatments: hot stone massage (whole body) – 60 minutes; or deluxe beauty – 60 minutes.

Massage client waiting for the train in central London.

Where to get the best massage in Mayfair

We suggest you try a massage in Beaumont Hotel. Beaumont’s luxurious hotel offers an art deco elegance that has become synonymous with Mayfair, making it one of the most sought-after hotels in the neighborhood. The theme continues in the spa, where the white marble walls and pure minimalism give you the feeling that you have entered a restorative shelter. Order a hammam, massage or facial treatments or inspect objects, including a warm marble slab and freezer pool.

Best place massage in London: things to know before you go

Trying to figure out which massage will best suit your needs? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. Here, you will find answers to all the questions you ever wanted to ask.

How long does a massage take?

Every massage is different, and so are you, so how much time will each massage take will boil down to the type of massage treatment you need.

Some massages will only target problem areas of your body and may only require 30 minutes of your time, such as the back aromatherapy massage. While other massages such as a full-body deep-tissue may take 60 minutes max

What are the possible side effects of massage?

As such therapy massages don’t have any side effects, in fact, You’ll feel more relaxed, and have increased energy levels; you will feel as though you’ve just returned from a relaxing vacation, without having any spent any time or money.

On a serious note, it depends on what massage you’re opted for. For some massages, like a sports or deep-tissue massage, you may feel experience slight discomfort or pain afterward. But again this is quite normal and expected, and your therapist will probably explain everything to you before getting started. Rest assured, with all massages, there are no side effects, whatsoever, however, there’s a strong possibility of you having the desire to book another treatment soon.

What type of massage is right for you?

Choosing which type of massage you want to treat yourself to you really depends on how you want to feel after the massage. For example, if your body suffers from chronic pain, you may get benefit from a deep-tissue massage, as it will take care of all the problematic areas.

However, if you’re more interested in pampering yourself and get relief from stress, then we highly recommend you an aromatherapy massage. There are plenty of deals; massage options available to choose from, just go with one that resonates with your budget and specific needs.

Final words

Destress yourself; invest in yourself and most importantly, take out time to look after yourself, and the best massages in London are one of the best ways to do just that. There are many types of massages for healing, insomnia, ultimate relaxation, pregnancy, injury, and mindfulness, go with the one that better caters to your needs.

Ben has been a practical pain management trainer and a celebrated massage therapist. He believes human well-being is deeply connected to the health of mind and body both, including deep tissues. He holds numerous certifications for best of breeds massage techniques helping him on a mission for healthy London and then rest of the world. He has been an active contributor in massage technique research and on Massaggi blog.