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, Sunday, 27 November 2022

Massage therapy, shamanism, aromatherapy, energy healing, and other types of therapies have been practised since ancient times. For example, after a long day at work, people would rub oil on their bodies to help them relax.

In today’s world, massage therapists, osteopaths, and physiotherapists use a variety of techniques to assist people in releasing tension and relieving pain.

This post will include some of the reviews from people who have improved their muscular bodies and become more balanced in their lives as a result of visiting Massaggi in the years 2022 and beyond.

We are grateful to meet people on a regular basis who contribute their time and energy to making themselves and the world a better place.

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Ben is incredibly thoughtful, talented and precise. I keep coming back bc the experience is truly tailored to my needs and Ben makes me feel 100% comfortable, safe and heard. Very thankful to have found him and would recommend to anyone looking for massage therapy (especially those with a goal of long term pain relief).

Sarah Zahri


I cannot stress enough how amazing Ben is. I have been weightlifting/bodybuilding for over 10 years and have struggled to find someone who can provide effective treatment. After reading the reviews, I gave it a shot, and all I can say is – it really is all true. Ben was able to dissect my issues, biomechanically, and provide amazing treatment. I went in with a back-spasm which I had for over 4 weeks, and it was not recovering – within 2 sessions with Ben, I was already recovering, and have since entirely recovered. If you are someone who requires effective deep tissue, or have sports related soreness/injuries, do not think twice about going to Ben, just do it! Highly recommend, and Ben now as a long-term client in myself!

Shehroz Sayeed

Camden Town

I am obsessed! Ben is honestly the most talented therapist I have ever found. He just has this way of speaking to the body that I have never seen before. I have been struggling with neck and shoulder pain for 3 months now and at some point it felt as though my muscles were not working in conjunction with one another anymore. However, after just one session with Ben, I could feel my muscles working in harmony again. Of course there is no easy to fix to anything and the pain relief is still a work in progress but I am considerably improved since I started seeing Ben. I feel so grateful for finding him and anyone would be lucky to have him treat them, just be mindful that he is always busy so you need to book in advance!

Ben is a wonderful therapist. He has the ability to combine a deep tissue massage (working extensively on areas of muscle tension and pain) with a session that, at the same time, allows you to find a place of deep relaxation and stress relief. Ben has been a great help to me and I would highly recommend his services. .

Roshini Mirchandani


I want to thank Ben for being so helpful in the past months regarding my back and neck pain/stiffness. I’ve received amazing advice from him (beyond the 1h we have together per month) and this has resulted in loads of improvements already. Thanks Ben, I couldn’t be happier with the choice I made of working with you.

Andre’ Costa

Central London

I had a course of pregnancy massage sessions with Ben after my 2d trimester, what was great support for me during this period. I like Ben’s mindful approach. I felt very relaxed and self-centred after each session. Thanks a lot, I had great experience, would definitely recommend

Leah Rhodes


I have been visiting Ben since the last three years . He is absolutely fantastic . I had a whiplash injury on my neck which severely limited my range of movement . Thanks to Ben I have now regained most of it. I highly recommend him.

Sujoy Majumder

River Thames

I had no idea what I was getting my self into when I arrived at Ben’s practice. First impressions were, “ok, a sports massage therapist that does deep tissue and mobility work..” The session that lasted about an hour started off like any other alternative therapy treatment with consultation, contraindications, mobility and usual introduction. Personally for me, I prefer it in any given situation that things just go with the flow and to be honest in the beginning, it felt like it was going to be one of those keep to the timings kind of deals… But oh my I should of known.. the trance-like didgeridoo music soundscape I heard when I entered Ben’s domain became the blanket my psyche unraveled its self in. YouTuber Ray Roberts my good friend was filming this visit and said afterwards that he had never witnessed anything like this before in his life. I jokingly said it was like an excorcism and immediately Ben humbly replied “it’s all just energy..” Subsequently as I watched the footage during editing I have realised that what I experienced during that therapy with Ben can not be explained in words without looking and sounding like a tin foil hat alien abductee claimant. What ever it was I experienced, it definitely helped me profoundly. Physically and emotionally. I have not felt this light or present within my being for a long time. I will be returning to Ben Pianese the “Sports Massage Therapist”.

Tao Chi Kai


Ben Pianese massage therapist at Massaggi

Ben is absolutely amazing. I’ve been going to him for about a year and a half, whenever I feel like I need it. He’s always extremely professional and knows exactly what your body and mind need. I have sent him two of my friends and they were both also really happy. It’s really hard to find someone that understands what you need without you telling them, but Ben does and it’s always such an amazing experience whenever I go see him.

Marion Agogue

Bond Street

I have experienced the most profound and deep body treatment with Ben last week. I still can feel how it boosted my energy level, mood and how it made me feel comfortable in my own body. As a yoga therapist myself I never have time for self care and I am very careful with my choices of therapists, Ben is trustworthy highly experienced practitioner and I am so glad I found him. He created a calming atmosphere and held a safe space for me to sink in. Ben’s hands were gentle, delicate and yet so strong. He really knew and felt where my body held tension and stiffness, helped me to release the pain through the breath. I felt so renewed and recharged physically and mentally afterwards, it was the best full body massage I had in years. So I highly recommend him to everyone who is looking for not just a sport massage but the whole body-mind experience.Divida Yofg

Divida Yoga


I’ve been going to Ben for years which is a testament to how good he is. I only go back to someone when the treatments are excellent. No matter how much you hide your knots from him, he will find them. He is calm and you leave feeling so much better.

Suzy Wiley


Ben is a wonderful therapist. He has the ability to combine a deep tissue massage (working extensively on areas of muscle tension and pain) with a session that, at the same time, allows you to find a place of deep relaxation and stress relief. Ben has been a great help to me and I would highly recommend his services.

Lisa T

Covent Garden

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Wow! Where do I begin.. this isn’t your everyday average massage that’s for sure. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect but it blew any expectations I had in mind. When you first enter the room there is a beautiful energy and lovely setting. I was greeted by Ben who was very friendly, welcoming, and knowledgeable.

I didn’t know exactly what massage I needed or wanted but he said he will be able to see what my body needs and can do a mix which I absolutely loved.

I didn’t realize how much my body needed a massage and how bad my posture/knots were until I can feel him releasing them. We used a combination of techniques and breathwork to help release the deep tension and be in a very calm state of mind.

I loved the meditation music being played and that he took you through the different stages of the massage so you knew what he was working on and where he felt the tension was.

As Ben is not only just a massage therapist but also an energy healer, you don’t need to tell him anything, he knows exactly where and what to do. I felt so calm and comfortable around him and he was very professional throughout.

I left feeling amazing in both the mind, body, and soul and will definitely be back! I would say after a few sessions with him will be life-changing for the body and can’t wait to go back for another session.

Kaleig Filip


A visit I did not know I needed; after the massage, I left brand new, back and neck pain both gone.

I loved the experience because of the treatment and the educational part on improving my health and avoiding getting the pain or reducing it with the tips given. There was excellent communication when booking and during the treatment.

Ben was very professional; upon arrival, there was a questionnaire that you have to complete that makes the treatment more suitable based on the type of massage you will receive, any pain concerns, areas of improvement, or medical conditions. The oils, sounds, and atmosphere, in general, were ideal for concentrating and enjoying the massage.

After the massage, I was given plenty of time to sit and relax before making my way home; I really appreciated it because, at the time, I was so relaxed that I wanted to sleep straightaway. I have implemented more relaxation and breathing exercises into my daily routine, which I am sure, alongside future massages, will help improve my lifestyle besides health.

In terms of location, it was easy to find also not too far from the tube station, and in a nice and quiet area. Overall, I recommend booking Ben for massages. He offered genuine bits of advice on how I could improve my sitting posture while working long hours and even advised exercise gadgets.

I could not thank him enough for his professional, friendly, and good service because even my sleeping pattern has improved since then. I will be booking soon again, not only for me but also for my family members.

Bernadeta A


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I have been seeing Ben for weekly treatments since one year. I find him extremely competent and knowledgeable. He is able to customise sessions based on my specific needs and every time the massage is different and greatly effective. He connects the massage to deep breathing techniques, working on specific parts of the body in a holistic way. He was able to improve my overall quality of life through better mind-body connection and conscious relaxation.

Karie Amey


I have been seeing Ben for around the past 3 months. I have suffered for 16 years with debilitating neck, shoulder, upper and lower back pain. I have tried everything and seen so many different people including lots of different Massasge therapists. I see an upper cervical Chiropractor every two weeks and Ben every week, it’s a brilliant combination for me, also my Chiropractor said since I have been seeing Ben he has noticed an improvement so I am extremely happy. A few times I could not make my weekly appointment with Ben and I really missed my treatment with him, I could feel the difference without him and longed for my next appointment. I work long hours 7 days a week and it’s something I do for myself and that I need to help keep going. Ben is amazing, he is professional and so knowledgeable and knows exactly what to work on. He has helped me so so much, I can honestly highly recommend him to anyone, I just wish I had found him sooner.

Farnaz G

West End

I found myself again! Honestly this is how I felt after a few sessions with Ben! The deep tissue massage has helped me immensely with my movements, back and neck pain and must say in my experience he is the best therapist that I have ever been to.

Isabella Parish


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Ben is both personal and professional. Most of all he gains the absolute trust of his patients which is of primary importance where back pain is concerned.

Kim Franklin


Ben is a master of deep tissue realignment. His treatments work for persistent issues. You arrive in a state of stressed discomfort and leave walking on air.

Maria Dalton

West End

A personal and fantastic massage in London. I went to see Ben as I had pain in my upper back and neck in-particular, through a combination of heavy gym work and sitting at a computer all day. He immediately spotted thing I hadn’t such as my head tilting slightly sideways due to stress on one side of my neck, and the fact I tended to put more weight on one leg than the other. The first sports massage/deep tissue massage freed up my aching back, and I immediately felt better. The second was more of a full body massage. He found knots I didn’t even know I had! My massage a few days back focused on the lympathic system, and I’ve already booked in a 4th appointment. What stands Ben apart is his personal focus on what you need treating. Moreexpand_more

Jill Lane

Market Harborough

I have been experiencing upper neck/shoulder/back/jaw pain intermittently for the past 15 years and my experiences with Ben Pianese have been the first time I have felt something working to correct the problem in my body. My body is very sensitive and he is able to adapt his sports massage techniques to give my body what it needs to realign itself. I always feel progress after a visit with Ben and it is done in a very safe manner that I appreciate. I have referred several friends to Ben and will continue to do so! Excellent service and best sports massage in London.

Alon Amitay


I have been treated by Ben since 2009 and this treatment has literally put me back on my feet. Ben exemplifies a winning combination of high professional insight and skill with holistic view on the patient as a human being. The treatment included deep tissue and sport remedial message which not only made my back pain relieved, but I managed also to help me regain the balance between the stress of daily life and healing power of sport and relaxation. On top of that, Ben never missed an appointment but was always flexible to accommodate my requests for changes. I would wholeheartedly recommend taking up an opportunity to make an appointment and have a first hand impression of Ben’s remarkable capability.

Lydia Kotini


Ben has extraordinary skills from multiple disciplines that he always finds out the best treatment for your body and health. I cannot recommend Ben enough.

Adrian Lamb


Have to say that Ben has done a great job. I was suffering back and neck pain/stiffness following a car crash. After a few sessions, I could really feel the difference. Symptoms have gone and my posture has significantly improved. I wouldnt hesitate to recommend Ben to anyone.

I Sanotra


Every Choice You Make Creates A Different Possibility

Gary M. Douglas

I have been receiving treatment from Ben for almost 3 months now and he is definately one of the more skilled therapists I have had. During our first appointment, he was able to spot my areas of mis-alignment, and was able to work on them right away. My hip pain that I have had for years has become less painful, and I definately have better body balance. We are still working on flexibility and scar tissue from a hamstring injury I had over 12 years ago, but I have every confidence that with regular treatment, Ben will be able to reduce the pain and improve movement/flexibility.

Chris Adams


My New Year resolution was to give my body a better chance of being pain free. A legacy of rugby injuries and cycling accidents had left me inflexible and in pain. Dry January was a start, Alkaline provoking food diet came second whilst acupuncture was ongoing as a form of maintenance. I am a “work in progress” with Ben, having seen him 3 times – but the combination of intuitive assessment and complimentary treatments is already making big improvements into a long list of things that need resolution. It might take some time but the I think the benefits will be long lasting and more of a re education for the body than other Osteopathic treatments.

Neeta Sharma


I’ve been seeing Ben for approximately 2 years – a few times before I moved to London and very regularly since I moved here 10 months ago. I’ve been lucky to have many fantastic holistic therapists in Toronto and must say that Ben definitely exceeds my previous experiences. He is very intuitive and selects his treatment based on his assessment that day (He has often combined other therapies with massage – eg: reflexology, craniosacrum, or emmett techniques ). He is very honest about what to expect post treatment(s) and is very passionate about his work and alternative therapies generally. I find he is a great source on other health related questions I have in addition to being a wonderful massage therapist. My original issue when I started seeing him was related to a tight back, but he’s helped with many other issues since. I would definitely recommend Ben as a fantastic therapist for anyone looking.

Viola T.


Working with Ben Pianese so far has been a great experience. After just one session I started feeling better already! I’ve been in hospital one week before because of very bad migraine due to my cervival neck pain. We are going to work not just on my neck but on the realignment of my vertebral column trying to correct my posture as well. In the meantime my migraine is gone and I can be proficient at work. Looking forward to go for the other sessions. For sure the best massage therapist London tried in London so far.



Before coming to Ben, I had visibly hunched shoulders, and a lot of upper-back pain. I tried to correct them with exercises instructed by a Personal Trainer and deep tissue massage, but I only saw a marginal difference from these techniques, and my shoulders would always go back to being hunched. Using the Emmett technique, Ben has corrected my shoulders permanently. I am so impressed with the results I have seen. I feel so much more confident and suffer no upper-back pain at all. I would recommend Ben to everyone, he is extremely professional and amazing at re-alining the body.

Danny Russell


I have been seeing Ben for around 2 years and as European age group triathlon champion it is important to keep my body loose and injury free. Ben mixes conventional massage and emmett technique to release the tension and stress of training and always leaves me feeling fresh and competition ready. If you are into sport and looking for something more than just traditional sports massage I would recommend seeing Ben.

Jo Munday


I’ve been going to Ben on and off for the past few years. We have primarily focussed on my posture and shoulder tension and this has made a big difference in my mobility and alignment. Latterly we have used the Emmett technique to deal with an old knee injury, where due to surgical complications, even after various bouts of physio I was still experiencing pain in the knee. Two sessions later and the pain has gone, even after a 10km race! Ben takes time to explain what he’s doing, and is very passionate about what he does. Highly recommended.


West End

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I was amazed by the treatment that Ben provides! After the first session I already could feel the positive changes in my body. I could feel how my body became “lighter” and more flexible and the pain went away. I will absolutely recommend Ben to anyone who seeks for a professional and high quality massage. Kate.

Janet Hyams


Had my first treatment with Ben yesterday and was very impressed as he started assessing me as I walked downstairs to the treatment room and was able to start almost straight away. He worked on different parts of my body with different techniques both gentle and very strong leaving me very grounded and relaxed at the end with more movement in the parts that were treated. I can highly recommend him as I believe in treating the whole not just one problem as often the cause and effect can be very different.



I had never heard of Emmett Technique before I visited Ben. During the first session, he skillfully identified exactly where I was holding stress, and managed to release the tension using finger pressure on specific points, as well as deep tissue massage. The combination worked really well, and I walked away much more relaxed. I have had a couple of follow up sessions since then, and I am already seeing improvements in my posture and alignment. Thanks Ben!



I have had two sessions with Ben and I’m extremely pleased with the results so far. I have worn orthotics in my shoes for 20 years due to being very flat footed and experiencing knee / back pain, and after my first session with Ben I was walking completely differently on my feet, feeling balanced and grounded. I haven’t needed to use my orthotics since – it’s hard to describe how much better it feels to walk now! I have a physically demanding job and my back is very tight. In my second treatment Ben worked through the muscles and I now have a lot more movement, which is more than I’ve been getting from a physio. Ben is confident in his techniques, which helps to make you feel relaxed in his hands. I like the fact that I can go to one person who can combine a more straight forward sports massage with Emmett technique, and other holistic treatments. This makes Ben very good value for money. Moreexpand_more

V. Tadrous


After years of treatment ranging from physiotherapy, chiropodist, and various types of massage my knee, back and neck pain showed no improvement, so when I came across Ben I didn’t know what his treatment could do, at the end of my first treatment I left feeling relaxed and calm I didn’t think that it would make any difference in the long run but I was pleasantly surprised I am now so aware of my posture the way I walk, sit and stand. I have been back to Ben on a monthly basis and I can honestly say I am seeing a marked improvement each time. I would highly recommend Ben.

James Henry


James – 23 year old, active gym user. I have had the pleasure of being treated by Ben twice so far (and look forward to becoming a regular client from now on). He always takes time to assess, not only what you feel you would like to get out of each session, but also what he would recommend as the most effective course of action for any particular ailment. I have been having regular sports massages for over a year now, but they have always about treating symptoms rather than dealing with underlying issues. Ben has shown me that there is another way and I am already feeling the benefits of greater mobility and reduced muscular tension.

Danielle B


Ben works wonders – he brings together his knowledge of different massage techniques to tailor a solution to fit what you need. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.
Response : Thank you for your recommendation. The most effective way of treating someone is to understand their individual needs; that is why I believe in making each session unique. A variety of different methods, to suit everyone I touch. Ben Pianese – Massaggi.

James Stern


Ben is a brilliant massage therapist. He can tell instantly where your problem may be, and can then remedy this problem through different techniques. I went to Ben a year ago as my back had so many knots. He understood my body better than I did and after just a couple of sessions my back was much looser, and now I go every month or so.

Rob Sprott


When we write expressing our feelings we often write sometimes from our heads and sometimes from our hearts – I honestly say these words are written from my body, as a whole. I live and work, as most of us do, in a world that demands a great deal from my body and mind, on occasion pushing them to their limits. Since the beginning of the year I been having regular monthly treatments with Ben at Massaggi. During this time he has used his wealth of massage skills and natural intuition to refresh and reconnect my muscles to my mind. Since my first visit I have much greater flexibility, improved posture and have regained the confidence in my body to get back in the gym. Its clear that Ben is a highly skilled massage practitioner, I also strongly believe he has a very unique intuition and ability to connect with you, and these combined open the door to a life enhancing experience.

Zoe Hepden


Ben treated me this morning and I was so impressed, I feel light, balanced and like I can breathe again. I was very impressed with how Ben assessed me and treated me, linking things together and knowing exactly what I needed, he is a very skilled practitioner who I recommend highly and who I will definitely be working with again I feel confident he can help me with my complex back/breathing/tension issues. Thank you Ben.



Ben is a very skilful practitioner. He is centred and knows exactly which muscle he is working on. His ability to feel where the tension was really impressed me. I left the treatment 100% better, he stretched all muscles, released all tension in my body and I was feeling energised and ready for training. I can’t highly recommend Ben, you must try and check how good he will make you feel.

Barney van Jaarsve


I first went for a massage with Ben as a one off. I have had lower back pain and stiffing in the nek due to working long hours at a desk. Ben sorted the pain and stiffing in my nek right away. I am more relaxed than before. I use ben all the time now so does the wife. He is realy great at what he does. I would recomend his services to everybody.

Sara M


Fear is a lie you buy to limit what you choose

Gary M. Douglas

Ben is a wonderful therapist. Its approach is absolutely holistic as he is able to relieve body and mindset too. I injured my shoulder in a minor accident and he made the magic in just two sessions. I know sometimes a male practitioner may be cause of embarrassment for women but I’ve never felt uncomfortable with him. His use of Emmett technique is so gentle yet very effective. I would definitely recommend him to friends.

Janet Godwin

West End

Ben is an excellent healer, who has dealt with a lower back problem that I have had for many years. Within just a few sessions he has realigned my posture which has given me the confidence to move freely again. I would highly recommend him. Janet.

Matt York

West End

Best Massage Review 2022

Would highly recommend Ben. Have been getting massages for neck stiffness and lower back pain and Ben has improved things immensely.


I was looking for a good massage therapist in London to fix my neck injury and I found Ben. From the start of the treatment I felt in very safe hands. After a detailed consultation and some muscular test Ben pinpointed the source of my muscular pain and released the pain from my neck area with the application of light pressure at particular points and in sequence. I experienced a gentle muscular release and my neck rotation has dramatically improved. He is very attentive to details and you can feel he want to make his client feel better. I very much recommend his work.

Jhon F.


Ben, after massage yesterday hip movement seem freer, right foot landed more straight. Felt more aware of back muscles, neck area definately more relaxed. See you tuesday. Thank you.

Frances Gordon

West End

I would highly recommend Ben. I get massages mainly for the odd pain and tightness from exercise and for stiffness and tension caused by too much time at a desk. He is excellent on both fronts. He went a long way to solving a problem I’d been having with my hip during our first session.

Oliver Pitt

Shepherds Bush

A dilligent massage therapist who listens to your body and responds with a cross regime technique. He has aided me on two injuries on my body and both have been greatly aided with his highly profficient and proffesional tecniques.

Amy Willams


As it was my first massage I didn’t really know what to expect but Ben made me feel at ease right away. I really liked the way he was able to highlight problem areas in my alignment just from looking at my posture when standing. He then focused on specific areas of tension with absolute mastery, as well as giving an amazing all round massage. When the hour was up I couldn’t believe it, I had entered such a deep state of relaxation that I had lost all sense of time! Absolutley fantastic, would definitely recommend to anyone who wants an exceptional massage.

Hélène Préchac

Notting Hill

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Ben has been working wonders for my body in the past few months. I came to him with several injuries and he has been able to alleviate the pain of all of them. He combines an instinctive approach with an in-depth knowledge of the body, which means that he is able to work not only on painful parts of the body but also treat their source. He is also very charming and approachable and you can sense that he wants to make his clients better.

Mary Lou Jones

West End

Ben Pianese has a very nice manner, strong hands and the ability to find every knot in your body. I found him very responsive to requests for attention to particular areas, especially to my neck, head and shoulders. If you purchase a series of 5 treatments, a 6th comes free.

Siobhan Dunning


I went to see Ben due to a sports injury to my back after a recommendation by a colleague. Ben is first rate, very considerate and an expert in his field. Within a couple of visits my back was 100% better and he also reduced a large amount of tension in my neck and shoulders. Overall I would recommend Ben without hesitation.

Isabelle Mullon


I first went for a massage with Ben as a one off- to check if he could help me with a bad shoulder and general stiffness. I was very impressed by his skills and the work he did in 1 hour. My shoulder and neck was much more relaxed and loose. After that, I decided to do a 6 massage course. He was always attentive to my needs and very genuine in his approach as a therapist. You can feel, he really wants to make a difference. I have recommended him to many friends.

Ruth Jolly


I would recommend Ben whole-heartedly and without reservation. The two sessions I’ve so far had went way beyond my expectations. Ben is superb – highly skilled, intuitive and focused. I left feeling lighter, freer and the effect lasted for days. Something happened at an inexplicable level which had amazing, beneficial results. I slept better than I have for months and woke at 6 30 am full of energy and optimism. And every pain I had left! You cant say beter than that.



I have booked few sessions of deep tissue massage treatments before with various companies in central London, and with Massaggi I experienced a unique combination of deep tissue and sports massage ever. In fact I was extremely impressed with the massage techniques that Ben my therapist used that not only give me a thorough sense of relaxation throughout my body and mind but also a really deep tissue massage at the same time. Also location wise, is easy to reach so close to Marylebone tube station and centrally located if you live or work in London.



I highly recommend Ben. I am a violinist and when I came to Ben I suffered from horrible pain in my neck and shoulders(from playing. ) The first time I saw him, I was in so much pain I couldn’t play and could hardly move at all. After the first session I could play again (carefully of course) and after about 3 in total I felt completely back to normal. I’ve now had a session with Ben every 4-6 weeks for the past year and I have had absolutely no problem with playing-related injury. If my playing and use of my upper body is my source of work, then Ben had helped me greatly in keeping it healthy and balanced.



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I’m 38 years old, I’ve competed in various sports from an early age. I have an office based job and s a result have the usual stiff neck back etc I’ve also multiple tweaks, pulls and strains over the years. As a result I’ve seen many kinds of physios and massage therapists. Ben is the 1st I’ve met that can intuitively work out what needs to be adjusted and exactly how to do it. He really is that good. I don’t normally do online recommendations but in this I feel it right I make an exception, he is born to do it.



Ben saves me from my regular tennis injuries. I really love to play and compete on inter-club level but very often my neck and shoulder muscles get sore after the serve. Ben has helped me recover on many occasions. His point pressure technique can be quite painful but very effective. I am really grateful for his help and time over the past 2 years.



I used to have a very sharp pain on the left side of my chest for about three years. I visited various doctors but they couldn’t help me. They only prescribed drugs for the pain. Although they sent me X-Rays and electro cardiograms they weren’t able to find the cause. Fortunately, a friend of mine recommended Ben Pianese to me. From the first accupresure massage I had I started to feel considerably better. After three sesions with Ben my pain has almost completely gone. Ben is very professional and works in an intuitive level. I very much recommend his work.

Marlon Cortes


I have had a carpel tunnel problem on both hands for over 2 years. In 2010 I underwent two surgeries, which did not help much. The massage therapy is the only one that has helped me. In London I tried several therapists who promised their techniques would help me, well they did not. It was until I found Ben that I felt a really big difference. Ben is a professional with a very friendly attitude.

Errol Miller


Ben’s talent for identifying areas where I needed help was great. He obviously has a high regard for this very personal work. And, I trust him with it. On top of being very professional, he’s very personable and friendly. I’m looking forward to continuing sessions with him.

Olly Olsen


I’ve had massage’s all over the world and with a number of stress related back problems and physical injuries from 20 years of sport, Ben has proven to be a major contributing factor to my current wellbeing and physical strength. Ben has the ability to know what my body needs without my direction. Although I presume he has no formal medical qualifictions, after a massage from Ben, I feel ive visited a doctor! Sincerely, In all my expereince, Ben’s massage therapy is by far the best I have had and would highly recommend to everyone. .

Shirley Ellen Gayn


I had a ski injury in my arm and tension in my neck. After one session I had 80% reduction in pain and after two sessions it has virtually gone. The sessions have also helped to relieve all the tension in my neck and shoulders.

R Rajani


Ben is nothing short of a genius who can intuitively read your body and target the areas that need work. Following a car accident, I had been to see many different people from Osteopaths to Chiropractors, Sports Massage Therapists etc and always got the usual 10 minutes of relief but nothing that lasted. Ben is the best of the best in creating lasting change!

Sebastien Rothan-L


Positive Client Feedback in 2022

I asked Ben Pianese to organise a massage for a friend’s 40th birthday and 3 of her friends. She was thrilled, and said it was the best massage she ever had. It was also very nice dealing with Ben, who was very helpful. The value for money was without any doubt the best in London.



I can only concur with others’ appreciation of Ben’s powers of perception and expertise. His reading of the body is akin to having a personal tour guide who clearly reveals in specific human detail where both physical and emotional issues or blockages are lying. After treatment I feel re-aligned, with channels, including both new and forgotten, open; certainly relaxed, and in a stronger position to re-meet the outside world. Longer term, I am aware that Ben’s powerful but sensitive work encourages me, and maybe developing molecular memories, to increasingly attain and retain more of the “right” condition in which to live my life. I have the highest regard for his work and believe he is extremely able in his profession to help many people.

Leonor Camacho


Every time have a session with Ben I get exactly what I need at that precise moment. He has a great intuition and connection to the clients taking the therapy beyond a basic massage. When I leave I am already looking forward to coming back.

Paul Rea


The service has always been professional and attentive and is highly recommended.

James Logan


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I first came to see Ben for treatment of a skiiing injury to my shoulder which my GP had indicated would take several months to heal. After two sports massage sessions with Ben, there was a rapid improvement in the pain and the mobility of my shoulder has increased considerably to the extent that I now feel comfortable playing sport again – well ahead of the time-line indicated by my doctor. I have since seen Ben for treatment of chronic back and upper body discomfort caused by sitting at a desk for long periods of the day. I have suffered this for a number of years and have been to see a number of therapists about this – including osteopaths, chiropractors, acupuncture as well as massage therapists. I can hand-on-heart say that Ben’s treatment has been the most effective of these – I have felt a rapid and noticeable improvement in the syptoms that lasts for some time. He uses a variety of approaches to appropriately address the root causes of the problem and I would recommend him widely.

Kathleen Sansome

St. Albans

I have been visiting Ben Pianese for Massage for the past 7 months and I must say that I feel much more supple (I suffer from stiff joints and arthritis) also Ben Pianese is most helpful in the care of his clients. He gave me advice in connection with my arthritis – I am now drinking more water each day and using Himalayan Salt to help with painful cramps in my legs. I have not had any cramps since starting the Salt and water programme only three weeks ago. I am delighted and much more relaxed as I do not have that constant pain in my back and legs since Ben has dealt with this through massage.

Marie Bendy


I recently had a Massage session with Ben Pianese,I was immediately struck by his approach to the Art and Science of massage,which was very spiritual,obviously drawing on his vast resources of knowledge from various energy healing modalities,to awaken and clear the bodies healing channels,before the actual Massage commenced,Ben was able to immediately locate the exact area to be treated,and I could feel that the treatment was having effect even while he was applying the various techniques he uses,afterwords I could feel that my problem had been addressed in a way that I had not experienced,from the many other Masseurs I had been having treatment with over the years,I am eagerly looking forward to my next session,and i would not hesitate in recommending Ben Pianese to anyone needing such treatment.

Gita Adams


Ben is a brilliant massage therapist. His hands have the perfect combination of acute sensitivity to what the body needs and intelligent strength to knead, un-knot, and soothe. I’ve had great massages all over the world and Ben’s practice stands out.



I’ve been to quite a few masseurs in London and Ben’s massage I rate as one of the best I’ve ever experienced. Ben has a real healing quality to his hands and this makes the massage beneficial at every level. Highly recommended.

Yanina Barry


Ben Pianese is an exceptionally gifted therapist. Whilst he has the strength to give my husband a strong massage, he is also sensitive to any problems and able to adjust his style to suit the patients’ needs. I have enjoyed and benefitted from each treatment.

Lisa Williams


I had major surgery on my spine 6 months ago and started to see Ben to complement rehab physio. I chose Ben because of his expertise in a wide range of massage therapies. I have been very pleased with the results so far which have aided my recovery from surgery.

Philippe Arni


Being an athlete, I often experience tight muscles and tension. As a result for fast recovery, I had to find an experienced person that would massage me correctly and efficiently. Ben is unique in the sense that he knows exactly what he is doing and he can really listen to your body and find where the true tensions lie. This is vital and without a doubt does he do a great job! I highly recommend Ben, he does and tells you everything you need to know. Thanks a dozen, bless you Ben! .

Sebastian Lenain


Your Energy Is A Contribution

Gary M. Duglas

I have seen Ben twice now, 1st session 1hr, 2nd session 1hr30 mins. I definitely recommend having a longer session as it makes all the difference. Ben is both a naturally gifted body healer who trusts his intuition and ability to ‘hear’ what to do and where to go when working and is exceptionally proficient in a good number of complimentary techniques. He brings an added dimension to the work with his certainty and poise. He understands the power of working with the body to acheive emotional release and it has been particularly great to work with him on my abdominal area. It has been a pleasure to work with someone on the top of his game. I wonder how long it will be before Ben is famous and in demand the world over for the work he does! ?



“I started to see Ben for pregnancy massage because I had severe middle back, lower back and hip pain. Ben not only listened to me describing where the pain was but also had a sixth sense of where it was and, more importantly, an understanding of what was causing it. I found that he not only focused on the areas of immediate discomfort but also worked on connected areas of my body so as to deal not just with the symptoms but also the root cause. He is a very calming influence, not least because he clearly knows what he is doing (very important for pregnancy massage). He instinctively knows when to work muscles very deeply and when to take a gentler approach. And he takes a holistic approach to the body – focusing on areas that need most attention but not ignoring others. I have never been a big fan of massage but Ben has well and truly converted me and played a huge part in easing the discomfort and stress on the body that is inherent in any pregnancy. “Marie, Solicitor”.

Lucy Morris


This morning after 3 hours working dressing the floor in Regent Street, it noticed that there was a sharp pain in my lower back; this got worse throughout the day making me bend over like an old woman. After sitting at my desk for an hour (it was now 7pm) when I went to get up I could not walk without a bad pain. – anyway. Came 5pm my appointment with Ben, I could hardly get at Neal’s Yard, so I got a taxi. AfterAfter 1 hour of massage session with Ben I can now stand up straight again and feel able to walk, blockages has been released; this really amazing. I have been coming now for 3 years to see Ben, and he is the only person who as been able to relax me and release the pain in my back well all over. I have also noticed many changes in my emotional and personal health. Highly recommended! Lucy M.



I went to see Ben following a scooter accident. I was amazed at his ability to ‘listen’ to what my body needed with regards treatment, and I left every session feeling totally relaxed and grounded. His technique is strong, but soft, intuitive and free. I would highly recommend Ben to anyone who wants to just simply feel good in their own body and to anyone who is recovering from an injury or illness. Trust me – he is great! James L.

James Lamper


In desperation and in severe pain with sciatica I searched the web for a massage therapist in Marylebone and I found Ben. I was relieved to find that he operates from Neal’s Yard Remedies, and from the first moment he put his hands on my body, I knew that he has a deep understanding of the human body which goes beyond my own understanding. I noticed an improvement in my sciatica from the very first visit and I was able to smile, relax and sleep for the first time in weeks. After four Visits the pain was completely gone. Massage will remain a part of my life. It’s important to listen to early warning system the body offers. Finding Ben and being able to trust in His skill his strong hands and intuitive understanding has helped improve my physical and emotional well being highly.

Sarah Cohen – Architect


Ben is a very skilful practitioner. He is centred and knows exactly which muscle he is working on. His ability to feel where the tension was really impressed me. I left the treatment 100% better, he stretched all muscles, released all tension in my body and I was feeling energised and ready for training. I can’t highly recommend Ben, you must try and check how good he will make you feel. Angela StringhiniProfessional Gymnastics.

Helen Tracy Green


I have been seeing Ben for over a year and a half because of neck problems. The treatment has been fantastic and I no longer suffer from the pain and immobilityin that area. In fact my whole body feel better which make my job as a dance teacher much easierHelen Green Dance Teacher .

Till Stenzel

I have been visiting Ben Pianese at Marylebone Massage Therapy for almost one year now and can wholeheartedly recommend it. I only go once or twice a month but it really helps me to release tension and stress and find new strength. I have also been working with Ben on everyday things like posture and breathing techniques, which contributes to manage work stress.


Central London

This is a great alternative to a regular body massage, through some parts of the massage i felt a rippling vibration through my body, especially through my arms to hands, sometimes slightly overwhelming but generally pleasant. The therapist came across as both friendly and professional. Over the days afterwards i felt a lot more aware of my physical and emotional self. I would say it is relaxing with a feel good factor. i will definitely be going back!

Julia Lange


He can see straight to your pain, whether it´s carried in your shoulders or your back or all round exhaustion. Not only does he know how to release it, he´ll change the way you deal with it in the future. Highly recommended.



Ben is very very good and I would highly recommend him. Takes pride in his work and has helped me with my should pain and migraines.

S. Maculan


I had trouble with my right ankle after a strain. I had, sadly, to stop trekking and dancing tango, two of my favourite hobbies. After 2 massage’s cycles I am now able to go for long walks and I even managed to dance for three consecutive hours! Thanks Ben!



My back feels amazing after 2 Ben’s massage. I feel several inches taller and thoroughly relaxed.



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Massage therapist is really an inadequate description of what Ben Pianese does. He is really a healer. I have suffered for years from lower back and neck pain due to sport injuries. In addition, since having to stop long distance running due to knee problems, my legs have become more and more sensitive to pressure. I have been to many, many massage therapists in London and even after 5 consecutive days with them, the relief has been limited to nill. With Ben, I can honestly say that I felt a huge difference after the first session. I have gone to additional sessions, and I am finally finding some relief to the point that I honestly believe I won’t need to take a daily pain reliever to tolerate my pain in my neck and back. I only wish Ben were not here only in the UK as I live permanently in the States. He sets the standard by which I will judge any future massage therapy sessions and I honestly do not believe I will find someone as thorough and amazing in ability as Ben. Thanks Ben!

Emma Torres


I’ve had my hamstring sports injury for the last 1-2 years and I can say without hesitation that Ben Pianese sports massage were by far more effective than any other massage techniques I’ve ever had; all this after only one session! I could feel all the toxins begin to disperse a few hours after, and the next day the other muscles linked to the hamstring had released – my leg felt so much lighter! Thank you, Ben, for such a sports massage that’s tailored to the exact needs of your client. I’ll be having regular massages with you from now! 5*s for excellent service and professionalism.

Andrew Trimax


Booked massage for my boyfriend as a birthday present . He was amazed how fantastic, professional and great Ben”s massage was. Helped back pain, muscle tension etc.I very much recommend Massagi and Ben to all.Excellent, professional, amazing.

Karolina K


Wunderlustlondon named Us one of the Best Facilities in London

Massaggi piqued our interest due to their proven results and established clientele. It was easy to see why they had established themselves as a massage clinic in London after trying them out.

Ben Pianese, the owner of this sports massage clinic, has been in business for over 20 years. They appear to specialise in a holistic approach to massage from what we’ve seen.

Ben, the company’s founder, got the idea for the company after experiencing post-surgical pain himself. This prompted him to investigate new approaches and gain a better understanding of pain and its underlying pathology.

One of the things that sets them apart is that they offer unique wellness methods in addition to massages. They have “Magrin Method” coaching sessions, for example. Andrea Magrin developed this technique for emotional release. As previously stated, they go beyond massages and even address emotional health concerns.

They also offer NST Bowen Technique massages and Reconnective Healing.

Read more here: How We Ratad the Massaggi Facilities

Ben has been a practical pain management trainer and a celebrated massage therapist. He believes human well-being is deeply connected to the health of mind and body both, including deep tissues. He holds numerous certifications for best of breeds massage techniques helping him on a mission for healthy London and then rest of the world. He has been an active contributor in massage technique research and on Massaggi blog.