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Rehabilitation for sports injuries, neck & back pain treatments. Take a look at our Massage locations, book your preferred massage at Marylebone, Wigmore Street & Islington

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Sports Massage Therapist Ben Pianese

Sports Massage In London - Therapies For A Renewed, Refreshed, Reenergized Body!

Specialised treatments & full body massage to relax deep muscles tension, unlock
joint stiffness, restore blood circulation and enhance natural energy flow. BOOK NOW!

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Emmett Sports Massage For Sports Events

State Of The Art Sports Massage: Get Results, Attain Strength, Endurance And Performance

Get rid of your annoying aches and pains, re-set structural balance and rebound from the impact of stress and fitness exercise. £5 Off massage offers. BOOK TODAY!

Specialised Treatments

NST Neuro Structural Integration Therapy

Bowen Therapy NST Spinal Integration

Dissolve stress and reduce back pain through advanced bodywork and progressive Bowen therapy solutions. Ben Pianese offers a unique, proven and specialised healing perspective that addresses even the most persistent muscular, nerve and joint pains and guarantees enhanced performance.

Emmett Technique Easy Muscle Management

The Emmett Technique

What is the Emmett technique? And how can quickly release tension and discomfort? The Emmett therapy is an extraordinary and miraculous technique. It Switches off pain at specific locations to initiate a gentle release of tension in restricted physical, energetic and emotional zones.

The Reconnection Healing & Reconnection

Reconnective Healing

Better health is now within your reach. Massaggi’s new Reconnective Healing sessions deliver extraordinary and effective solutions to stress, and multiple health issue effectively and efficiently. Find out what Reconnective Healing can do for you.

  • The Most Common Sports Injuries
    Do you love sports? Do you think you have what it takes to go pro? Are you willing to open yourself up to a life of physical strain and pain?

Experience The Most Effective Massage Therapy In London

The Massaggi vision is simple to help you function effectively and efficiently. By releasing the pressure and the effects of pain/stress experienced by people who work, live and visit London every day. An expert in the field of massage therapy Ben Pianese has devised a treatment formula: EXPERIENCE + EXPERIMENT= ENRICH.

Beat Physical Stress Bring Out Your Personal Best With Sports Massage

We can successfully access areas of tension, knots, blockage and injury to help you regain your No1 position. At Massaggi we push the boundaries of traditional and conventional sports massage London treatments, adapted to suit your specific muscles and joints structure and most importantly to minimize the risk of injury.

Get Help From Your Marylebone Massage Therapist Expert Today

Is your engine still running? Aching muscles, poor posture and neck pain? Sound familiar? We can help improve your physical condition with non-evasive techniques. Visit us for a 'massage in London' at our locations; Marylebone & Islington. Stress will be a feeling of the past and relaxation a thing of the future.

Stop Suffering! Get Miraculous Back & Shoulder Pain Relief You Need

Approaching back pain and tension can be a very difficult path. The good news is you don't have to suffer anymore! We respect all physiological and Osteopathic ailments; our specialized massage Techniques enhance your performance and the function of the body's musculoskeletal, nervous and circulatory system.

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