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I got quite a scare When I realised my mind was everywhere It was a walking talking living nightmare Yeah…I was playing silly buggers Deep in the dragon’s lair I wasn’t all there It was now But I wasn’t here I was paralysed by fear See I was afraid to look at the truth of […]

The Emmett Technique

The Dawn of A Revolutionary Therapy: The Emmett Technique

You no longer have to shop around for methods for relieving muscular pain, nor do you have to settle for unsatisfactory methods because Massaggi now offers the Emmett Technique. This isn’t just any old treatment, but a revolutionary muscle-release therapy which take the muscle out of crisis and re-set muscle memory in just few minutes. The Emmett […]

Ben Pianese Healing

Ben Pianese’s Journey To Heal

The journey to heal all started on an ice rink; perhaps not the most exciting start but as with all journey’s you have to start somewhere. An injured knee and lower back whilst trying a few new techniques on the ice, was basically how it all started. Not the brightest idea a person can have […]

Best Massage London Treatments Spa

Best Massage London Treatments

When a machine breaks down, an expert repairman can replace worn-out and broken parts and have it up and running again, like new. But what if it’s your body that breaks down?Your body does not come with either a manual or replaceable parts. Over time, the demands of work and home life can take a […]

Thai Yoga Massage Oriental Experience

How Thai Massage Helps to Unlock and Double the Body’s Flexibility

Have you ever imagined what it would feel like to move beyond your limitations and unlock your muscles restrictions on more than one level? Would you like to enter a meditative state?  Is it something you have never tried before but would like to experience for the first time?  Well why not combine that new […]

Sports massage for fiteness

Testimonial: A different Sports Massage Clinic In London

Many of clients know that I have been an athlete for 20 years. But what you may not know is that going through childhood and teenage with no specific treatment to release tension on muscles and joint has put me through constant and painful challenges.From meniscus damage on both knees which prevented me to go […]