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Six days of intense training qualifies for one day of extensive sports massage at Massaggi in London. Never let your body fatigue ruin your dreams.

Massaggi Sports Massage – ‘Sports To Scores’


The principal of overload for athletes says – “the body adapts to larger shifts in different components of fitness” – but, it can have a negative impact if an athlete is not well rested. Negative physiological impact on any athlete, such as DOMS (Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness) can reduce blood circulation or buildup unnecessary stress and fatigue in the body.

Sports massage has become an integral part of the new performance athletic regime. It has been proven that regular massage plan can provide a strength and flexibility leverage to those who participate in high performance sports. The unique sports massage not only cures muscular ailments but also helps a severe injury prevention via preventive care massage technique.

Whether you’re runner, swimmer, boxer or regular athlete Massaggi offers extensive body profiling to assess injury prone and stiff areas in the body. The profiling helps to discover hypertonic muscles, muscle fatigue and build-up stress. Sports massage is a style of massage which is designed exclusively for athletes aiming for higher performance.

Sports Massage London – ‘From The Coach’

The technique

The initial consultation will include your medical history, massage history and a full body thorough profiling. This is done to find any muscular anomaly that has not been treated perfectly or not treated at all. The massage therapist will use a massage technique to find out high muscular stress and strain area of the body also known as a point of fatigue or failure. In athletes, for example, areas of great stress for runners are in their leg, swimmers in their upper body. The therapist will apply techniques to improve range of motion and muscle flexibility resulting instant improved power and performance. Sports massage will also help to reduce metabolic by-products of exercise. The benefit can be realized by experience massage professionals with know-how of regulating master points.

Massaggi Sports Massage treatment is a pre and post event remedial program, which addresses following:

  • Muscle tightness, strain and strain
  • Muscular abnormalities
  • Trigger points
  • Shoulder, Back, Neck pain

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Rules Of The Game Lies With Habit: “Distilled Knowledge”

“A man can never assist you correctly if his job depends on your lack of knowledge”. – Ben Pianese

At Massaggi, Ben Pianese, work not only on the problems of clients such as back, shoulder, neck etc. But, also suggests a lot of habitual activities to effectively realize the treatment. When athletes are pushing beyond the boundary of human performance, they need to follow a certain regime to keep the performance consistent.

Here are the few tips, applies to everyone, which if kept in mind can give long lasting benefits and optimal performance:

  • Take plenty of water for hydration to keep muscles healthy
  • Take healthy food; do not skip breakfast
  • Work on your breathing, practice deep breathing through Yoga
  • Do normal exercises such as Running, Jogging, Stretching etc.
  • Connect with professionals for remedial or regular checkup
  • Avoid stress, keep your blood circulation agile
  • Relax, facilitate your body and mind to heal

Gain With Massaggi Sports Massage:

Incremental benefits through sports massage

Massaggi Sports MassageOrdinary Sports Massage
Body Profiling
Master Point Regulation
Muscle Energy Technique (MET)
Neuromuscular Technique (NMT)
Emmett Master Point
Cost£75 (Save £5)£80

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Common Sports Massage Questions

The best place to find answers for queries

I am not an athlete, so it’s not for me?

It is for everyone. Massage is a common way to relax your muscular state, by easing your muscle you feel relieved and also prevent any injuries. People who sit long hours at the desk, or who do brisk activity often fall into wrong posture that hurt their back, neck, shoulders etc. If you are experiencing such pain and restrictions, Massaggi sports massage in London is just for you.

Why is sports massage good for me?

Massaggi sports massage, offered in our London clinics is the number one choice of all kind of athletes. The technique itself has the regulating power to minimize injury by reducing chances of stress and strain in muscles. It augments the performance of athletes and is very helpful in treating muscular pain such as shoulder pain, back pain, muscle tightness etc. If you engage in athletic activity as a personal interest or as a profession, you should pay a visit to professional sports therapist in London. Our clients have reported that they were able to feel relief from muscular stress after just the first session.

How is Massaggi different from generic sports massage?

At Massaggi, all of the technique we use are targeted to address the specific body condition and profile which by nature changes with the kind of sport a client plays. The rationale of treatment divides the actual plan into different type of massage, based on condition assessed:

  • Muscle Energy Technique (MET)
  • Neuromuscular Technique (NMT)
  • Connective Tissue Massage (CTM)
  • Soft Tissue Massage (STR)

However, for clients it becomes too technical, but for therapist the right knowledge can do wonders in the process. After the assessment, right kind of technique is used opposed to single one-size-fits-all technique practiced by generic sports massage therapist in London.

Is it true that sports massage can improve performance in sports?

Massaggi sports massage in London helps you to provide a complete natural muscular orientation free of stress, sprain, tightness and restrictive movement. It also helps to increase the muscular blood circulation, which facilitates proper functioning and movement of muscle tissues.

As the muscle and tissue return to their natural state, the boost in performance is guaranteed.

Do children and teenage athletes also need sports massage?

Definitely. Young people are also prone to the wear and tear created by playing sports regularly. Therefore, even if they have the natural ability to recover or bounce back to health faster, they certainly can benefit greatly from sports massage. Clinics in London that offer this treatment perform a thorough assessment of each patient’s condition and needs, so the most appropriate and beneficial techniques are always used by the sports massage therapist. London Massaggi clinic doesn’t use a one-size-fits-all treatment, after all – it treats patients according to their true requirements.

Can sports massage cure pain, especially in the shoulders or back?

Any type of injury is due to overstretching of muscles, which in turn induces strain or stress in the muscular posture of the affected area. A qualified massage therapist will release such strain or stress by resetting the Emmett points also known as master point regulation.

You can expect a far better results and total relief from back and shoulder pain at Massaggi than any ordinary sports massage clinic in London.

Is it backed by sports science and research?

Yes. According to our sports massage therapist London athletes trust, there are three massages often mentioned in sports medicine literature: effleurage, petrissage, and deep traverse friction massage. In addition to this, our sports massage clinic in London has studied the research conducted on sports massage in order to determine the full range of benefits it offers, such as Hopper et al.’s study on how it yields immediate effects on hamstring flexibility. We also looked into the research of Brooks et al., which studied sports massage’s effects on power grip performance after maximal exercise.

What are the effects of sports massage on recovery from exercise and competition?

Studies reveal that sports massage has positive effects on Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness or DOMS, which usually occurs 24 to 72 hours after rigorous physical exertion, such as a marathon. Sports massage for runners, London therapists say, can diminish and shorten the manifestation of DOMS symptoms such as loss range of motion and decreased muscle strength. Professional sports massage, London fitness and wellness experts say, also improves blood flow, which is essential to the body’s recovery from excessive exertion. Studies also show it also helps facilitate the removal of lactic acid (which causes severe soreness) in muscle groups experiencing DOMS.

*Reference for some points provided:

Who should opt for sports massage treatment?

Massaggi Sports Massage (MSM) is perfect for: football players, hockey player, road runners, boxers, climber sports, gymnasts, goalkeepers, fencers, cricket players, windsurfers, wrestlers, tennis players, rugby players, basketball players and yoga instructors. MSM therapy is great for sports-oriented people and athletes who look for a boost in performance and care of their body and muscular state.

Non-professional athletes and individuals experiencing pain and restriction in the shoulders, neck, back and any other part of the body will also benefit from our brand of sports massage. If you’re looking for results-based sports massage in London, book online through our website today.

How much does it cost?

Start Scoring Formula™Muscle Tightness Relief£39 / 30 mins / session
Sporting Winners Formula™Remove Stress and Strain£75 / 60 mins / session
Extreme Sports Massage™Extreme Optimization£399 / 360 mins / (Save £51)