The Magrin Method
Free yourself from fear, anxiety, and stress with: Senza Mente State

Discover what’s beyond your mind with an introspective journey into your real self.

What If You Could Really Free Yourself From
All Your Sufferings Once And For All?

Forget the ineffective methods and therapies you have tried so far to get rid of your negative feelings or pains, and learn how to finally be free by neutralising all your limiting beliefs and rediscovering your natural state.

Are you stuck in a state of suffering from which you can’t get out?

Have negative emotions overwhelmed you and you are now unable to control your life?

Can’t understand why no therapy seems to work while you continue to be stuck in a Loop?

What If I Told You That Suffering Is Just An Illusion? Wait.
Let Me Reveal To You An Even More Shocking Reality

Your entire reality is an illusion.

We are so busy spending our days worrying even about the smallest things, that we do not realise what is really beyond our minds.

Senza Mente is the natural state of our mind.

Worries, fears, stress, and sometimes even positive thoughts, pull us out of this state, blocking us in an illusion that we are used to mistaking for reality.

An illusion filled with suffering that does not allow us to return to our natural state and to be truly free and at peace.

Some people who live this illusion have continually become so used to the suffering and pain that they surrender to their situation, unaware that there is a way out to find peace.

Andrea Magrin has coined a method to finally be able to return to this state and we want to make it available for you.

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Thousands of people have radically changed their life

What’s Beyond Your Mind?


What will you discover when you return to the Senza Mente state?

  • You will finally be able to understand why traditional therapy does not work.
  • You will understand why suffering has become part of you.
  • You will experience the absence of suffering for the first time in your life, and you will realize that it is only an illusion.
  • You will discover what triggers suffering in all its forms.

Forget the traditional methods that fill your mind without giving you the tools you need to get out of the illusion of suffering, and free yourself.

The solution to your problems is not to be found in the law of attraction, motivational courses, positive affirmations, boring counseling, yoga, healing or even hypnotherapy.

The answers you are looking for are in the Senza Mente state and we can help you get there.

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We can solve our problems by first breaking free of the worry loops that created the problem in the first place. Trying to solve the problem without freeing your mind will make the problem bigger.
Andrea Magrin

How Can We Help You Free Yourself
From The Illusion Of Suffering?

In each session, you will dig deep into yourself to get rid of all your loops.

The Magrin Method will allow us to guide you back to this state, away from the illusion of suffering.

Through an introspective journey to discover yourself, you will finally be free to experience the absence of suffering and find peace again.

Don’t wait any longer.

Get out of the illusion you are stuck in, before the suffering annihilates you even more.

Experience peace and harmony, really discovering what is beyond the mind.

People from all walks of life have reconnected with their real, happy selves over the decades with Massaggi. And now is YOUR turn!

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What is tormenting your mind?

Let us solve all your worries.

It is the natural state of the human being, without mental interference, where there are neither positive nor negative thoughts. In this state, the absence of suffering leaves room for a profound peace. How can you reach this status? With a broad knowledge of yourself and how the human mind works.

Ben Pianese is the only coach of the Magrin Method in London and the UK. At Massaggi, he offers specific sessions to help you return to this state, and free you from suffering by applying the Magrin Method.

There are several ways to access the Magrin Method sessions, such as WhatsUp, Skype and Facetime.

The illusion in which we are stuck can have old roots and to restore the peace and freedom you need, we must dig deep. There is no specific number of sessions, but the purpose of this journey of self-discovery is always to achieve peace and eliminate all your sufferings.

Unlike traditional methods, the Magrin Method has been tested and has changed the lives of hundreds of patients. If you are willing to question your beliefs and embrace your natural state, we will truly free you from all your loops using the Magrin Method.

This method takes its name from the founder’s surname. The purpose of this method is to bring people, in just 6 steps, beyond their mind, beyond the problem that afflicts humanity and keeps it in slavery.

M: Measurement
A: Activation of the Senza Mente state
G: Game
R: Release
I: Insist
N: Neutralize

Compared to any other therapy, the steps that make up the Magrin Method need not necessarily be performed in order.

Did you ever feel like you had a stone on your stomach just thinking about going to work?

Or have you ever felt negative feelings and discomfort when you were close to someone you didn’t like?

Loops are nothing but software that we have installed in our mind since we were children, on which we structure our entire life, without really realizing who we are.

To return to being in harmony and at peace with ourselves and the world, we must learn again how to see what surrounds us with new eyes.

In the absence of Loops, our mind, imagination, and creativity become unlimited, and we are projected into a new world of possibilities. Without the Loops, we return to our natural form, that is a deep and swift mental state of constant meditation.

The Magrin Method was born in Italy and is rapidly spreading all over the world.

About 30,000 people have got to know the method so far, 2,000 of whom have taken part in live seminar and courses.

As of today about 4,000 copies of the book by Andrea Magrin, I Do Not Think, Therefore I
, have been sold. The book is available in Italian, English, and Portuguese.