Andrea Magrin

I Do Not Think..


This book gives you the real chance to understand the mechanisms that create suffering and explains how to root them out scientifically.

Thanks to the six-step system described in this book, it is possible to bring to light everything that prohibits you from becoming who you really are: an infinite being. The book is a manual in reality, to help you achieve peace beyond your every imagination and to discover what lies beyond your thinking. It will be a great experience!

“Explaining these things to the rational mind is like explaining to a blind man what the colour red looks like. That is why with this book I don’t want to give you a theory that is an end unto itself; there are tons of books in that have these types of explanations and stories. What I would like to do is bring you into my world and allow you to experience with me what I have promised. I would like you to experience everything at a level that is incomprehensible to your mind, and that is why we must get out of our heads. It is obvious that a blind man has no comprehension of what the red colour is, but what if suddenly he was to gain his sight? What if he were to see in reality what red looks like for the first time? It would certainly be a breathtaking experience. That’s why I can’t wait for you to discover the treasures hidden in this book. There are a lot of people getting in touch with this new reality and I am excited to tell you that we are pioneers of this new knowledge. We are the first among those who will plant the seeds for a different mankind. This is all happening so rapidly that everyone in all humanity will be swept up into it.”

Andrea Magrin is a researcher, writer, instructor and emotional release technique expert. For over 10 years he has worked as a researcher and expert in the field of personal development, using the state of Senzamente, powerful techniques in emotional release and energy rebalancing bringing important transformational results in many people.

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