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Exercises for back pain


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The most advanced protocol to solve problems related to bad posture and back pain, thanks to exercises that can be performed directly from home.

protocollofrancesconi – a program of postural training to combat back pain, created by Damiano Francesconi – kinesiologist

Postural gymnastic is an effective means to fight back pain. Painful symptoms deriving from various causes, such as incorrect position maintained for long periods, sedentary lifestyle, muscular retraction, heavy exertion, and traumatic events, can be reduced or eliminated completely thanks to particular postural exercises of stretching and of muscular reinforcement which act in synergy.

After fifteen years of research it has designed a program of postural exercises ( the “protocollofrancesconi”) which, in an easily to follow DVD, teaches simple exercises, which do no require special equipment, and can be carried out in the comfort of one’s own home.

The protocollofrancesconi is a postural gymnastic programme aimed at fighting painful symptoms deriving from lumbago and dorsodynia and it is based on exercises of:

  • Thoracic-diaphragmatic respiration.
  • Sensitization of the movements of the hip.
  • Stretching and mobilization of the vertebral column.
  • Reinforcement of the dorsal lumbar and abdominal musculature.
  • Stretching of the musculature of the lower limbs and of the vertebral column.

The protocollofrancesconi has a gradual and progressive structure developing over 4 weeks. The present DVD and publication include the detailed explanation of all exercises composing the programme.

You will receive the DVD of the protocollofrancesconi in the convenience of your own home and you will immediately be able to appreciate the benefits of these exercises.


DVD pal, dolby digital

Languages: English / Italian

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