Kahuna Hawaiian Massage

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Certain things in life should be forgotten to move forward, except the benefits through Kahuna Massage.

Kahuna Hawaiian Massage– ‘Brilliant Bodywork’

What is Kahuna massage

In Hawaiian culture, it is believed that Kahuna Bodywork is a divine grace of Aloha – Hawaiian word for unconditional, worldly, and sacred love of life. Kahuna Hawaiian massage used to be performed by a priest from a sacred temple with very well protected technique to heal mind and body as a part of their ritual and culture. As the time passed, it was transferred through the esoteric chain. However, modern Hawaiian culture has given the art as gratitude to their society which is also known as ‘Huna Wisdom’.

Kahuna massage also known as ‘Lomi Lomi’ massage which promotes harmony in the body as well as spiritual well-being. The principle behind the massage is attaining perfect alignment with God by facilitating a body and mind with unlimited mana (magical and supernatural power). Kahuna Hawaiian massage is an ancient, healing practice which helps to improve our interconnectedness with the wider universe and non-material beliefs straight from the heart. Massaggi offers the rare technique of Kahuna massage in London all the way from the Hawaiian Islands. Bringing magical paradise to your city London.

On a psychological level Kahuna bodywork taps into the cymatics emotions in order to re-awaken the original state stored within the cells of your body that can be easily ignored due to mind limitations, fear, childhood patterning, anxiety and self-doubt. All of the things which inhibit us from embodying our fullest potential and pushing the boundaries with our lives in a positive manner can be contained within the careful execution of Kahuna massage.

Kahuna Hawaiian bodywork is an indigenous practice which promotes healing and is an art hailing from the mystical lands of the Polynesian Islands to Hawaii. The massage is catching a cult status in London, of course with the help of massage master Ben Pianese.

Kahuna Massage In London – ‘Charismatic Results’

Kahuna massage technique

Lomi Lomi or Kahuna massage is a unique head to toe bodywork massage treatments using strokes based on unique hand pattern movement to generate positive energy which immediately works on underlying muscular area. The treatment room can be requested to be made completely dark and the movements applied are inspired by the principles of ‘Huna Wisdom’.

The method what we practice at Massaggi is in the purest form which requires high discipline to be followed, not just random strokes. Our massage therapist observes the body’s configuration, complex script and energetic blockages that disable enhancement and energy flow movements of the muscular energy or ‘Lomi’. The massage done on unique wave strokes activates and regulates the nervous blood circulation.

The great benefit of wavy strokes is that it covers every muscle and ligament, promoting health and relaxation. We all need to release ’emotional baggage’ that takes tolls on our mind and pull our heartstrings causing a negative effect. The massage technique aims to dissolve those negative thought process with the movement mentioned earlier, leading to complete peace and relaxation of mind and body.

A Massaggi practitioner will listen with the palm of his hands as your body plays a melody; he will work on helping you regain the flow of energy through better blood circulation. The majestic pathways created by the massage therapist helps you realize the continuity of free energy flow and attainment of bodily relaxation.

Kahuna hawaiian massage

The Definition And Impact Of The Kahuna Massage Needs An Experience

My body is wavy and my mind is ocean, I stop to worry and follow the great notion.

There’s no midnight oil to guide my peace, Still I have taken the bite of relaxation piece.

This cannot be magic nor it is a science, It is a daily ritual of making my body & mind shine!

Hawaiian Values At Massaggi:

Benefits to the infinity

Kahuna Massage Ordinary Massage
Body Assessment
Fast Turnaround During session Random results
Treatment Room Arrangement As per principle Makeshift
Energy pathways and vibration
Mind and body healing
Improvement Up to 40%* Up to 10%*
Cost £80 £75
Hawaii sunset

Common Kahuna Hawaiian Massage Questions

The best place to find answers for queries

Why is it good for me?

No one wants to be treated as an object or ‘thing’, we all, however, want to be treated with kindness and sincerity; the Kahuna massage will certainly make you feel special. This is an experience equivalent to mini vacation at Hawaii and knowing about its rich culture. Not only it has therapeutic benefits but it provides ample regression of thoughts in mind to ponder upon. It will certainly bring a positive side of yours. Try it to believe it!

How Kahuna Massage is different than other massages?

Lomi Lomi Massage or Kahuna Hawaiian massage is a sum total of environment + guiding principle + mind-body reconnection. The form of massage does not endorse itself to be a muscular massage, but it is a form of bodywork that works on mind rather just on your body. Ordinary massage is performed to have a localized effect to relax a muscular strain. Kahuna massage gives a transcendental experience.

What benefits I can derive from Kahuna Massage done at Massaggi?

With all the positivity of your mind, here are some of problem areas where it works wonders:

  • Back pain
  • Joint Pain
  • Tension, Strain and Stress
  • Long term emotional problems
  • Lack of sleep

Who should opt for Kahuna Hawaiian Massage?

Everyone who wants to get connected with his or her own mind, body and soul.

How much does it cost?

Treatment Effect Price
Hawaiian Treat™ Relaxation £80 / 60 mins / session
Kahuna Aloha™ Mind and Body £159 / 120 mins / session
Kahuna Unlimited Mana™ Extreme Optimization £199 / 180 mins (Save £41)