Unlike many modern healing therapists who went through series of classroom courses to learn and acquire skills in this field, Massaggi was born out of a Life journey that eventually turned to be a mandate to make the world a better place. The journey to heal people of slump posture, pregnancy pain, sore shoulders, and stiff neck started on an ice-rink; perhaps not the most exciting start but a journey that eventually ended with an humanitarian service to putting smiles on people’s face and helping them to weather through the stress of life.

The journey started with a knee injury accompanied with a lower back pain that almost made life unbearable. Of course, like you would guess, a hospital is the primary point of call for any injury; I was hospitalized at the Italian hospital where I underwent a procedure called Arthroscopy of the knee. Few weeks, I was back at work feeling like a new person, but little did I know that discomfort and life threating excruciating pain had lurked around the corner.

I started to feel a post-surgical pain that got worsened and I had no option than to stop working for two years. A tortuous journey it was for me. However, the years spent nursing these injuries gave me an opportunity to concentrate my soul, mind, and spirit to listen to my body and see things in a new perspective. A profound shift in consciousness gave way for a new perception of reality and my own self. The journey was a discovery process.

The conventional medical practices cannot totally be excused in the treatment of life-threatening traumas as we often recommend some of the modern therapies to our clients, which have been of benefit. Unfortunately, these modern therapies were not for Ben Pianese.

Out of his passion to get back to work and lead a good life; he began to explore the field of Complementary and Alternative medicines such as: Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Sports massage, Osteopathy, Thai massage, Chirporactor, Reconnective Healing, Bowen therapy and Bioenergy treatment. We tend to think that doctors, osteopaths and physiotherapist know all about pain so we don’t have to take out time to research into them. Exploring and adopting these alternative methods gave an in-depth understanding of pain and its underlying pathology. This exploration and discovery availed him with the knowledge and tools to be able to heal effectively.

How Massaggi Came Alive

Ben Pianese discovered a lot through personal exploration and learning, he learned much and it became apparent that he had processed a gift. He felt that there was something missing and so ventured into the world of complementary therapies. Excited at the prospect of seeking new ways to reach pain, he enrolled on a number of courses of massage and complementary therapies to achieve a deeper level of understanding which brought about his confidence in using proven techniques in healing people. The Ben Pianese Re-connective Life-Changing Experience came alive.


My Mission

The world is changing and moving at a fast pace with overworked people giving less attention to their health and life performance. My philosophy is hinged on the fact that our overall productivity and performance is hinged on a perfect mental and body state. Ben Pianese is constantly dedicated to employing self-discovered and proven techniques to help treat various pains and body disabilities associated with daily hassles of life and help his clients lead a healthy life.


A Reflection Of Ben Pianese’s Life As A Dedicated Professional Therapist In London

As a massage therapist, your personal life should reflect what you are preaching to the outside world. Do I have time to look after myself as a busy massage therapist? The answer is simple and so are my methods. I have been practicing and experimenting and also invented my own natural self-treatment tool kit. I employ a proactive approach to stay healthy and lead a sound life. I do not joke with my regular self-massage treatment, yoga meditation, mind stillness and long walks in the fresh air and most importantly eat healthy food. This newly adopted life is rewarding as it clears my lungs so I can breathe, strengthens my muscles so I can give the best I can to all my clients. I function, that is essentially the key to everyday life. Many massage therapists in London forget about their own wellbeing, if we do this we run the risk of forgetting yours.

One of the therapies designed to bring down tension and relax the body areas needing more targeted correction is the Emmett Technique which I discovered during extensive study and research; this therapy inspired me to a whole new level Ross Emmett the founder of The Emmett Technique devised a completely unique treatment using short, swift and light touches. The Emmett Technique experience is fascinating and proves how easy it is for the muscles to forget their functions; particularly after trauma. The use of The Emmett Technique helps to restore their coordinated and specific functions.