Thai Yoga Massage

The power of Thai tradition and Yoga techniques

Say hi! to Thai. Massaggi presents you a unique style of massage with goodness of hybrid oriental techniques.

Thai Massage Magic – ‘Hybrid Flexibility’

What is thai massage

Thai massage or Thai yoga massage has its routes to both India and Thailand. The ancient technique works like magic on a body and consciousness. The ancient, time-honored tradition brings a solution to lower back problems, and control to the mind and body, enlightening yoga poses and flexibility to the spine and posture that can only be described as complete surrender.

Thai massage is a preventive form of energetic yoga massage therapy for all kind of conditions, originated in Thailand with root principles taken from Indian ancient yoga poses. The technique is actively used to enhance body flexibility such as pulling, stretching, rocking, twisting, rotating and another essential muscular stretch responsible for flexibility. It is known for stretches and sublime movements which can improve body behavior if held for greater than 13 seconds performing Thai massage techniques.

At Massaggi, we take a great deal to reactivate and restore the flow of your invisible energy pathways called SEN Energy which can be experienced. The SEN Lines link to related internal organs and body parts cannot be ignored even though it may not be visible to the naked eye. The SEN Energy line system needs to be free of energy blockages for reducing built-up stress. The application of yoga massage ensures the energy flow can move with intrepid ease.

Thai Yoga Treat – ‘Relaxation Guaranteed’

Thai massage technique

Getting all kind of massage under a roof is the biggest challenge for clients, every massage treats and heals a certain type of anomaly with our system. Thai yoga massage is known as a healing art and yoga is an ancient science using postures, conscious breathing, and meditation. It is surprising for our generation to think over 2500 years ago people had healthy postures, impressive flexibility, and organic lifestyle.

It is apparent that none of the mentioned choice we make in today’s life. Thai yoga massage is a way to experience an instant lift through realized benefits which are the subset of practicing regular yoga massage and yoga techniques. The good news is that your Massaggi bodywork practitioner does all the work for you preventing aches and pains by improving your body flexibility is his focus.

The technique is intertwined with mind and body, unlike physiotherapy science. Ben has trained himself at ‘Old Medicine Hospital In Chiang Mai’. He practiced the art and craft of Thai yoga from blind masseurs, which is itself a unique way of healing.

The science and tradition in Thailand are so pure that it cannot be imitated by learning from secondary makeshift places where they claim to teach such an exotic way of living and healing.

Oriental Values With Thai Yoga Massage:

Transcendental experience and relief

Massaggi Thai Yoga Ordinary Thai Massage
Body Profiling
SEN Energy Path Line
Skin Rejuvenation
Body & Mind Relaxation
Fast Turnaround After Session Random Results
Improvement Up to 30%* Unaccounted
Cost £80 £75


Common Thai Yoga Massage Questions

The best place to find answers for queries

Why is it good for me?

We are sure you would agree there are no hidden mysteries with the beauty of yoga and massage. Rigorous, flexible, open and mindful of the human body. Mobilizing and stretching all your essential layers such as skin, bones, tissues comfortably and safely is the focus of your massage therapist who knows exactly how far your body can flex. Our traditional Massaggi Thai yoga massage method centers your mind and body but it will also encourage you to mobilize parts of your body that seemed to be stiff and stagnant before as well as creating a more flexible body.

The tightening grip that everyday stresses and physical strains bring, are just about to be loosened and in a way that is to be felt to be believed. Everything starts to flow and move in the right direction with your circulatory system happy once again.

What is the background of Massaggi therapist?

Ben Pianese, who is one of the undisputed massage therapist in London has always been attracted towards ancient technique of massage and treatments. He understood the implications of inorganic lifestyle with poor food, sleep and exercise habits of people in London.

Over the last 13 years, he worked on himself as my his first client and also received over 1000 massages and other healing modality consistently all around the world to develop and fine tune his healing toolbox. After a decade, he has a unique holistic approach to facilitate body healing. By active studies, research, and testing, he observed and interacted with many healers, massage therapists, bodyworkers and their philosophies; ‘to practice what you preach is the only way to convey this heartfelt mission’ with any real purpose.

What benefits I can derive from Thai Yoga Massage?

Thai Yoga massage is meant for relaxing mind and body through reactivating SEN energy path ways, it has a lot of effect on body

  • Debilitating muscular problem
  • Joint stiffness
  • Spinal problem
  • Back problems
  • Sinus problem
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Sleeping disorder
  • Anxiety

Is it backed by science and research?

Yoga is post popular form of exercise which has the power to treat body and mind together unlike any form of exercise which is directed towards muscle and joint improvement. The United Nations has declared 21st June as ‘World Yoga Day’ – which is a testimony to the wide acceptance. Thai Yoga is a branch of the same revered ancient practice.

Who should opt for Thai Yoga Massage?

Anyone who is looking for a massage which is advanced enough to facilitate healing to mind and body.

How much does it cost?

Treatment Effect Price
Thai Starter™ Muscle Relief £75 / 60 mins / session
Oriental Relaxation™ Remove Stress and Strain £80 / 60 mins / session
Massaggi Thai Retreat™ Extreme Optimization £399 /360 mins / (Save £51)