Sensorial Head Massage

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All of your worries lie in your mind, and we have the solution to clear the clutter. Free your mind forever. Enjoy the freedom.

Sensorial Head Massage™ – ‘Reboot Your Mind’

What is head massage

Introducing Sensorial Head Massage,™ a carefully crafted head massage technique to clear your mind with added bonus of  Sensational Massage.™ These techniques are one of kind massage done in London, ready to release your headaches with a sensory touch from your master massage therapist Ben Pianese.

Mind and body are well connected, and every seed of thought which lead to action start within our head. Believe it or not we spend more time fighting and arguing about opinions, wishes, desires inside our heads than anywhere else. The attention span reading this piece of description is bound to be less, as you might be thinking about your past, present and future.

The unprecedented, incomparable and elusive power of the human brain is generated by coordinated actions and interactions of tiny electrical cells known as neurons. These specialized cells transmit information in the form of electrochemical impulses and behave like a sophisticated internet super-highway. Neuronal signals conveys piece of informational bits that result in everything from bodily sensations of thirst or hunger, to the shape and meaning of words on this page.

Head Massage By Massaggi – ‘Peace Of Mind’

Head massage technique

At Massaggi, your head massage therapist assess, detect and correct your sensory nerve receptors which feel pain, tension, headache and disharmonic disruption within the acoustics of your head.

It is very tricky to understand the complexity of the process, hence we believe every massage therapist should have a sound knowledge of anatomy of human body. Neurons are joined by a support cast of cells that helps to signal transmissions and also help in protecting the brain from certain blood-born substances. Thus, aided neurons go about the work of transforming electrochemical signals into actions like throwing a ball, laughing, thinking about getting a massage, and even falling in love; in short, into everything that makes us human.

At Massaggi, therapist Ben Pianese has gathered vast experience on getting to know sensory sciences and Indian Champissage technique which is very popular form of head massage in Asia.

The Sensorial Head Massage,™ technique practiced at Massaggi is result of over a decade of experience and hundreds of successful clients.

Vibrant Values At Massaggi:

Reconnective benefits

Sensorial Head Massage™

Regular Massage
Body Assessment
Fast Turnaround After session Random results
Temporal Bone & Spine Relaxation
Guranteed calmeness to mind
Improvement Up to 40%* Up to 10%*
Cost £75 £75

Common Indian Head Massage Questions

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Why is it good for me?

If you’re living with a busy lifestyle, you must be experiencing a lot of stress due to various reasons. A head massage is one of the easiest and quickest way to attain relaxation and forget your worries. People look it as a therapy but it can be a great way to unwind over a weekend too!

Our Sensorial Head Massage™ therapist can access your entire body system by working with the head, temporal bone and spine to facilitate the body to relax. Input and output transmission in a controlled manner will help you to magically travel through a deep level of relaxation. It will be a worth of an experience.

How Sensorial Head Massage™ is different than other head massages?

Sensorial Head Massage™ and Sensational Massage™, both work on the inside of your mind and interconnected parts such as spine. This particular head massage has been refined over centuries like Indian traditional meditation technique, Acupressure techniques and regular massage  technique to find the sensorial pattern to calm your mind and your body.

Ordinary head massage take a outlook of only muscle which has limited scope and effect on mind and body as whole. And the full benefits of such therapy session can never be realized unless and until you visit some of the experienced clinics like Massaggi.

Can I treat my Migraine Headaches with this massage?

Massaggi pain relief Sensorial Head Massage™ therapies bring clarity when your mind is clouded giving you calming effect and neutralizing any strain around your neck area. A happy mind is home for better performance of bodily functions. Keeping in mind that it helps in common headaches, But, if you’re experiencing repeated headaches, it is advisable to consult a medical practitioner and don’t take similar massage as substitute to medical advice or treatment.

What benefits I can derive from Sensorial Head Massage™?

There are numerous benefits to get a Sensorial Head Massage™ done at Massaggi. Here are few of those:

  • Back pain
  • Tempero-mandibular joint pain
  • Postural tension, torticollis and migraine
  • Headaches and stiff neck pain
  • Long term emotional problems
  • Lack of sleep
  • Hair growth

Who should opt for Sensorial Head Massage™?

Head massage is a way of relaxation to be attained by your mind. It is for everyone. However if you’re having problem with Back, Sleep, Hair growth, Emotional problems, Postural tensions, Join pain, Stiff neck and Common headaches, you should pay a visit for fast relief.

How much does it cost?

Treatment Effect Price
Sensorial Success™ Relaxation £39 / 30 mins / session
Sensorial Prime with Sensational Massage™ Mind and Body £75 / 60 mins / session
Sensorial Deep Relaxation Package™ Extreme Optimization £199 / 180 mins (Save £8)