Full Body Optimization and Recalibration

What is ORB™?

Body Optimization and Recalibration or ORB™, is a bespoke hands on hands off technique to recalibrate the neuromuscular system and auto-regulate the structural balance of the 24th spinal column components and sacroiliac joints including the cranium facial muscle jaw and teeth.

Specialised soft tissue manipulation and switch action which encompasses 14 years of knowledge and understanding as a massage practitioner. Ben Pianese has experienced an array of massage and healing therapies from all over the world and his extensive research has brought him to the realization that Full Body Optimization & Recalibration™ is essential for a body system without physical restriction and mind limitation. 

The ORB™ is a method of systematic bodywork treatment integrating Bowen TherapyNeurostructural Integration technique (NST) and Emmett Therapies for lasting pain relief and Full body Optimization and Recalibration™. ORB™ can be effective for:

  • Reset spinal communication
  • Reaching new level of flexibility
  • Restoring postural integrity
  • Efficient use of the bodies energy
  • Reset Emmett master points (EMP)
  • Restoration of the ATLAS to return to its normal position
  • Reset EMP for musculoskeletal body re-alignement
  • Recalibrate the brain for better foot and body stability 
  • Boost running

Re-Programme The Neuro-Structural Balance of The Spinal Column and The Whole Body

The body’s mechanics work in a way that is alien to their natural movement causing a multitude of bothersome symptoms. The majority can cause friction to the ease in which you have become accustomed to since birth. The core is at the very centre and to re-programme the body, we must focus on this lynch pin that holds all the other elements in place.

Many therapies have labels in order to decipher their history and relevance to a particular physical and mental state. ORB™ works in a very special way and even though it has a title it is a treatment that is open, integrated and beautifully fluid enabling you to reset the Emmett master points (EMP).

Switching Off Your Back, Shoulder And Neck Pain Is Now Possible

Mechanical problems can be rapidly switched on and off and are caused by injury, knee pain, stress, back and shoulder pain by resetting the Emmett master points (EMP). Specialised techniques such as the Emmett technique are applied in a non-evasive manner, in fact with integrity; positive changes that are discreet yet effective. Overwhelming postural balance achieved with a small amount of touch sequences that recalibrate the brain and promote a response in the body that is unmistakable yet impactful.

Everyone with a pulse has different energy levels, some healthy which helps to make the body more productive, flexible and enhances general movement. However, through environmental, habitual and sometimes accidental causes energy levels can drop considerably leaving you less able and willing to carry out the most delicate of actions; acquiring systematic desensitization of the body’s muscle tensional system and self-regulation.

“Free flowing energy is the desired result with ORB™ it will send you into a clean, clear and calm orbit.”