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From regular injury to chronic sports pain management, we cover full circle. Our effective technique has healed numerous champions of game. We have found, regular consultation can increase the performance of athletes by 40%.

Emmett Sports Massage™ – ‘A Winning Formula’


For athletes in London, winning is the ultimate goal. For them, there’s no gain without pain. We hear it all the time and know how much they care about their posture, performance, and body. But, people wonder how frequently you should go to sports massage therapist London clinic such as Massaggi to improve your performance for the coveted first spot.

Irrespective of your age and fitness level, the body has certain centralized master points for better coordination. The Emmett Sports Massage™ technique activates centralized ‘Emmett Master Points’ (EMP) to enhance the free flow of neural communication around your body, which in-turn makes the performance grow organically.

ESM™ is the only sports massage done at Massaggi centers which use a precise formula to reset specific points of recognition also called ‘Emmett Master Points’. It balances the feet and improves the body’s all-round stability in less than 20 minutes. The Emmett Sports Massage™ technique can do wonders on any sportsman and sportswoman. It can make them perform faster and better.

Emmett Sports Massage™ – ‘Explained By Experts’

The technique

The initial consultation will include your medical history and a full body MOT examination. This is done to ensure if the body has an injury free structure, have not over stressed and/or have not overused the musculoskeletal system. The Massaggi sports massage therapist London professional tailors the treatment based on structure of the body’s anatomy and neuro-muscular blockages. ESM™ is the brand new sports therapy technique promoted by sports therapist, Ben Pianese. Emmett Sports Massage™ technique work closely with the clients to re-set fascial release for structural balance and the body refreshing realignment.

ESM™ treatment is a body reset program, which addresses following:

  • Muscle tensional system
  • Emmett master points
  • Myofascial meridians
  • Joints, Ligaments & Tendons

ESM Value For Sport Professionals:

Emmett Sports Massage™ Ordinary Sports Massage
Master Point Regulation
Body Stabilization
Fast Turnaround 20 Minutes Takes Days
Foot Balance Treats Doesn’t Treat
Myofascial Meridians Treats Doesn’t Treat
Improvement Up to 70%* Up to 10%*
Cost £75 (save £5) £80

Emmett sports massage rugby player

Common Emmett Sports Massage Questions

The best place to find answers for queries

Why is it good for me?

ESM technique produces performance enhancing results. Massaggi sports massage can unlock a tight hamstring, Iliotibial band (ITB), re-align back muscles and stiff shoulders quickly leading to increased results motivating the body’s system beyond limitations and frustrating restrictions. With the commitment for a series of sessions the ESM technique is able to re-set the natural ‘auto-regulation ‘of musculoskeletal structure, ease pain and discomfort with the most miraculous mind blowing results

How ESM is different from generic sports massage?

‘The Emmett Sports Massage™ technique is a bespoke remedial massage therapy solution. ESM is an alternative to those very painful sports massage treatments offered by conventional sports massage therapist in and around London. In addition, ESM will correct any muscular imbalance, melts away tension and pain quickly; it doesn’t hurt.

Can I deliver more performance through this massage?

ESM is the only sports massage treatment that improves free flow of communication to the complex yet intriguing areas that are: the brain, spinal cord and muscles. More importantly it is the only massage therapy that improves the foot and gives flexibility and stability in less than 20 minutes, guaranteed. Your sports massage therapist will reset specific Emmett Master Points (EMP) of recognition in sequence, allowing your feet to touch the ground feeling you have stepped on the softest cushion leaving your legs and their entirety to feel light, flexible and turbo charged.

Can it effectively restores the body balance healing my feet?

If any of you hold or store tension in your feet and perhaps suffer from foot, heel or arch pain and have no choice but to wear orthotics for plantar fasciitis, then, this is the perfect therapy. ESM Boost Your Run Winning Formula™ provides not only immediate relief but a ‘new balance’ and stability for your body’s anatomy in less than 20minutes.

Is it backed by sports science and research?

Massaggi has done extensive testing and research and compared the effectiveness of ESM on the lower limbs’ to release the hamstring muscles by ITB and ESM methods against traditional sports massage techniques. The ESM resulted in significant increased improvement in a wide range of movements, 70% cases with improved muscular elasticity and lightness. The traditional sports remedial massage showed improvement in 10% of cases.

100% of participants experienced foot balance, flexibility and found stability was greatly improved after having the Emmett sports massage™ technique. Historically, these people used common sports massage therapy procedures to check the foot balance before and after.

How many sessions will I need to improve my running performance you may ask? We tested 25 athlete runners and tri-athletes with a block of 7 massage sessions using the classic remedial sports massage technique (group B) and 25 other athletes with the evolutionary Emmett Sports Massage, (group A).

In Group B all 25 athletes, having been stretching for 5 consecutive days experienced very deep pain; this was their feedback after a conventional sports massage at one of our competitor massage clinics. Their flexibility only improved by 10% and their foot/spine stability barely improved at all. Sadly, quad-reps, biceps femoris and other muscles still felt tight and knotted; not the ideal for any determined and dedicated athlete.

Emmett Sports Massage™- Ignite Re-evolution: Group A reported a very different story after the ESM therapy test. The ESM treatments resulted in outstanding results for these focused athletes who to their astonishment achieved results that are constant and reproducible. Take any athlete, tri-athlete, sportsman, sports woman and imagine they are capable and able to leap to 100% of their human potential transporting the body to whole new dimension and winning podium.

Who should opt for ESM treatment?

ESM is perfect for: runners, cyclists, swimmers, boxers, trampoline gymnasts, goalkeepers, fencers, Yoga, cricket players, windsurfers, wrestlers, tennis players, rugby players, personal trainers and Pilates’ instructors. Emmett Sports Massage therapy is good for people and athletes with heel pain, plantar fasciitis and helps to control their effects. It also helps to improve foot pronation, dorsiflexion and eversion.

How much does it cost?

Treatment Effect Price
Boost Your Run Winning Formula™ Foot Stability £49 / 30 mins / session
Boost Your Body and Excel Formula™ Body Stability £75 / 60 mins / session
Boost Sports Performance Formula™ Extreme Optimization £399 / 360 mins (Save £51)