From Hero To Zero: Most Serious Sports Injuries Witnessed

It could have been a fatal injury, but since it’s a movie, Rod ended up recovering and executing some B-boy moves for the crowd as the big screen flashed slogans like “In Rod We Trust.”

Many of us have probably watched some horrendous, life-threatening moments during live games. Thus is the life of an athlete, however. Sadly, it’s true that many careers have been ended by game-dealt injuries.

Athletes are considered heroes, but the same fans would blame them for ruining a season by getting injured — as though they weren’t suffering enough. Thankfully, some of the serious sports injuries that have been witnessed on TV were more career-ending than life-ending, although for a star athlete who’s used to the fame, glory, and income, they might as well be synonymous.

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Serious sports injuries to body

The good thing these days though is that sports has-beens are likely to find the opportunity to keep fanning their celebrity in reality TV. Still, most athletes would probably hate to retire early because of an injury.

It’s bad enough when an injury means they’d be out for rest of the season, recuperating under the ministrations of a sports massage therapist, but it’s nothing to finding out that they’re out of the game forever. On that note, the following are some of the serious sports injuries we’d hate to see during a season:

Torn ACL – This knee injury has sent many a huge, hulking football player down to the ground with tears rolling down the cheeks. When this happens, he can kiss the season goodbye. Recovery time is usually more or less a year.

Broken limb – Whether it concerns a leg or an arm, a break means a long recovery time. Surgery and sports massage therapy are typically in order, and it could definitely mean an early retirement for the athlete.

Severe concussion – This is really serious sports injuries, which is why there have been new protocols on protecting players and punishing inflictors. Recovery time varies. It could be anything from a few weeks to never.

Fractured vertebrae – This is incredibly frightening. We all know how critical the spine is. Such a tragedy ended their career for the likes of Kevin Everett, Steve Austin, and Michael Irvin. Not only is this injury absolutely career-ending, it even poses the possibility of paralysis.

We never want to see these things happen, but they’re a reality in the world of sports. Suddenly, it makes a lot of sense why pro athletes earn so much.

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