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Humans Are Heroes

Humans Are Heroes.

Humans are heroes, not zeros A rose by any other name is still a rose Into Gods and Goddesses do humans grow You see, they have to take life blow by blow Cause they live on the down low Way down low Where the mind creates reality real slow You know In the dense illusory […]

Ben Wizard

“Even The Smallest Person Can Change The Course Of The Feature”.

What is a Wizard? A Wizard is one with One A Wizard is one who know revolution doesn’t Come through the barrel of gun A Wizard and the Earth are one, they both revolve around the Sun And they’re both evolving into one And know that Wizard’s time has come Babylon have fear run So […]

Massage Impossible

Mission Impossible.

Listen very carefully Because this message will destruct in 260 seconds Your mission should you choose to accept it Will not require the use of any weapons Your objective is hidden deep within the confines Of your limited self image It’s your true self And your task is to make sure your ego gets that […]


I got quite a scare When I realised my mind was everywhere It was a walking talking living nightmare Yeah…I was playing silly buggers Deep in the dragon’s lair I wasn’t all there It was now But I wasn’t here I was paralysed by fear See I was afraid to look at the truth of […]