Ben Pianese, a young entrepreneur, set out on his life journey with determination and ambition, eager to conquer challenges and overcome obstacles in pursuit of his goals.

My Journey

In the vast landscape of healing therapies, where classroom education reigns supreme, my path diverged onto a different trail. Massaggi was not simply a skill to be acquired, but a calling that emerged from the depths of my own life experiences.

It all began on an unsuspecting ice-rink, a humble starting point that would later blossom into a mission aimed at brightening the lives of others, offering relief from emotional burdens, physical pain, and the weight of daily stress.

Forge My Path

A knee injury, shrouded in emotional and physical agony, marked the beginning of a pivotal chapter in my life.

Following a surgical procedure that offered fleeting rejuvenation, I soon found myself ensnared in a relentless cycle of torment – the hidden turmoil beneath my seemingly tranquil exterior gradually surfacing as a formidable adversary: crippling emotional distress.

Ben Pianese embarks on his life journey towards fulfillment and success, depicted through his transformation into a skilled massage therapist

A Shift in Perception

As post-surgical pain gripped me with unyielding force, forcing a two-year hiatus from my work, a journey of self-discovery beckoned. Amidst the trials and tribulations, a radiant transformation took root, unveiling a newfound perspective on reality and self-awareness.

Imbued with a profound shift in consciousness, I delved into the realms of Complementary and Alternative Medicines, unlocking the deepest recesses of pain and healing pathways previously uncharted.

The Ben Pianese Re-connective Life-Changing Experience was born.

My Mission

Emanating from a fervent belief in the symbiotic relationship between mental clarity and physical vitality, my mission transcends mere performance enhancement. By dismantling the limiting beliefs tethering us to suffering, I aspire to guide individuals towards a realm of boundless joy and creative potential, unencumbered by societal constructs.

Through a harmonious fusion of ancient healing modalities and modern therapies, I seek to awaken the dormant essence within, fostering a resurgence of authenticity, creativity, and unbridled potential.

Ben Pianese how he become a Coach of the Magrin Method.

The Magrin Method

Within the realm of emotional healing lies the Magrin Method, a simple yet profound technique that bridges the realms of physical, energetic, and mental wellness. Embracing this transformative practice under the mentorship of its creator, Andrea Magrin, I have harnessed the power to liberate others from self-imposed limitations and destructive thought patterns, embarking on a journey of holistic healing and personal transformation..

I Function

Balancing the roles of coach and massage therapist, the art of self-care becomes paramount. Navigating the demands of a bustling schedule with grace and intention, I have honed a repertoire of self-care rituals that invigorate and sustain. From rejuvenating Coaching sessions to nourishing self-massage treatments, Senza Mente meditations, and revitalising walks in nature, each act serves as a testament to the vitality and resilience that permeate my being.

In honouring my own well-being, I pave the way for the flourishing of those around me, embodying the essence of holistic living and mindful self-preservation.